Thursday, October 26, 2006

well almost another week has passed not much new on going on here. Michael had his normal week tae kwon do on Monday and Choir on Wednesday. We were bad parents last Sunday we had a bunch of running around to do and by the time we all got home we alll forgot about cub scouts. come on its on Sunday night, its tough to remember, until we get an email saying sorry Michael couldnt make it last night. oops.
this Saturday is opening day for hunting season and its gonna rain and rain hard with lots of wind sounds like fun doesnt it. We were going to ride up with our buddy Mark because Jamie is going to take Michael and my truck and go bowling or to the movies or something. Last night we were talking about it, I think we will also be taking Ray's truck in case I'm to wet and want to go home. I'll probably be fine but just in case I want a way to get out.

Lets see on the knitting front I'm about half way done a baby blanket I'm making for a friend that is due after christmas, I figured I needed that much time just in case I get bored with it and put it down to do something in between and let me tell you doing a blanket pattern over and over is boring.
Does anyone know how to put those cool bars on the side of blogger for knitters to show works in progress I want some and dont know how. If you do and will help me I'll give you my login. Please and thank you.

I havent heard from my secret pal about the box I sent her last tuesday but I know ups and 10 days from maine to colorado sounds normal for ground. I dont know. I hope she likes it. when this is over I'm going to ask her to get me a Broncos jersey I live in Maine and love the Broncos doesnt that wind my die hard pat fan neighbors when they play the Broncos I hell ya hooo out the door every time they score just because every sunday we listen to them do it when the pats score. Ray likes the Giants and he grew up in Mass. we are just odd balls I guess
got to get back to work later


At 11:39 PM, Blogger Isabel said...

I tried to put some progress bar code in your comments but blogger objects to the html tags. If you email me at isabel DOT klint AT gmail DOT com I'll send you the code! It's really easy to add to your blogger template, I know you can do it!

At 5:44 AM, Blogger dan said...

10 days to deliver a parcel?

wow, that sucks


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