Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What is it about Thursdays, I uploaded a picture yesterday and ran out of time to actually write a post to go with it.And today I have time to a post. I hate to say this is mostly going to be a venting post. I hate mean people all over the net I have been reading my friends blogs and getting emails myself personally from people that are just plane asses.
To start with please go give my friend Scotty your support. He and his partner are being bashed in the worst way. I so wish I could go and do something for them the way they are being treated is just so not right.
then I hear about kids being bullied about where they live. So what if your house once had wheels its better than an apartment and what you live in doesn't matter as much as the love and nurturing you have in the home.
Then to top things off I have decided this will be my last Secret Pal. the person that has been spoiling me has been absolutely great. She has stayed in contact and sent great stuff.
the person I was spoiling on the other had has been very petty in my opinion. I sent her 3 packages, the first one had a homemade lamp that I made and sell at fairs, candles I bought at a fair, and some novelty yarn and some yarn I got (gasp) free a the Boston knit out. I new she said she really wasn't into novelty yarn but it was pretty and she said she had been making stuff for some relatives kids and maybe she would like it. The second box was a bear and maple syrup from a Maine Store, the third box I thought would be the best I was really excited about it when I mailed it. she said she had never spun so I sent some rovings, a spindle and a book on learning to spin. Now I find it fun to learn new things apparently she didn't. I get an email from her saying I obviously didn't get to know her because I kept sending her stuff that she didn't use or want. She stated that she knew I got the yarn free in Boston because she looked the yarn up. Yeah it was free and new on the market that's why I sent it to her I would have gladly kept it if I had known she wouldn't like it. Then she said she told me she didn't spin why did I send her spinning stuff. Apparently she isn't someone that likes new things. This girl really hurt me if you read how the email was written you would know how brass she really was. You are required to spend 60 over the entire sp. I added it up I had spent well over that with shipping, I sent e-cards every week, kept her updated on the package that was stuck in the snow storm, I thought I had done really good and she slammed me. She personally burnt me out of SP and its too bad because I had really enjoyed it.

Now please keep in mind like I said my pal on the other end has been great, SP7 was ok and so was SP8 but this just left a real sour taste in me. My mother always told me if you cant say anything nice don't say it at all, I don't think she was taught that. I will not reveal her name or blog because that wouldn't be me but I will say if she does ever read this I am sorry I couldn't meet your expectations. I'm not sending a reveal to her telling her who I am whats the point I didn't send anything she liked anyways. I always thought that was the best part.I was also going to send one more package with some real wool yard to make it up to her and Ray said no absolutely not, after that email I don't want you to sent her anything at all.
I actually met the person I spoiled in sp7 last year at spa and she was really cool.
ok I'm done ranting that felt good it has been eating at me all week. now on to the good stuff.

I have been knitting my fingers off. I told you I finished that baby blanket then I brought it to my moms for her to store until the shower, When she opens it I will take a picture I want to hurry up and make a sweater and hat to go with it.
Then I knit Michael 2 pairs of mittens
Now I'm making a prayer blanket for the church, I want to be able to give someone the same peace that they gave to Kats Mom.
Then I'm going to start my expensive sweater.

Below is a picture I took of Michael with his new vest from cub scouts. One of the grandmothers made the vest for all the boys and my mom put his patches on it.
This Saturday we are going with the scouts to a snow tubing place in Windham. Luckily they make there own snow so we wont have to worry about that. It has finally started getting cold around here last Saturday it was almost 70. Kat can you believe we were in shorts in January.

I better get back to work. I leave you with Michael.


At 8:01 PM, Blogger Sheri said...

Are you freakin' kidding me? A real, person with feelings actually wrote those things to you? That is about the rudest thing I have heard in a long time and I work at a high school.... so belive me, I hear some pretty rude stuff. I am so sorry that your hard effort to provide someone with some unique and special items was met with such ignorance. wow.

I've got to shake this off (shaking shoulders and shuddering) There... I feel better now. Michael looks great in his uniform! I'm glad you are supporting Scotty. He's really going through some rough stuff right now.

At 8:46 AM, Blogger kat said...

How fucking rude!!!!
Send me her blog. ;) LOL

I am so sorry that someone treated you so badly. The obviously don't know you because if they did, they would know how giving and thoughtful you are, both in gift and spirit.
You always do above and beyond what people would expect.

I have a feeling she was one of those types that expected to get really expensive yarns and gifts and that's probably why she signed up. To be greedy. I wonder how she treated her pal.

I know I have always loved the little gifts that you've sent and the time you took to remember me. I have the teddy bears right on top of my monitor. It was a surprise and a happy one.

Now one complaint.

Where's my maple syrup?!?

Kidding LOL !!!

Love ya woman!

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Belle said...

I can't believe your Secret Pal (that you were spoiling) was so unbelievably rude. What is with people these days? I can't imagine how stupid and awful people must be to truly not apprceciate gifts. And to bash people for no good reason other than to be ugly.

I wanna crawl under my covers and hide.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger Belle said...

Oh, oh oh, your little boy is so adorable in his uniform!

At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm sounds like you did not read the rules of SP. You are NEVER supposed to publicly disparage your pal. You need tp remove this post immediately or risk being banned from future SP exchanges.

Also - shipping costs do not count toward the $60 gift requirement.


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