Friday, October 20, 2006

I am having one of those days, its rainy out and work is slow and I miss some old friends, you know the ones you thought you would grow old with. I have two such friends D & G I have spent most of the day searching the net just trying to find a trace of them in a blog or myspace, something, I found G. on a white pages search but it had no real info unless I want to pay for it. D. nothing no trace I thought the web was all powerful.
G. and I met in college we were really close and she met D. and we all used to pal around together, he and I went to pick out her engagement ring for her the jeweler thought we were the ones getting married. Move ahead a few years I became much closer to D like a brother he told me first when they were having problems and he wanted a divorce, I consoled G when it happened. I approved his future wife and still love her with him they are good for each other. G was there for me when I got married and then divorced and then met Ray. I was there for G when she decided to move to NC. Then D. moved with his wife to SC for work. I went and saw D a couple of February's ago and not last summer but the summer before he came back to Maine and I saw him.
Now we have all lost touch. I wonder now and then what become of G. when she moved I never heard from her again. She knew D and I were friends and really close and I refused to take sides for either of them and I thought she was ok with that but she severed all ties with me it seams.
D. I dont have any idea why he stopped staying in touch. I sent their kids christmas gifts last year and the year before and have never heard a thing about it. No thank you nothing I wonder if they even got them. I tried using the last email I had for D and got no reply his other email didnt work.

For some reason the last couple of weeks I really miss D. like a part of me has been missing and if I find him I will be whole again. Does this make sense to you.

G. I would just like to know if she is ok.
Old friends what becomes of them do they ever think of me. I have one old and dear friend that knows everything about me. I make new friends but its not the same its the old friends I feel myself missing more and more.
I guess the rain outside is just really bringing me down. I got an email from Michaels teacher that he was real whiney today and cried alot about little things like he was just down and overtired today too.
so that didnt help.
Please try to have a good weekend the rain they say is going to stop overnight so I am going to try and go hunting for awhile in the AM maybe that will help my mood.
See Ya.

p.s any ideas on how to find someone drop me an email at if you have any good ideas or post a reply here.



At 3:43 PM, Blogger Kari said...

*hugs* Gah those rainy down days. Those are the worst.
HAve you tried the genealogy websites? alot have messageboards for looking for people.

We are out of the rain but it's gonna get cold.


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