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Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekend Away

to Rhinebeck we will go, to Rhinebeck we will go hi ho the dairy oh to Rhinebeck we will go. Can you tell I'm excited I'm sitting here waiting for my friends to pick me up because I'm not driving another yea for me. and we will be on our way to Webs then tomorrow to Rhinebeck, no kids or hubbys just us girls and building after building of fiber glorious fiber. I have been looking forward to this for months and months I put in for this weekend off the day I got hired at my new job and told them this is my one big trip a year and I will not miss it for anything but death in the close family only. We are staying with Melody's cousin so that is a savings this year no hotel but I would have slept in my car if I had to. I may not buy much as I dont need much but just being around so many people that have the same things in common and dont think I'm crazy for loving fiber as much as I do alone is worth the trip. Ok time to check and make sure I didnt forget anything again before I go I'll take lots of pictures and report back on Monday.

Oh and did I tell you as of Monday I go back on second shift it was so slow on third I think it hurt me more than helped with my training just no enough call volume to get much done. but thats another story Later Gator


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