Mainiax: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

hello, hello, hello

I'm having a weird one, one day I'm on cloud 9 the next I'm moping around and dont talk to me.
I think the holidays are playing with my emotions. Last weekend was nice it was Rays first weekend off because he started his new job this week mon-fri I love it we have time to fill doing stuff. He has time and I fill it with my honey do list that is ever growing. He is such a good sport.

Last week I found out my best friends mom was having some lumps removed So I asked the church we go to if they could please send her a prayer blanket that had been blessed a couple of weeks ago they were happy to send one. Well Yesterday I was in the hospital getting my remicade treatment and who was wheeled out right next to me her mom. we were both so happy to see each other the nurses we laughing because we knew each other. I was IV'd in so she came and sat with me, and her husband and son. I had not seen Kats brother in at least 12 years, mom and dad I run into every now and then, Get this she got the blanket the night before and she was thrilled with it, dad said she slept with it that night and it couldnt have come at a better time, she had been really nervous before and it helped her. I cant wait to tell the people at church this sunday that is the exact reason we make these blankets it feels so good when the people that truly need them are helped. I have joined the prayershawl group on yahoo because I was looking for a pattern so I can make some for the church to replace the one they sent to her and to make others feel as good as she did when she received it.
lets see what else is going on,mmmm I'm doing the UVB lights for my psoriasis did I tell you that already the super tanning booth 'm in there for 40 seconds now it takes me 15 each way to get there I havent seen any difference yet I am so impatient I want it gone NOW.
I'm so busy all the time but I really dont have anything else to say, I'm sitting here waiting for a game warden to come over my house to tag the fox I shot and the coyote that Ray shot so we can bring them to the taxidermist and get the hides tanned, never thought I would invite the warden to my house if you are a hunter or have one in the family you know exactly what I'm talking about.
ok he just called and is almost here got to go Later

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


hello everyone are you all ready for thanksgiving, I am because I'm not cooking I'm going to my moms and I'm very happy with that.
well this week is flying by last Saturday Ray got another deer it was a small one but it will taste good, the only problem was our little freezer in the shed is already full so full we had a case of water on top to hold it closed,(not a bad thing) so Saturday night we went to Best buy and bought a BIG stand up freezer and it has a light, why am I excited about a light because there isnt one in the shed and everytime I went out to get something I had a flashlight between my teeth while digging into the small freezer trying to find what I wanted not fun. This new one has a big draw on the bottom I'm going to put all the hamburger in and shelves on the door for the sausage and 4 big shelves inside, can you tell how excited I am just for a freezer, I'm most happy about the fact it will be mostly full for the winter.
Michael got his report card yesterday and he did really good he got all 2's and 3's with 4 being the best and he got a couple of those too. I believe he did so good because of the note on the bottom she wrote " I can see Michael really trying but getting fustrated with distractions, I think it really helps that we have such open communication and can only see him getting better because of it" That makes the mom in me feel good.
Yesterday I started my light treatment for my psoriasis, wow is it quick I'm in there no exageration 30 second naked, then put a shirt and underwear on and get in for 30 more seconds, I really hope this helps, cross you fingers, I think she is going to take out my stitches today also, she said it looks good, I hope so they stick to my shirt and itch, The biopsy results arent back yet I wish they would hurry up I always get ansy waiting.
Tonight is my night I'm going to see the Trans-Syberian Orchestra I am taking my friend Lori, she is picking me up at work at 5, the show starts at 7:30, I cant wait we have 3rd row seats I bought them as soon as the presale started, she has never heard of them but I think she'll like it, after the show I might talk her into going out for a drink in the old port, just because.

tomorrow morning I'm going bow hunting lets fill the big freezer then we are going to my moms, this is the last weekend for gun hunting and Ray has one more permit to fill so we will be out Fri-Saturday, Now that Ray is all done the old job we will be able to spend so much more time together, he starts the new job on Monday.

knitting news: my pal did get her box she was on vaca and got it when she got home I'm glad nothing got broken.
At church last week I asked for a prayer blanket to be sent to my friend Kats mom she is having a lump removed from her breast, as soon as I get done the blanket for my friends baby I'm going to make a couple of lap blankets for the church, I would have made her one myself but I'm just not fast enough to get it done in time for her. If any of my readers want to knit a lap blanket for the church drop me a note and I'll send you the address, they just want small lap blankets nothing to big in case the person getting it is in a wheelchair.

All and all this has been a really great week.
Please have a safe and happy turkey day.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Warning long boring post ahead I’m not very interesting this week :)

Monday lets see work and tae kwon do,
Tuesday work and parent teacher conference, where along with Michaels teacher we decided to get Michael tested for add/adhd, he has been having a lot of issues that just don’t seem to be curing on their own despite out best efforts the poor little bugger is struggling, you can see him wanting to do good but he just cant focus. I had discussed it with his doctor last week and the PET test should tell us in black and white whether it’s a bored thing, just a boy thing or add/adhd. The teacher also recommended a couple of books to me. She asked would you read them if I told you their names, she doesn’t know me to well, I ordered them that night they should be here today. I called the principal Wednesday to make sure the ball was rolling on getting him tested. I can be pushy about stuff when I have to.
Wednesday guess what I found a new dermatologist and he is good and cute. He actually had me put a jonny on which the other derm never did and checked out all the areas I have psoriasis. He looked at all the cream and stuff I had with me and decided to do a biopsy on one of the spots, he said that from the biopsy he should be able to tell if this is being caused by a med reaction or just plain old psoriasis. He also wants to start light therapy next week. It some kind of natural light that treats the entire body and he thought that would really help the bad areas except my scalp because there is to much hair so I have one cream I have to stay on. When I was talking to the nurse after she said she had heard that the other derm I had seen was very impersonal and didn’t touch people and I wasn’t the first person to complain about him so that made me feel good.
After the appointment I went home and waited for Ray who went to a second interview at a company in Biddeford. And guess what he got the job its more money and mon-fri no weekends we will actually be a family again. There are no benefits but I cover the insurance he is going to start a retirement on his own. And he also signed up for a welding class in April, he said he was always interested in welding so that might be his next profession, who knows I told him he should take the class whether he got the job or not just in case he doesn’t like the job once the class is done he can look around. So Wednesday afternoon we went bow hunting for a while didn’t see anything.
Thursday I got up feeling icky brought Michael to school and went to work and all of a sudden I was sick, my stomach hurt, my head hurt and I had cramps so bad in my abdomen that I was in tears. I left work at 3 picked up Michael and went to bed, he was sooo sweet he kept saying mommy can I get you anything, I called Jamie to come over and take him to see an author that was at the school. I am soo glad that Jamie has her license and can do things for me now. I went to bed at 330 and got up at 7 for some toast and went back to bed.
Today I feel a lot better I still have a cold and headache but nothing like yesterday, I was in soo much pain I thought that I was going to the E.R. I was (this) close to calling rescue thinking it was my pancreas again but luckily it went away.
This weekend we are going hunting, the kids are going to the movies and Ray is working his last weekend yeee hawwww.

Knitting notes. My spoilee secret pal got her present according to UPS and my spoiler is sending me another present I love this pal thing. I love getting mail that’s not bills. And the best thing I am almost done the baby blanket for my friend. The only thing that stinks is I have been knitting yellow/white now for 3 months and she found out Monday she is having a girl. At least the sweater and hat can be something other than yellow.

I’ll be back after the weekend.

Monday, November 13, 2006

This looked like fun and I'm such an 80's girl. The Queensrych concert Saturday night was great they played ALL of operation mindcrime I and II plus an encore. 3 hours with one set change of 10 minutes. The show was sold out and we met a really nice couple in line then ended up sitting with them so the entire night was fun.
I'll come back later after I get done with some work stuff.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

hey look two post in one day. I was going to take a class on doing cables and got some bad news I was the only one that signed up so they cancelled. I wish I had friends that lived near me to teach me I was really dissapointed she said she could show me the basics but its not the same as taking a class once a week and getting out of the house. Maybe next time.

at least my Secret pal made my knitting day :)

When I got home today I had a wonderful present waiting for me. Thank you secret pal I got note card,mmmm chocolate, some beautiful hand dyed yarn and some for me to try dyeing.
I had to come back and show you a picture.Thanks again secret Pal.

Monday, November 06, 2006

brrr baby its chilly outside. I just came in from lunch and decided its been a week I'd better post. I uploaded the picture below Sunday and have just been to busy to type anything out.
Saturday was a good hunting day we went out at first light and at 7:10 I had three deer come down the hill towards me. I had time enough to pick the biggest one. She weighed 108 at the butcher shop. As many of you know myself and my husband hunt for food reasons, we hunt to fill our freezer so this is a good size deer to do just that.
Lets see other news, when I get out of work I am going to vote. Tomorrow we have choir practice I'm not sure if Michael wants to keep doing it or not we leave it up to him but he does spend alot of time there goofing off.
Does anyone know about add/adhd Michael has a best friend with it and his mother said we should get Mike checked out but I dont want him on meds because once they are on it they dont come off but at the same time he is very hard to settle down. I'm torn on what to think. He is just sooo moody. I have to go to my regular doc tomorrow for another pap this once every three month thing is getting old but after two clean and one not after the cryro I have to get another one to see if things have changed. I might ask him about Michael at the same time while I'm in the stirrups. Also I'm not happy with the dermatologist I'm seeing for my psoriasis. my legs are not cleaning up and my hair is still not growing the derm doesnt seem concerned but my hair is super thin and it has bald spots all over and I'm really self conscious about it. I want my thick hair back NOW.

Knitting news: nothing to report I'm still working on the baby blanket this thing is alot bigger that I thought it was going to be and the psoriasis on my hands makes anything tough to work on. the yarn catches on my dry skin.
I'm ready to send out another package to my pal all little things from Maine it might tell her where I'm from but I think she'll like it.

So I leave you with a picture of my deer. No I dont look that happy in the picture but I was happy and really, really cold, I had taken my jacket off to clean her and then washed my hands in a stream and my hands were freezing the expression is honey hurry up and take the picture so I can get my gloves and coat on. Also we took it with my cell phone its all we had with us.

Have a great week.

I just remembered I forgot to tell you I'm going to a concert Saturday night in new hampshire, I had bought Ray tickets to see queensryche for his birthday back in August and the concert is this Saturday. I cant wait they are doing Mindcrime I & II should be a good show. I'm glad I didnt have tickets to the Guns and Roses show last night in Portland they cancelled at the last minute I'm not surprised thats why I didnt buy tickets.