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Friday, September 01, 2006

help a Mainer Please VOTE!!!

I usually dont ask for stuff like this but a friend of my family has been nominated to receive an award from volvo and could really use your votes. Read his story below::::::::

He is a young man that lost both his legs in an auto accident on his way to work at Pratt Whitney 5 years ago. He started a foundation for handicap people and also has been on WCSH Channel 6’s 207 program.
A submission was made nominating his foundation for a Volvo for life award.
He needs everyone’s vote.

Can you go to the link below and click on “vote”, then under “Maine” vote for Steve Loignon?

If you would like to visit Steve's website, it may be worth your timeto check it out: ""

Stepping Back into Life
In 2001, my husband, Steve, lost both legs while on his way to work when a car hit him head on. After one month in a coma and four more months in rehab, he has strived to make the best out of his situation.

As part of this effort, Steve created a resource initiative, Stepping Back Into Life, Inc., in the spring of 2003. The initiative’s centerpiece is the Web site,, which offers support, encouragement, and resource references to anyone who is or has been recently physically disabled.

Through its Website and references, Stepping Back Into Life, Inc. has become a valuable resource for the recently disabled. Users can find information on rehab and support groups, education and retraining, scholarships, sponsors, and even information on insurance coverage.

Since the accident, Steve has not let his disability slow him down. His non-profit foundation has expanded, and it recently gave two scholarships to those who wish to go on to college. In addition to working on Stepping Back Into Life, Inc., Steve returned to work at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and opened a small business, all of which he has documented at the organization Web site. The site includes numerous stories by and about similarly disabled and recently disabled contributors, all of whom have overcome their handicaps to lead productive and active lives.

Steven has been a motivator and an inspiration to many people. He attained his Bachelors degree soon after leaving rehab. He contributes his time and efforts to the Disability Rights Center of Maine as well as Maine Handicapped skiing. He recently traveled solo to Tennessee to attend the Amputee Coalition of America Educational Conference. Steve’s continuing mission is to help the disabled and the recently disabled find the inspiration, knowledge, and resources required to "Step Back Into Life" proudly, and with more enthusiasm than ever!


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