Sunday, April 20, 2008

the week from HE double LL busy

ok lets go over my week. Last weekend I went to my friend Jenny's to hang out knit and spin and the boys went fishing. They stopped over on their way home to visit and see the new lambs.
Sunday we went to church and cleaned the yard.
On Monday night we had tae kwon do. here is Michael doing his form. the actual testing for belts is in a couple of weeks but he had the kids show how much of their forms they already know. Mike just about nailed his form.

Tuesday we went to little league to find out what team Mike are on.
Wednesday back to tae kwon do.
Thursday we played baseball with the cub scouts it was so nice out we couldnt resist being outside.
Friday Mike didnt have school and I snuck out of work early and we went to the orthodontist for his first of many appointments, on the 28th he gets bands on, March first he gets the appliance and the 8th he gets his full braces. its funny how early they want to do them now but the theory is if they can widen his jaw now it will save him alot more work later. we then went to Shogun for dinner its a Japanese rest. that they cook the food on the griddle right in front of you Mike loved it my wallet didnt.
on Saturday we went to a small sheep and wool festival in Denmark they had a cool damn there and the boys were wishing they had brought their fishing poles. Next time I drag Ray someplace he said he wont forget it. LOL
On Sunday we drove down to Mass to see Ray's dad and grandma we didnt make it down for Easter his dad was at seaand we wanted to go when he was in town. here is a picture of Grandma with Mike and Ray. she is the nicest lady and made me cry. She told me that this painting of the girl praying she was giving to me the next time we go down. She wants her friend to take some pictures of it first. I have loved this painting since the first time I ever went to mass with Ray when we were still dating. She painted it in 1974. and she is still painting and doing different types of art now in her 80's. What an incredible lady.

that is my week in review. this week should be much slower no tae kwon do or scouts since its school vacation I might actually get some house work done this week. ( I hope)


At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Devilish Southern Belle said...

Busy is GOOD! I can't wait to get a bit busier. Winter, and being indoors with really nothing to do just sucks the life right out of me. That is a great painting!

At 10:52 PM, Blogger Kat said...

Busy is definitely good, I get bored easy...hahahaha
That painting is very cute and oddly, very "you".
It reminds me of the paintings you've always had in your apartments and stuff.


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