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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Why is it teens are such ass's. I mean Kat and I were parties that is true but I was never hateful towards my parents never. I never called my mom a f***en c**t like I was called yesterday. I did something stupid I put a cell phone in my name for my daughter under the condition that if she went over on her minutes I would shut it off untill the next billing cycle so the bill wouldnt get out of hand. So yesterday I called her and asked her to go to lunch and the phone kept disconnecting so I looked on the website to see if there was an issue and in the last couple of days she went 87 minutes over the the cycle doesnt start over until the 28th. So I tryed to call her over and over and she wouldnt answer. I left a message hey call me so we can talk about this or I'm shutting it off. no call so I shut it off. I drove up to her house and got screamed at that I'm this and that and turn my phone on right now. Well the deal was she would pay the bill its due next wednesday I am out of town next wednesday so I wanted it paid early and she said no if I dont turn it back on right this minute I dont have a daughter anymore and she never wants to see me again.
Then told me to get out of her f***en house or she was calling the cops. I never raised my voice not once I am so over yelling and fighting with anyone. The reason she said she needs the phone soo bad is she applyed for jobs and now they cant get in touch with I say fine bring the phone over here I will turn it back on and if a job calls I will give you the message but I am not letting you run up this bill.
Last night about 9 she starts texting me begging. So I told her to call them on friday when she turns 18 and put it in her name (they wont she has no credit I asked) end of story well that wasnt good enough she said I know you have some of my savings bonds and I want them. I do have one a $50 from her baptist and she says If I find out you have more or spent all the money I'm surposed to get when I turn 18 dad is getting a lawyer and suing you. You know I wish I had money to give her but I dont.I dont know what the hell she is talking about we are not a well to do family or why would me and my dad be living in trailers. She said I talk to meme, and grammy and grampy and they tell me things. Well thats kinda funny I talk to every one of them at least 3 times a week and grampy for example hasnt heard from her since x-mas, and meme since she loaned her 200 and never got paid back. Then to top it off after she has me crying screaming that she hates me and wants whats coming to her Mike starts crying from his room that he will never see his sister again, So I made her talk to him and then said Jamie do what you have to I'm done your not gonna make my house a battle ground to get your way Ray and I are happy so enough and I'm not turning the phone back on until its either paid for or in your name but I'm done fighting with you my phone is off to you good-bye.
Yesterday afternoon when I called the cell phone co they said that to shut if completely off it will cost me the last two bills and 200 to get out of the contract oh she wont give me the phone itself because she paid for it that is fine whatever. Or I can pay 40 a month for 2 years to full fill the contract. So I called my mom that I never talk to and told her, she called me back and said that she would take the phone and pay the monthly bill. So if I never talk to my mom why would she do that and tell me I'm right and not to give in. So I bearly slept last night but last time she pulled this crap I vowed not to let me make me a basket case ever again that I need to live my life for my son and husband and for me. Am I wrong to feel this way I hope not will she regret doing this to me someday I hope so.
I know this is a long post but I had to get it out and what better place.


At 4:41 AM, Anonymous devilish southern belle said...

Teens really can be asses! I made my mother's life miserable, but only with my smart mouth. She never had to worry about me doing anything horrible. I did call her ugly names, but never what yours called you.

My own teen boys go from being the most amazing young men to being the biggest of asses in sometimes minutes, but so far, they haven't called me names or given me that kind of trouble. I am crossing my fingers now!

I hope she realizes how immature and ridiculous she's being. I think all kids today have at least some sort of an overblown sense of entitlement; some more than others.

Hang in there!



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