Monday, September 18, 2006

I know I know its been a week since my last post, I kept thinking about it and then would get busy and/or be tired and just go to bed.

So the last couple of weeks here is a quick review:

Me—lets see I’m the most boring person lately, I work and I work I come home, cook, clean maybe knit a little on Michaels sweater and go to bed. This week I’ll be taping shows almost every night. I cant wait for the greys anatomy to start. I love that show.
This coming weekend will be a big one for me I’m taking my daughter Jamie down to Boston to the knit out and then to the blue man group. I cant wait. It should be so much fun we are volunteering for the set up first thing in the am then we are going to walk to quincy market and see all the sites I don’t think Jamie has ever walked around Boston before. Oh and really big news on the Jamie front this past Thursday Jamie got her drivers license. I was so proud of her I wish I could by her a car but I just can right now we are struggling with our own bill. I hope ray gets a better paying job soon.
yesterday I did go to LL Bean and exchange Michael's backpack that had a malfunction for a new one I love living this close to beans so I can do that. Jamie came over and watched Michael so I actually had a few minutes to myself and I enjoyed it. Even though I bought nothing for myself.

Michael—has been a lot better in school and on the bus, we went and met with his teacher last Thursday and she thinks he is a little chatty but doesn’t feel there are any real problems Yet. We will keep an eye on things. He if very moody at home but I personally think a lot of it is to do with him being tired. He gets up with me and we leave by 6am every morning and he doesn’t get picked from daycare until 4:30 –5 I know it’s a long day for such a little guy, I sooo wish I could be out early and pick him up everyday but I have to work until 5 everyday so I have no choice. I so wish I did.
This past Saturday Ray and Michael went and sold popcorn for the tiger scouts at the local grocery store. He wore his uniform for the first time isn’t he cute…

Ray—ok for all you non hunting reader you can stop now. I don’t want any hateful emails ok. This is how we feed our family. This past Saturday Ray got his first deer of the year. He was so excited he called right after he shot it and asked me to come out and give him a hand tracking her. Michael decided he wanted to come, he is very involved with all aspects of hunting with us. It took us about an hour because it was getting dark and she crossed a brook twice so it was a tough track, but Ray had made a really good shot.
Michael got a little nervous walking out in the dark heck I don’t love being in the woods when its that dark but we did it as a family.
Ray and I found out last night we got drawn to be part of a deer harvesting project at a game preserve in our state there are more deer on this property than it can handle so they have bowhunters come in and thin the herd. All the deer taken get donated to the local soup kitchen so its for a good cause. Its from nov 15 to dec 15 we have to commit to so many hunts during that time period they give you an area and that’s where you hunt period. I did it a few years ago it’s a good time a lot of teamwork involved everyone looks out for everyone else.
People that shun hunting should know that ray and I have not bought store meat in over 4 years we hunt for deer, I have harvested a bear, and we buy a couple of pigs and chickens from a friends farm every year. Plus we go to a local town every time they call and pick up the road kill deer that people don’t want. It fills the freezer and our tummy’s.
The butcher shop we use was closed Saturday night so Sunday morning I took the deer down and put her in the truck and got ready for church, we dropped her off on the way and will have fresh meat by Friday .
Oh yeah Michael loves Sunday school going was a really good decision for him he thinks its better than regular school of course it’s a lot of playing and coloring.

So now I leave you with a picture of Rays deer. Close the page now if you don’t want to see. She weighed 105 just in case you are wondering.


At 4:43 PM, Blogger Kari said...

BEAUTIFUL Deer! woohoo congrats!
Looks like we might actually get to go hunting this year, if not both of us then at least hubby.
I cannot wait.
At least if we don't get to go the guys who work for hubby keep us in what they don't need/use so we have some.
I think it's wonderful you haven't shopped at a store for meat.
One of our goals is to be able to do that ourselves.

At 5:09 PM, Blogger Belle said...

Congrats on the deer! My hubs and I don't hunt, but my stepfather always did, so I grew up in a hunting househould.

Glad your daughter was able to watch Michael for you. Sometimes it's good to get out, even if you don't get anything for yourself.

I think Jamie will love seeing Boston and the Blue Man Group.

At 3:48 PM, Blogger Shannon said...

My comments aren't set up to read email addresses, doh! Could you email me at and I can email you my address? Thanks! Shannon

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Isabel said...

I know hunting is an economic decision for you guys but to me it sounds like such a luxury to have fresh meat. I love food and I would hunt if I knew how to or where to go. I doubt there's any hunting in Japan, tho.

In Canada I was able to purchase wild game at the supermarket (expensive!) and I can only imagine how awesome it must be to have a husband who can go out and hunt a deer. I've never had venison in my life! Next time you eat some game think of me, envying you.

The closest we got to fresh meat was when we lived in Mexico and could chose our cuts during slaughter. I'd go down and watch the butchers at work: I have a lot of respect for the food chain and my part in it is eating! I'm dreaming of farm fresh pork right now...

At 2:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yummy! Deer meat rocks! Nice size one too.



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