Monday, January 12, 2009

aaaahh why can husbands be such a pain in the ass sometimes. I love Ray more than life itself the only thing he does that drives me nuts is procrastinate and blow little things off HE doesnt think is importand but this time I'm ugly so I'm going to post instead of get in a fight does that make sense.
I went to work at 8am this morning to work a double till 9pm. I talked to Ray at 330 he was home, hadnt gotten Mike yet I said make sure the homework gets done. I got busy and called around 9 as I was getting out of work. Asked how was mikes day he said it sounded ok. I couldnt find his behavior sheets in his bag. I asked did he do his homework, Ray says yeah all but one page. Honey did you check the homework book. Yup he says. I just got home guess what. Mike has 3+ sheets to do in the am before we go to the dentist and then to school and oh his behavior sheets were in the front pockets with a note for us on how Bad his day was. but no he didnt find them and did they go to tae kwon do. you guessed it yup they did because Ray wanted to. could mike have missed his class for being bad at school and used that time for the homework yes he could have but did Ray look in all the pockets nope. ahhhhhh I'm so fustrated Mikes meds take a little while to kick in and start working and I have to deal with this in the morning. Last week Mike got in trouble because his homework wasnt finished and he told the truth, he told ray he had more to do and Ray said he couldnt find it so he got mad at mike, well mike told the teacher I told dad I had more and he said no which was the truth the teacher didnt believe him and sent him to the principals office who called dad, who admitted he was wrong and mike had told him. but it was wrong for him to put mike through that also.
ok I'm done venting I'm going to get my alarm clock and sleep in the spare room so I can get Mike up early get his meds into him and get the homework done.


At 3:09 AM, Blogger Kat said...

It's cuz men are stupid and lazy...LOL


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