Monday, September 25, 2006

I just spent the last 40 minutes doing a huge post and it control v instead of c and lost the entire thing I am soo mad I cant believe this aaaahhhh.

ok lets start over.

Jamie and I had a wonderful trip to the boston knit out on Sunday, We got up and left home at 6am to help set up the tables and chairs. After we got done setting up we rested for awhile before walking to quincy market for lunch.
We looked for the stores I remembered from growing up, the pig store, the lefty store and stairway to heaven, couldnt find a one of them, it had all changed to expensive restraunts and stores I could never afford to shop at.
I dont know what was up with the bugs around there, the bugs liked my orange volunteer shirt everytime I looked down I had fruit fly type bugs all over me, Jamie kept swatting them off my back.

We then walked back to the knit out and got some great prizes and a book signed by the author Jill Eaton. It has some wonderful patterns in it. I didnt know until then she is from Maine not to far from me like two towns over.
We sat around resting our feet until 4:30 when we walked over to the charles playhouse to see the blue mand group. Jamie and I agreed this show was wonderful we would both like to see them again. Maybe next year if we go to the knit out we will make it a mom and daughter tradition. the show was that good. we took a couple of pictures see below : now remember this is at 7pm and we had been outdoors walking and sweating all day so the pictures of us arent the best, and the guy that took them was very close. My thought was lets take pictures here cuz at a big show we would never get this close to them.

After the show we had a little difficulty getting out of Boston, we came out of the garage and there were no signs saying how to get to the highway we drove around for 30 minutes or so before we found it. We stopped in Saugus to get gas it was only 2.20 per gal big savings compared to a couple of weeks ago. When we got to about NH I asked Jamie do you have much experience driving on the highway? (she just got her license two weeks ago) she said lots with uncle gary. I'm like good I'm done, I'm so tired I won't get us home. So she took over the next thing I know she says mommy we are home. I dont remember the ride so she must have done ok we got home safe I wouldnt have. Kat you remember that drive home from new orleans I was that tired.

Yesterday I did not want to get up for work. My legs ached all over, I have psoriasis on my feet now like on my palms and I walked funny all day and in doing so used muscles I dont usually use and didnt know I had until they now hurt like hell. But it was worth it.

Tonight we are going to church at 6:30 to have family pictures done for the new directory they are doing. We get a free picture too. Ray and Jamie are both coming even though then dont come to mass they are part of the family so I'm making them come with me. not that they mind really or that I would given them a choice. LOL

This sunday Michael and I are going to the fryberg fair. the fair has a great big fiber building that I could get lost in all day Michael and meme wont let me get to lost he just wants to go on the rides, rides, rides. To me the best part or worst part depends on how you look at it is that my ex works the fair every year he comes up from NY just to work here.I absolutly have no feeling for this man I just love the fact that every year he looks more and more like shit. No this is not Jamies dad this is just the ex-ass I had a short marriage to. Seeing him makes me look at Ray with so much more love I have the best man no doubt about that. I look at the ex and think of the garth brooks song "she's gonna make it, he never will" and laugh my life isnt as bad as it could have been if I was still with him. Ray and I may be broke alot but we have love for each other and michael and life is good.

Now a couple of reminders:

its time to sign up for Secret Pal 9 it starts soon dont miss it

also dont miss the boobie-thon that starts October 1st its for a good cause BOOBIES. Do it for the love of having boobies or the love of looking at them come on you know you want too, its for boobies how could you not want to help.


At 7:25 AM, Blogger Belle said...

Sounds like you and Jamie had a great time! She looks so much like you. I think making the Knit Out a mother/daughter tradition sounds wonderful!

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stairway is gone?!? How could they?!? That's was like the most awesome store ever!!!!
Oh well.

Yes, the drive from NO was a bitch. Wish I could have helped but I was as tired as
Next time, bring Jamie when you come down. ;) lol

Boobies boobies boobies!! yay for the boobies!!



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