Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hello everyone lets see I have got an update for you. where to start. I'm a boring person wait if you read my blog you already know that.
I went out hunting Saturday and saw my first deer of the year. She had to stop behind the one pile of brush near where I was sitting she turned and looked right at me and she was GONE. Lets just say that pile of brush is NOT in my way for next weekend.
Sunday we went to the Fryberg fair it was drizzly and crowded everyone was in the buildings to get out of the rain. So you walked in and bam into a wall of steamy body heat. My ex-ass was there we talked for all of two minutes you know how is the family and stuff. Its kinda funny I spent 5 years of my life with this man and its like running into a stranger and saying hi. Absolutly no feeling at all almost weird in a way. Oh and he still looks like shit at least 10 years older than he actually is gotta love that.
Michael had fun went on some rides I like that he is big enough that I dont always have to go with him anymore, its alot cheaper that way.
here are a couple of pictures of him.

Tomorrow I have to go to the hospital for my next Remicade treatment this stuff is pricy but it is working sooo good almost to good I'll be a little graffic here with Crohns you always have to go and its really loose and now with texture I'm like ouch that hurts its to firm. quit laughing at me I can hear you. at least its not the runs right.

I also called my dermatologist today the stuff I have for my head isnt really working its a moose and its hard to get onto the scalp so he called me in a shampoo to see if that helps I hope its cheaper thats all I have to say even with insurance it was 40 and thats alot right now.

Michaels birthday is next Sunday, we are buying little pumpkins again for the kids to decorate they really liked that last year. And this year a big change for me I'm buying pizza and having it delivered. Every year I cook on the grill and miss almost everything that is happening I was doing burgers and dogs and all the fixing this year I refuse to cook. I want to enjoy the party.

Ray and Michael are leaving after the party to go up to my mother in laws bird hunting for a couple of days they were gonna go next week leave thursday night and come home sunday but as luck would have it they are doing school photos on Friday and I really dont want him to miss the class pictures, I know I'm gready but this happens only once a year and I want the pictures of my baby and his first grade class.

Secret Pal 9 is ready to start I will try and post the answers to this rounds questions by the end of the week.


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