Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Jamie my little girl is 16 today. I feel old I have spent half my life with her. I got pregnant at 16 and had her at 17 so I really dont remember life before her. I'm not posting pictures of her because she is at the I hate having my picture takes faze of her life. You take out a camera and all you get are pictures of her hand in front of her face. but let me say she is my beautiful girl and I wouldn't have her any other way. and did I tell you the best news she got into the alternative ed program and Might I say might if she works her ass off graduate the same year as her class. This program only takes 10 kids and she had to interview to get in. She made out like a bandit at the bbq we had for her sunday everyone gave her cash what teen doesnt like cash. She called me today at work she gets to mail in her application to go for her driving road test. Kat can you believe she is going to be driving holy shit time flys. We ran into a friend that kat and I know named Norman at walmart the other day he hadnt seen Jamie in about 12 years he couldnt believe it was her it made me chuckle she is the same hight as me.

now to praise my little guy who the opposit of his sister LOVES getting his picture taken must be the age. Well Michael got his green belt at tae kwon do and he's only 5. He almost never complains about going to class and want to start sparing on Saturdays now that t-ball is over. So now I leave you with a couple of pictures of him.

Update on my grampa he is still alive everybody is shocked as to why there is nothing left of him but he said last week he wants to make it to his 88th birthday on the 26 and that stubborn old man might just do it. But today I dont know his bed was wet and he has a cathiter they arent sure if he is losing bowel control or what they were coming in to change his bed when I left.I'm still going everyday at lunch. I dotn know how my meme stays there all day everyday I would go nuts with boredom all he does is sleep all day now he doesnt talk at all.

We got a call last night that Rays grampa is in the hospital he isnt doing to hot either when it rains it pores. I just hope that they both dont pass the same time and have to pick which to go to Rays grampa lives in Mass. Ive posted pictures of him before with michael he is the sweetest man Ray is as close to him as he can be living so far away.
Next friday we are leaving for camp until the 4th I just pray that nothing happens when we are gone and have no phone service up there. Cross your fingers for me ok.


At 7:35 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! You must be one strong woman to have a daughter at 17. I don't know if my teen daughter would still be breathing if I had her that young. LOL

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday moosebaby!
Mark will be able to get his permit this summer. *gasp*

Norman eh? How's he doing? ;)

Grampas hanging in there cuz he's a fighter, never ever did take anything as it was, always wanted to do more.

Congrats Micheal!

Take it easy, I'm back to bed. I finally slept a few hours and now it's all catching up to me.


At 2:38 PM, Blogger Belle said...

Congrats to both of your kids; they are both amazing!


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