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Thursday, August 10, 2006

pre weekend update

Lets see tonight we are going to a bbq at my moms all of my aunts and uncle will be there kinda impromptu party just to say hi.
Tomorrow after work we are taking Michael to visit the Vietnam war memorial the small traveling one its in Maine for the weekend he is very into military stuff and asked to see it can you believe he is only 5.
Saturday we are going to a big craft fair in Cumberland its one of the biggest craft fairs in the state that’s not part of a full fair just crafters from Maine.
Sunday I think we are going out on the boat weather permitting that is. Ray wants to spend the day relaxing but he’s in for it we must get some stuff done around the house whether he wants to or not. Lucky guy isn’t he. Hey I’m compromising half a day doing each that’s fair isn’t it.
That it for the before weekend update.

The rest of this is a very girly post so guys if you want to bail I’d understand.

Have I said just how wonderful things have been lately. Have I well I must be one of the most screwed up people around I tell ya if its not one thing its another. A couple of weeks ago I went for a pap my third since getting the cryro (freezing) thing done the first two came back clear and this was the last if it was clean I went back on a once a year schedule. Ok let me jump around a little when I was done getting my pap I asked the doc about this rash I have. I had it checked out just after the 4th and the phy assistant gave me antibiotics well those damn things gave me a yeast infection but of course so I bought the rite aid one shot stuff and called it good. But the antis didn’t get rid of the rash so I asked him about it then. He said it looked like egzima on my hands and phoriasis on my scalp great just what I needed right he gave me some shampoo to try for my scalp and some hand lotion.
Well this week I developed red welts on my legs and they were hard and itchy. I had a remicade treatment scheduled for yesterday so I was kinda freeked. I didn’t want to get to the hospital for my treatment and have them say they couldn’t do it because of the rash and get my schedule messed up and have to start treatments over. So I called the doc and said listen I really need to have this checked and they squeezed me in just before my other appointment. He said on my legs I also have a type of phoriasis and also its getting pretty bad on my head. My hands are starting to get a little better. He decided to give two scripts but told me to wait a week before filling them. He wasn’t sure if the rashes were caused by the remicade or would be cured by it. I guess that remicade is prescribed to some people for bad cases of phoriasis and it might just be the answer to it. So if they are not better by next week I have to get the scripts filled and if that didn’t work I would need to see a dermatologist. He did check my last blood labs and the liver test look ok so that’s not causing any problems.
Well now lets add insult to injury I had to ask so how was the pap anyways. It wasn’t in my chart so he went out and looked for it. And when he came back he wasn’t looking chipper. He said its abnormal again. Not as bad as it was before my cryro but its not perfect and we are not going to panic yet. Since I had a yeast infection it might have made the numbers a little off. So no waiting a year for another pap now I get to go back in three months. Just what every girl wants more time in the stirrups.
So that is my girly post interesting isn’t it. But I just say the poops aren’t as bad as before remicade so that is one plus.

Talk to ya all later.


At 1:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jesus girl, you're falling
I hope you guys have a good weekend. Gimme a call anytime. I'm usually around.

Love ya,


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