Mainiax: November 2005

Sunday, November 27, 2005

sorry I'm a slacker

I have been seriously busy this week. Going back to work was exhausting I would get home make dinner and crash. Wednesday night I spent cleaning cuz I got elected to cook Thanksgiving dinner. I wont do it next year I like sitting back and having someone else cook soo much better. The bird wasnt huge but its trying to get everything done at the same time without burning anything or drying out the bird that is the trick. It was a success I got it all done right everyone ate and nobody complained kinda my kitchen is small and my grandmother wanted to help dry dishes I told her I was fine then she starts looking thru my cabnets "where are your towels I know you have some I bought them for you." "meme go sit down they are down the hall next to the washer I'm fine I will let them airdry and then we can all sit down" she got all huffy on me and I snapped I walked down the hall picked up like 10 towels and thru them on the table and said there are your damn towels. now you have to wait for me to be done anyways cuz there is no room for both of us in here. She goes well you dont have to get all bitchy. I'm like meme go sit down you are a guest end of story. I looked over an my dad the little shit was laughing. That was my Thanksgiving I was so tired I wanted them all to leave so I could sleep and thats what I did by 7pm I was snoring.
I had to work on Friday but I got a surprise when I got home my Secret Pal sent me a present. I soo needed a surprise it couldnt have come at a better time. Thank you Secret Pal I have been converting my needle supply over to bamboo and I didnt have that size yet.

We went out hunting yesterday not for ourselves we already have tagged out (meaning we got our deer) but a couple of our friends didnt get their deer. We went to our usual spots but didnt have any luck for them. We came home early and sat around watching movies the rest of the day. the new "XXX" is really good and "The longest yard" is a riot both worth renting
Today I ran up to the Christmas tree shop and started my christmas shopping I usually make all my presents but I just dont feel like it this year. I have done enough ceramics and crafts to last me awhile I hope people dont mind I just dont have the time or the energy. I lied I made a sweater for Katy that I still have to mail to MIL and have her finish for me but thats it for this year.
On the physical side of things I have to go back to the doc on Friday for a follow-up with everything that happened I am really gonna ask alot of ?'s this time about any side effects for any meds he wants to try I soo dont want to get sick again.
I'll try to post more this week but I dont really want to bore all of you with I worked, I slept, I worked, I slept, maybe something interesting will happen this week.

Monday, November 21, 2005

he said nothing, I mean nothing I so expected something. All I got was its nice to see you back thats it end of story and he said it kind of smugly. The guys I dispatch seemed to miss me and a few people in the office but for the most part alot of people said nothing like I was never gone or sick. I like the money I'm making at this job and I guess I can hope some of these people lighten up they just seem really stuffy some days or should I say most days. I guess I was used to my old job where everybody asked too much instead of nothing its weird the contrast in the two companies. You cant have it both ways so I think I'll take the money work my 9 hours and go home to no Saturdays.

Ok lady's I have to ask is it just me or do TV woman have way more friends that they pal around with then I have ever seen anyone in real life have. All these shows and movies where 4-5 women all hang out together go on trips, and girls nights out etc. I watched the Ya Ya sisters this weekend and then the commercial with the older ladies talking about the once a month meds and there were 5 of them going for a walk is this something that real people do. I have 2 true friends one in Florida and one that is a house rat and never wants to do anything but is a friend no less. I dont have 5 people to walk with or hang out with. I guess being sick and watching sappy movies on pain killers isn't a good thing for someone prone to depression.
Time for bed its been a long day it felt like 3:30 at 9am I really needed a nap instead I'm going to bed early good night.

back to work

Well I'm getting ready to go back to work. I spent all weekend doing alot of nothing amazing how tired you are from spending a week in the hospital. I would do a little laundry take a nap do more nothing, go back to bed. Anyways today I get to go back to work and I'm more nervous today than I was on my first day. I hope he is understanding especially when I have to make a follow up appointment with the doc that took care of me last week and am going to miss even more time next week. I will try to make the appointment late in the day so I dont miss much time. Ok no more procrastinating I have to go wish me luck I'll let you know how it went tonight.

Friday, November 18, 2005

I'm Home

What a week. Thanks Kat for updating for me, even if I had a computer I would not have been able to post anything.
What happened was this, remember last week I was sick due to the meds I was on and went to the docs on Thursday. The nurse told me to stop all meds for a couple of days and see what happens, and that we would probably start them with food if we started them again and see what happens. So Tuesday I had felt great for a couple of days and said lets see what happens when I take the pill in the AM with breakfast. Around 930 am I started feeling a little nausea and called Ray to bring me some tums. He got there around 1030 and I took a couple of tums. Around 1130 I started to get some pain in my abdomen and went to the bathroom and throw up. I was planning on leaving work early anyways to go to Michaels parent/teacher conference. I told the people I work with listen I just threw up I'm going home. As I was driving home the pain was getting worse. When I got to the house I looked up the docs # and tried to call but they were at lunch. By now the pain was so bad I couldn't take it I had do something, so I got into the truck and decided to drive to the docs its half way between home and the hospital. When I got there, there was an intern in the hall I just walked through the door crying you have to help me I hurt. I don't think he knew what to make of me. He went and talked to the nurse and came to get me. I told them if they were busy just call me a rescue I cant take it anymore I don't think I can drive. The doc that was covering that office came in took one look at me and knew what it was. He said I believe you have Pancretits and we need to get you into the hospital asap this is a severe thing and you have to get treatment now. I called Katy cuz I knew Ray was way up at his buddy Tims house and it would take awhile for him to get there. I'm glad I called katy she was a big help in all ways. I had been throwing up and my pants felt all damp she kept saying its ok. When we got to the hospital they knew I was coming and had a room all ready for me. I got the johnny on and started throwing up again and again. Every time I got sick I would wet myself every woman that has kids can understand this. The nurses were great and very supportive. The big problem was is I was completely dehydrated and they couldn't get an IV in or get blood no IV no pain meds I was crying and crying please I need something Katy said enough get someone from Anesthesia to come put the IV in and get her something for the pain. The nurse finally called my doctor and he said you haven't gotten that IV in yet she said no the anesthesia dept said it would be an hour and we had a nurse from ICU try she couldn't get it in either. So he says I'll take care of it. The nurse came in and gave me a shot of Demerol in the leg no sooner did she get done than a doc from anesthesia came in a friend of the docs he said I'm only gonna try once if I don't get it I am going to have a surgeon come put a central line in (that's in the neck) luckily he got it in first try. They started pumping fluid into me me at a very high rate and were finally able to get a vein for a blood test and they also hooked up a morphine pump wow drugs on demand. This was all Tuesday afternoon by Wednesday afternoon I felt alot better but they didn't let me eat or drink anything at all they were afraid that it would irritate my pancreatis again and the pain would come back and it could cause more damage to my insides. Yesterday I didn't take any morphine all day so the doc let me try a liquid supper I have never drank something that tasted so good as that broth. This morning they brought me some eggs and a muffin my doc was laughing he thought I must still be sick cuz I thought the food was so good. After lunch today he came back and asked if I had any pain or anything and when I said no he signed my discharge papers I have never been in the hospital this long in my life, even when I broke my neck and had surgery I was only there over night. This was quite the experience one that I hope I never have to go threw again.
Thank you for my friends for all the support I just hope when I go back to work on Monday I still have a job that has been my biggest worry, I have kept them completely updated every step of the way but the boss has one of them voices that always sounds pissed off. He said we would talk on Monday. I so hope I don't lose my job if not Monday I hope at review time it doesn't effect me. I really like this job. So if you were thinking about me getting better cross your fingers about me keeping this job. The next few weeks will be a struggle financially with only a day and a half check.
Ok I'm completely tired right now I have done the 3 ssss's (shit, shower, & shave) and I need to get to bed, my own bed never looked so good. Good night all.

Kat here again. Just texted with Shell a few minutes ago.
They will be letting her leave sometime today. She's doing much better.

Just wanted to give you all an update and I'm sure when she gets home, she'll fill everyone in on the details of what happened and what's going to happen now, new meds, different treatment plan etc.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hey, this is Shell's friend Kat.
Shell just called me from the hospital. She was admitted for a severe allergic reaction to some of the medicine she was taking and it caused pancreatitis. She's gonna be ok, they may let her out either on Thursday or Friday.

She's completely out of it, got her hopped up on morphine and other meds.
I will you keep you posted as to her progress as i get news from her.

Please keep her in your thoughts.

We did have a good chuckle though.
We sound like our moms.
She says; "We're getting old now. We're sitting around talking about our failing body parts with everyone."
Hahah! Yeah we are girl.
Old and sounding like our moms...lmao

Love ya Shell.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

what a weekend

What a weekend I am soooo tired right no I want to go back to work to rest.
Saturday we went hunting and guess what I got one!!!! A little buck actually a button buck which means that the horns were actually little buttons less than 3 inches long So you have to tag it a doe. I had a doe tag thats why to me it didnt matter if it had horns or not. I was standing on a pole line and it came out running at the guys figure about 130-140 yards away. I hit it with one shot just in front of the hind quarters. He went down so quick in the grass that I couldnt tell if he went down or kept running. I was pretty high up and across a brook, the guys were all on the other side of the brook so they dragged it over to me so I could clean it up. We then took it to the tagging station and the butcher shop. Here is one picture for you now please if you are against hunting I'm sorry but this will feed us for 3 months easily and save us lots of money.

Today we got a call at 5:30AM from a local Police Dept figures someone hit a deer and they wanted us to come pick it up. (which we frequently do) funny thing is we could have slept in but we were both kinda awake when they called. So Ray got up and went to get the deer. We had already made plans today to remodel the bathroom, my mom and step dad were coming over at 9 to help, so I got up and started cleaning the bathroom and picking up before they got there. When Ray got back we hung the deer and made some calls for help to cut it up in the afternoon. So anyways mom played with Michael, Roland and Ray went to the bathroom and I helped our buddy Tim cut up the deer. Mark came over just in time, when mom and Roland were leaving he showed up took over for me with Tim and I went to help Ray. The bathroom came out incredible. I absolutly love it. We recased in the window put in a new mirror, and retiled the floor, peeling the old floor was a bitch we had to scrape alot of crap off of it. Here are some before and after pictures. So as you can see we had a busy but productive weekend.Sorry about the sun in the first picture thats the side it is on in the AM and as you can see it was dark out when we got done

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Finally I am starting to feel better, I have been up sick everynight since I last posted, Monday morning I called the doc and he dropped one of my meds and put me on a liquid diet have you ever done that liquid diet Sun-Thursday oh my god it sucked. I did lose 9lbs this week. I actually went to see the nurse practioner today she did more blood test 3rd one in two weeks I feel like a pin cushion She wants me to stop all my meds for a few weeks. I have to call her back on Monday and let her know how I am. I just want to get a full nights sleep, no puking, no pooping just sleep. What I wouldnt give for sleep.
At work the good news I got my new computer setup and I moved to a new desk. I am on one side of the room all by myself, I dont have a window but I have room. The desk I was at put my back to the hall and everytime someone came into the room it was over my right shoulder and I havent been able to look over my right shoulder since I broke my neck at the new desk I wont have that problem.
How boring am I the only things I have to talk about are puking, pooping and a new desk spot. Wow what a life. Oh wait I now have Kati's sweater completely knitted I have to put it together and send it to MIL and have her crochet the edges and its done. One Christmas present down, a qazillion left.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

No, deer yesterday and I got nothing done today in the yard to much rain.
I have been sick all day. I thought the new medication was helping so either its not or I have the flu. I woke up had a drink of juice and ran to the bathroom and lost it, I have also had the runs all day again, why cant I feel better. I thought I was feeling better so we ventured to Walmart, Ray had to drop me off at the door cuz I had to run to the bathroom, made it half way around and had to go again. This so sucks I couldnt even finish shopping I started sweating and told Ray I had to go outside so I left him with the cart and went in the truck. I have to go for a recheck with the doc soon maybe we can get a med that helps. Ok I go to go we finally bought an electric blanket, Ray wont use his side but I hate getting into a cold bed, and its cheaper than buying another heater so I need to go warm up the bed. See ya soon

Friday, November 04, 2005

well I survived my first week at the new job. I really like it and except for the loud guy that tells you his entire life story Everyday its not bad. Alot of paperwork so I stay busy. I only know how to do a couple of things so far and I didnt have much down time at all. There is a lady there who's husband also has crohns so when I had to go for my weekly blood test today I had someone to talk to that understood why I had to go so often. (I have to get a white blood count every week for the next couple of months) These test are to make sure my meds aren't dropping my count down to low but at the same time are helping with my problems, they seem to be so far. I still have to get some more xrays done then a follow up with the doc. I tell you I really lucked out finding a job that had no wait insurance it went into effect the day I started I can only immagine what it would have cost to Cobra my family insurance. wow.
Tomorrow we are going hunting its my turn to get a big deer so the freezer will be really full and last all winter. Sunday they say it might rain in the afternoon I want to go get an electric blanket or one of the warming blankets that you put under the sheets I dont know which is better I'll have to ask around anyone got an opinion on this? I know most of my readers live in warm weather but a few are 4seasoners like me. Ok the boys are on there way home from getting hair cuts I have to start dinner have a great weekend.