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Friday, September 26, 2008

sweaters, shawls and fairs

I cant believe its been a few weeks since I've posted Third shift is a killer. so let me catch you up. I entered MeMe's shawl in the Cumberland fair and got third the weird thing is I couldnt find the shawl that got second kinda odd. here is a picture its the dark purple one in the middle
Last Saturday night I went to work at 9pm got out Sunday morning and went to the fair with Ray, Mike and Meme I wanted to see how I did and Mike wanted to go on rides. By 3pm on no sleep I was sooo done and it got warm out so that didnt help me stay awake. Glad Ray was there to drive us home.

Last week I finally finished Ray's sweater I have been working on it since finishing Memes. I spun all the fiber and worked my fingers off to finish it in time for the Fryeburg Fair, Now the problem was the times to drop it off were Thursday day, Friday all day or Saturday am and what was my schedule I had to work Wed,Thur and Friday nights mmmm can I drive up there to drop it off on no sleep its only 1.5 hours each way. I was nervous so I email the super nice lady that is in charge and told her my situation she was great and let me drop it off Wednesday morning she was going to be there cleaning for a few hours in the am. It worked out perfect Michael was out of school for teachers workshop so he road up with me to keep me company or should say kept me away saying "are we there yet?" two hundred times. It was neat seeing the fair being set up. Then I dropped him off at daycare, came home took a nap and went to work. The next week is going to be another crazy one. Sunday we have to be at the fair with the bunny at 7:30 am(remember 1.5 hour drive Yawn) so she can get tattooed to enter in the contest. then we want to walk around for a minute and of course see how Rays sweater did. We have to be back on the road at 2 so Ray and Mike can go on a hike with the scouts. I have to work Mon,Tues,Wed and Thurs nights. Go back to the fair next Sunday for the kids bunny contest and then up on Monday to pick the sweater up. and do you know what I get if I actually win 9 dollars LOL how do you like that 6 hours of driving to drop it off and pick it up, 6 hours driving to bring the bunny up twice just to win trophies. Man I must be crazy. Well after that is hunting season. I wish I saw an end in site but it is a long ways off at this point. I leave you now with some pictures of Rays sweater he is such a good sport about trying it on every time its 80 out, no wonder I love him so much. here is the making of rays sweater starting at the beginning
spinning spinning spinning, then two ply, wash and dry, then ball up the yarn, then start the body

the back is finished, then the front, then an arm. and finally two arms isnt it great. I told Ray he could only wear it at family function where it is 100 in the aunts house so I can show him oops the sweater off to everyone.



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