Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Its only Tuesday and it has been a hell of a week already. We went hunting in the rain alllll day Saturday saw a couple of deer but nothing to shoot at it was really windy.
Sunday I had to hike up a mountain with Michael and the cub scouts and it was so windy we kept hearing trees and branches fall.
Monday night Michael decided he didnt want to go to tae kwon do and it was fine with me I was still pooped from the weekend.
Today is Happy Halloween for some people my darling son gave me the guilt trip this morning. Apparently they are having a party at day care for all the kids and he wanted me to go. But I cant the guy I work with has to work a second job tonight and cant stay to five so I have to. Michael gave me the mom you never come to my school stuff, now wait I do everthing else like choir and hiking but he said its not he same its not school stuff. So he made me feel like total shit. The guy I work with said no so I have no choice of course he doesnt have a family at home so he just doesnt give a shit. So I called my mom and asked her to go with Michael and then take him to her house for supper and we will pick him up and go trick or treating from there.
We only go a few places, like close family and then just on our street but its tough working till 5 and his bed time being at 7 and we dont really eat the candy either, ok I'm done crabbing.

on a good note well kinda I had my year review at work today I cant believe its been a year anyways most of it was good but he said I should go cloths shopping because some days my appearence needs working on. I was like what, I never saw that coming. so that was the bad news for one because I cant afford new cloths he'll just have to deal with it, but the good news is I got a raise it wasnt much but its something. The funniest part is today I was sooo mad because my partner wouldnt cover for me I started looking for another job and the raise has made it tough to leave its almost worth putting up with his shit.

Knitting news: I am stilll working on the baby blanket for my friend I think I'm going to put it down and do some christmas gifts she isnt due until spring anyways.
My secret Pal got her box and posted about it on her website I'm glad I was getting worried it was lost in the mail and I heard from my Pal this week she had some type of operation on her leg Get well soon secret Pal.
I'd send you a get well card but I dont know who you are ;) Thanks for staying in touch.


At 1:18 AM, Blogger Isabel said...

Can they really complain about clothes if you're clean and tidy? I mean, that seems a little odd to me. I assume you're not wearing something totally non-work related like scuba gear or something! I wonder if they just have to say something needs working on so they picked that as the only thing they could think of.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Belle said...

I am sorry they're being asses about clothes at work. I am surprised no one has said something to me about my appearance, but there isn't much I can do about mine, as I can not afford new clothes, either. But congrats on the raise!

We were out for a while last night, but it wasn't too bad.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger kat said...

Sometimes they just like to pick on our appearance because we're not all girly. I dunno.
Congrats on the raise though and as for kids and guilt, it never


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