Wednesday, March 26, 2008

well let me just say being back to work sucks big time. I was soo tired after 10.5 hours monday and 9.5 yesterday I came home crabby like really crabby I was snapping at everyone. I started supper and went to fold laundry, nice warm towels, well I hugged one of those nice warm towels and out I went. Ray said he came in to ask me if I was eating and I was sound asleep so he just left me until he came to bed and told me to get under the covers.
Today was a good day I had another job interview and it was another panel interview and I think I did much much better I dont know why but I felt more comfortable today than I did at the one last week. They said I would find out next week if I'm going on to the next stage. Thats cool whatever, there was another person or kid waiting with me he told me his life story just got out of college well dropped out never had a full time job etc.............. he was quite interesting he said he hadnt had a cigarette all morning so they wouldnt smell it I'm like dude what if you get the job or they ask you on the poly what are you going to do then. this is the type of job you dont lie no matter what, dont hide who you are lay it all out and you will do much better but whatever good luck to him.
ok I need to go start supper the boys are running down to weigh Michaels pinewood derby car before going to tae kwon do I might get to see them for a minute in between.



At 10:14 PM, Anonymous devilish southern belle said...

I remember our Pinewood Derby days! Good luck to Michael on that. And good luck on the job interviews. I hope you get some rest soon!

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Kat said...

You know that I'm keeping positive thoughts for your dream job.
I hope it goes well.
Oh, and please stop pushing yourself too much, you just had surgery you know. ;)


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