Friday, March 21, 2008

wow am I glad I didnt try to go back to work today. I did get the ok to go back Monday but let me tell you about this morning. Ray got up went to work, Mike has the day off teachers workshop or something. So I get up around 8 and go pee and the floor is wet mmm well Ray did take a shower this morning but I hear water running I look sink is off check shower off check so I kneel down and look in the hole that goes into the closet where the hot water tank is and holy shit water everywheres. now remember we live in a trailer and the hot water tank is in the back of the spare room closet behind a false wall, So I run to the spare room and open the door, we keep it closed since we dont use it and got hit with a wall of steam damn everything is dripping like a sauna. I holler to michael get me the phone and get in here. I open the window and start handing Mike cloths from the closet to get out, everything is damp and I called Ray in full panic mode thinking the tank blew up. once I get into the closet I dont know how to shut the water off I know the main shut off is outside behind a pile of snow under the house. I hopped in the truck and went to the main park office and begged a park maint guy to come over he said only if you breathe first and stop panicking it cant be that bad. So he came over and shut the valve off inside by the tank. then ray came home and my stepdad came over, I called the calvery thinking the worse. we figure out its a fitting and a pipe thats the good news but we dont know what we are doing so we decided to call a plumber instead of screwing with it, the income tax money we planned on using for doors and a lawnmower are still in the bank. I took us 10 calls before we found someone that would even look at a mobile home the pipes are plastic so nobody wants to touch them. The guys that came over were great it took them half and hour and one length of pipe a couple of fitting and $85 dollars later we now have hot water that is not all over my floor. Ray used the wetvac and cleaned the mess before going back to work. Now that everyone is gone I can finally sit down and breath I feel like its 5pm already I am burnt out so I'm going to rest being back to work next week is going to be tough.
tonight we are going to measure the sofa I liked and go to eat that should be fun and tomorrow I plan on going to visit the girls at the portland fiber gallery I need to visit and get out so that is my plan oh we have to color eggs and do the easter thing too I need to remember that or Mike will be upset. ok later


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