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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

funny story

I have a funny story for you last Friday I was at the nursing home having lunch with meme and papa and my cell phone rings. Its Michaels school nurse she starts with Michael is ok I just wanted to call you and tell you what happened before he comes home and tells you and you don’t understand. Apparently Michael came in from recess to go to the bathroom each classroom has it own bathroom well he comes out and this is what the teacher said happened
“I wish you could have seen his face when he came out of the bathroom and screamed" I have a tick, I have a tick on me!" It reminded me of the movie Stand By Me when the boys go swimming in the swamp and they come out with leaches on them and the one boy looks in his underwear and screams...I know it isn't funny but I wish I had a video camera.”

When he got to the nurse he told her between tears that "I have a tick, I have a tick on my penis". Oh my god I couldn’t stop laughing as she was telling me this. She said it wasn’t actually on his penis but close enough and it hadn’t stuck in but they are sticky and he couldn’t get it off by himself. He did tell her it’s a wood tick not a deer tick I’m surprised he remembered the difference, ray showed him last summer and the nurse confirmed it was a wood tick.
So he is all better except for yesterday he didn’t want to go to school I think he was afraid he would get another tick playing outside. We had a really mild winter and when they said the ticks would be bad they weren’t kidding.

Saturday we spent the entire day working in the yard and on the house, Michaels bunk bed is completely done even with a new mattress, we got loam put all around the walkway we put in last summer and just never finished, we tore the hitch cover off the house and put skirting all across the front. We gained a lot of room doing that I now want to put a bench out there so I can watch Michael when he is playing in the driveway. I was a bad mommy Saturday I read Michaels t ball schedule wrong and we showed up at the wrong time and missed his game he was mad but we played with him in the field for an hour to make up for it. This Saturday there is a fishing derby for kids the same time as t ball I hope he picks playing ball not fishing I’d feel like shit he missed two games in a row. Its going to rain anyways so maybe they will postpone the derby for a week if he missed ever other it wouldn’t be as bad as two in a row. Especially since it was my fault.
Sunday we finished seeding the loam and then took the boat out for the rest of the day. I made a stew Sunday night that we had last night and will have tonight for supper so I don’t have to rush home and cook.
Yesterday Michael got two more striped in tae kwon do next step is his green belt.
I’m going for lunch again today with meme and papa she said he was a little better yesterday but he is failing fast she thinks he will last longer than two weeks because he is able to get a little bit of thick fluids into him just enough I guess to keep him alive a little longer than we thought.
Tonight ray and I are bring the boat to a repair guy in scarborough the motor is fine but its really hard to steer to the left, right is ok and there is a new cable on it but for some reason it just doesn’t want to turn left. Better to get it checked out now than having an emergency and not being able to move fast enough.

Secret pal 8 is starting I cant wait to find out who my pal is going to be. The last couple of sp’s haven’t been to good the first one my spoiler wasn’t to good and the last time the person I spoiled had something happen in her life and says she never got anything I sent after the first box. I’m courious who is using the night light I sent her. Whatever I’m holding out that this will be the best secret pal yet.
Ok so now that I’ve updated everyone have a great weeks.

Since blogger wont let me post this yet, I have been trying all day I wanted to add this.
If you haven’t checked out this website do so it’s the coolest thing its an eagle cam there are two babies in the nest this is where I go when I’m bored at least a dozen times a day just to check if they are eating or sleeping its wicked addicting.


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