Mainiax: July 2006

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Gilman Hamer 1922-2006

Are we being Tested Please tell me I quit no more test how much is one couple surposed to take. There are way to many questions and we didnt study for this damn thing. Pleas make all this crazinest stop. I cant cry any more my eyes are puffy the tears feel like fire my nose is all red. I'm going to keep the sleeping pill people in work thats for sure thank you makers of ambien for the few good nights sleep you have provided. Let me explain why I'm all emotional just when we thought it was over.
another great man has pasted Thursday night as it seemed things were getting back to normal Ray and I went to the Bon Jovi concert at Gillette stadium that I won tickets to three months ago Just as Nickleback left the stage Ray's sister called and said that Grampa's kidney were shutting down we might want to come down to Mass. Well since we were in foxboro when the show got out we slept for an hour in the truck waiting for traffic to let up then drove to new bedford where they live. We got there at 2 am and spent the rest of the night in the truck let me just say its not a comfortable sleeping truck thats for sure.
Rays uncle flew in from Texas Thursday also, so both uncles and his mom were all there together for the first time in 30 years. His sister came over late morning. When we in to see him it was like papa all over again. His breathing was the same and everything we knew it wouldnt be long. He did realize we were there and that was good especially for Ray he was very close to grampa growing up. We drove home around 2 and it took us 4 hours instead of the usual 2.5 with the boston tunnel being closed.
This morning Ray's mom called me at 7:30 and said that grampa passed sometime around 3. Grandma had a bed set up next to him and when she woke up he wasnt breathing so he went very quietly in his sleep. She went and got Ray's mom and they called the hospess people.
The hardest thing is going to be telling Michael that his other grampa is gone the poor little guy he just lost papa and now grampa. He is a very unusual child when I told him papa had passed he got mad he wasnt there when they buried him and didnt get to go to the church so Ray is going to tell him tomorrow and let Mike make the decision. Its only going to be a small mass and family only buriel and its closed casket not like papa. Grampa wanted no drama at all small and simple so thats what he gets.
I leave you now with some pictures of grampa Hamer the sweetest most crafty man I have every know.blogger is acting funny I could only get one photo to take I'll add more later when it will let me.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm back kinda

I’m sorry I haven’t been around I have been really blue I haven’t been knitting or on the net much. I come home feed the boys, watch a little tv and go to bed I have absolutely no get up and go. I cried a little at the funeral but I think I’m just lost. I was going to the VA every day for lunch to visit now I don’t have anything to do I don’t really feel like knitting because everything I’m doing has a pattern and there really isn’t anyplace good to sit at this place and work on something. I don’t feel like reading I don’t really feel like doing anything, I’m just going thru the motions of each day.

I do need to do a shout out THANK YOU to my secret pal have I told you what a great pal I have this round. She sent me some beautiful orange yarn to make Michael a hunting sweater with. I absolutely love it. She even sent a card when papa died I’m very thankful that I have that little pick me up her timing is great.

Our pal hostess asked us to fill out these questions and I finally got around to do it. Sorry it took me so long I read it the day it came and just didn’t have the motivation to do it until now. Maybe I’m coming out of this slump.

1) What is your favorite season of the year?
FALL is my favorite season the leaves are changing and its hunting season.

2) Where is your favorite vacation spot?
We go camping and canoeing someplace different every time just so see new places
3) If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be?
I want to go to Australia and hubby want to go to Grease

4) If you could pick any job, and be paid well, what would it be?
I wanted to be a game warded for years still do but I just cant pass the physical agility part of the testing.

5) If you were going on vacation for 1 week, and had to take ONLY one project with you, what would it be?
I’m working on a blanket for my mom its gonna take me years to finish its all small different panels so its compact to carry.

6) If you won a shopping spree to your favorite Yarn shop, what would you get??
all new bamboo needles in every size and option

here is a picture of me and Ray just before leaving for the wake it was hotter then hell those two days combined with crying my face looks all puffy but I thought Ray looked really good so I wanted to share.

I’ll be around thank you for all your support, I know its out there and just that helps a lot.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Arthur Lavoie 1918-2006

My grandfather passed away today at 2:45. I had went to visit for lunch and left at 12:30 my grandmother called me at 3: I went directly there and stayed until the funeral home came to pick him up. Because he was in the VA home they covered him in a US flag it was quite something to see all the disabled veterans coming out of there rooms no matter how sick they were and line the halls to watch us pass. Here are a few photos of my papa I dont have a scanner to show you pictures of him younger when he was full of hell. But that is how I will remember him always.
I love you PaPa my you rest in piece.

edited to ad his obit that was online:

Arthur A. Lavoie, 88
SCARBOROUGH -- Arthur A. Lavoie, 88, formerly of Biddeford, died Thursday, July 6, 2006, at the Maine Veterans Home in Scarborough. He was born in Lowell, Mass., on June 26, 1918, the son of Joseph and Rose Ann Berry Lavoie, and was educated in Biddeford schools, graduating from St. Louis High School with the class of 1936. He then attended Penn State College of Optometry.
Mr. Lavoie served in the United States Navy as a gunner in a flying squadron during World War II.
On Oct. 28, 1939, he married Gilberte L. LeBlond at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford. She died Sept. 22, 1987.
On May 11, 1991, he married Lucille Descoteaux Croteau at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford.
He served his machinist apprenticeship at Saco Lowell Shop, and then transferred to the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Kittery. For 33 and a half years, he was employed at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. He retired as General Foreman in 1973. He also worked part time as a Security guard at Rich's Department Store.
He was a commander of the American Legion Post #96 of Saco, State Americanism Officer, and for two years as Maine Department officer. He was a member of the Elks Lodge of Biddeford-Saco, VFW, Amvets, NARFF, the Toastmaster Club and AAA. He is a lifetime member of the Knights of Columbus and Charter member of St. Joseph's Council, Biddeford.
He sang in the choir at St. Joseph's Church for over a period of 50 years. He was a former five terms Biddeford City Councilor.
He lived in Biddeford from 1929 to 1991, when he moved to Lady Lake, Fla. At Lady Lake he was a member of the American Legion Post #347, the Villages Homeowners Association, and the fraternal order of Police.
In Florida he attended St. Timothy's Catholic Church. He returned to Biddeford in 1995.
He was predeceased by two brothers, Delphis Lovoie and Alfred Gagnon, and by two sisters, Jeannette Barker and Dolores Desmarais.
Surviving are his wife of 15 years, Lucille Lavoie of Biddeford; two daughters: Elaine Kadlec and her husband James Murphy of Biddeford; and Carmen Pariseau and her husband Robert of Springville, Tenn.; one stepson: Norman Croteau of Saco; one sister: Corinne Nelson of Portland; five grandsons; nine great-grandchildren; one step- granddaughter; one step-grandson; six step-great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews
Visiting hours will be 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, at Hope Memorial Chapel. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a.m. on Tuesday at St. Joseph's Church in Biddeford. Burial will be in St. Joseph's Cemetery in Biddeford. Arrangements are by Hope Memorial Chapel, 480
Elm Street, Biddeford, Maine 04005.
Memorial donations in Arthur's name may be made to:
St. James School
25 Graham St.
Biddeford, Maine 04005
Arthur A. Lavoie

4th weekend stuff

Well its been a week and not much has changed. We had a wonderful time camping, it sprinkled just a little overnight Saturday and just for 5 minutes on Tuesday morning other than that it was beautiful weather. We caught a bunch of fish none were big enough to keep according to the rule book but that didnt matter we had fun. Every night we sat around the campfire making samores and joking around we went to bed when we were tired and got up when we wanted. Man was it tough getting Michael to bed early Tuesday night for daycare on wednesday. He was crappy at night and again in the morning he just didnt want to get up. Thats what I get for messing with his schedule. Below is a picture of the cabin we rented at everygreens campground in Solon, Maine. They offered a wonderful feature for us. We had brought up our canoe and what they did is picked you up at the other end of a nine mile trip for $15 gave us all a ride and brought the canoe back in a truck. The trip was so nice that we did it on Monday and Tuesday. Monday it took us 4 hours and Tuesday we gave ourselves 6 hours we stopped on a bunch of islands to fish and we caught a few nice ones. We had lunch on one island it was just a nice relaxing weekend that we all needed as a family. We had absolutely no phone signals up there, no television nothing. We did give my grandmother the number for the campground just in case something happened to papa but nothing did really.
He took a big turn for the worse on Sunday they had to put the morphine pump back on and he has been complely unresponsive since. Its only a matter of days now. Yesterday I went over to the VA 3 times I would work for awhile go check on meme then go back to work. I stopped on my way home too. I dont know what I'm going to do with my lunch hour when he passes Ive been going there every day for the last 4 months I'm gonna be lost. Well I'm gonna leave you today with a few pictures of our trip Enjoy. oh there are some other pictures on the right just go to the my photo album box I have a few more to load and if I can figure out how a video of us playing the river. The current was so strong all you had to do was go out 15 feet and lift you legs up the current would do the rest we had someone on the other end to grab mike he was between 2 of us nobody wanted to do it with just him in case you slipped there was no way we were going to swim and catch him so check to see that.
the cabin we somehow got upgraded to a big cabin instead of a small one story one and we didnt complain.

here is the fish I caught

here is Michaels fish he cast and reeled it in all by himself.Ray had to help him hold it cuz it was a slippery little bugger