Thursday, March 20, 2008

ok what a morning already. I went for an interview at my dream job this morning I really hate interviews I get so nervous I sweat and ramble on and on. It was a tough one too I think the hardest question was have you ever protected yourself in selfdefense. and the answer is Yes against my ex husband I hope that doesnt hurt me because another question was if you took these three calls what order would you dispatch them in and one was a domestic violence call vs a cut finger vs a car accident. it brings alot of emotion and passion from me and I ramble. shit I hope I didnt fuck this up. hey I was honest about the last time I smoked dope or done drugs I should get some brownie points for that. oh well I have one more interview next week maybe that will be better its hard to practice because you dont get the nerves practicing as you do when there.

the doc did say I have a rib out of place last night he couldnt get it back in so I have to go see someone else on friday and hopefully back to work on monday. I miss working.
but I'm off to knit later.


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