Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hey Kat linked to me so I better put up a new post or I'll look bad.LOL Its the only time anyone ever finds my site.

Not much going on around her except work and running the bathroom I finally decided that my local hospital dr is a quack. a couple of months ago I went in to the ER the DR. said over and over I must have kidney stone well guess what nope it was my crohns. On the 3rd of this month I ended up back there and guess what she said I had a kidney stone this time and a uti. She gave me some scripts and sent me on my way. So this past weekend I was hurting again on that same side. So I call my mom crying and decided I am not going to the ER I had plenty of pain killers left and that was all they were going to do is dope me up give me an anti and send me home heck I can do that. I called my primary who gave me something for the burning/frequent pee thinking it was a bladder infection again and said if it still was bad early in the week to call him. It was and I did. Yesterday I went in to see him and he called the hospital to get my c-t scan results and know what he found yes I did have a kidney stone on the 3rd but also my intestines were really enflamed on the left side. What on the left? I told the ER I usually had crohns problems on the right. This is a completely new problem. Doc probed around on my belly and sent me right off the table. He thinks that yes the stone was there but it was small and my intestines were causing the pain and now because they are swollen they are pushing on my bladder and making me feel like I have to pee every 5 minutes. He wants me to see my gastro guy as soon as possible and as my luch would have it he is on vacation until Tuesday and I can get in with his nurse pract on the 5th. My primary is going to call him when he gets back and update him on what is happening. I just hope it doesnt get worse between now and then.

That is all the new drama here I have been working, knitting, going to church oh speaking of that here is a picture of Mike last week at vacation bible school. I worked all week 7-5 then went with him 5-8 every day Friday was the big show and Sunday that sang at mass he loved it all week and screws off during the show every year but hey what are you going to do hes a kid. Have a great weekend tonight is my last night and I have the next two days off to sleep yea


At 1:04 AM, Blogger Tammy said...

Dang, I hope your feeling better. Your in my thoughts, take care!


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