Mainiax: April 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006

Week in Review
Well Wednesdays remicade adventure at the hospital was soo boring. I got there at 1 they had to give me a shot of steriods just in case of an allergic reaction. Then they start the iv 2.5 hours later they take the iv out and you have to sit there for another half hour just in case. I am glad I brought my knitting. I had them tape up the iv so I wouldnt rip it out with my needles by accident. It was kinda funny where they do this at the hospital is the same place they take you to recover from outpatient surgery well by 3pm everyone was gone I was all alone. I beeped the nurse to ask her for some soda and just so she wouldnt forget me there she thought that was funny.
Michael is alot better he went back to school today, lets hope his teacher isnt ready to kill him he was so full of it this morning.
We got the kitchen floor done Saturday and we got a really good deal too. We had found some tile we like for $1. each/30 in a box. We got them in the cart and were walking around home depo when we spotted a palet of another tile mmm this doesnt look to bad it was $10. for a box of 45. so our floor cost of $30 instead of 150 we were able to get some other things for the house that was going to have to wait otherwise. The bathroom is 98% done just a little trim left on that.
The only bummer of the weekend is we brought the boat that we are keeping down to the river and it has an inboard/outboard motor which you raise when hauling. Well when we bought the boat the motor was down we watched him raise it before we brought it home. When we put it in the river the damn motor wouldn't go down which means we couldnt try out the boat. So now we have to have that fix hopefully it doesnt cost to much, the good way to look at it at least it didnt break in 3 weeks when we really want to go fishing better now than later. Tomorrow I"m going to bring it to work with me and have one of the mecanics here look at it, he said he would give it a shot.
ok its time to go home Ray is working a double so I have to bring Michael to tae kwon do for the first time in 2 weeks hopefully he didnt forget everything he knew.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Saturday morning was spent visiting a couple of friends houses first we went to Lori's house and Michael got to feed the alpacas and lamas. He thinks they are great but they aren't very petty and tend to run way if you don't have food.

Next we went to another friends and he got to play with the baby lambs they were about a week old..
Then we went to Bens house he has a baby beef cow born that morning but more important he got to play with Ben who just got home last week from Iraq. Michael was worried about him the entire time he was gone and every time he saw a solder from Maine had died he would cry thinking it was Ben he just didn't understand.So it was really good to see him.
Saturday afternoon we went to my old bosses daughters birthday party and did we ever get a party favor. He gave us an 18 foot boat, and told us to fix it up and sell it for him and we could keep whatever we made. I know we just bought the other boat last week but what the hell we went and got it last night. The trailer is better on this one than the one we have so we are going to swap the trailers and sell the other one. We should make enough to finish installing new windows in the living room and get the rest of the gear we need for our boat. I cant believe he did that it definitely pays to not burn any bridges.
Sunday we went to Mass to see Ray's grandparents I hate that ride my crohns is acting up and I had to stop every half hour to go to the bathroom. We get all the way there and guess what his mom forgot to recall them and tell them we were coming so they had plans we did hang out for a little while. Michael read a book to his great grampa then they went for a walk in the woods and came home with two jars of frog eggs that are now in a tank on my kitchen table.
While we were there Ray's sister Bridget gave us a 45 gal corner fish tank. Its really nice she gave us the stand and all. We are going to put it in the kitchen after we finish the floor this weekend, I don't want to set it up then have to take it back down in a week.

Michaels tonsils or where the tonsils were was really sore Sunday and Monday nights so yesterday Ray brought him in for a recheck. He was complaining that his ears were bothering him and that's not like him at all but the doc said the pain was just radiating from his throat and nothing was wrong and this should be the worse day of it all cuz the scabs fell off and everything was tender in there.

Today I have to go into the hospital for an iv infusion the doc decided that the was to go next was Remicade for my crohns its very expensive so they don't do it unless nothing else works and that's my case I'm so tired of pooping I know to much info but its my blog.I brought my knitting with me so I would have something to do while I was there they doc said I should see results by the second treatment which is in two weeks then I go in 6 weeks then after I go every 8 for who knows how long So I get this to look forward to but if it works I don't care. Actually its better than taking 8 pills a day in my opinion.
Well I better get back to work I've been screwing off long enough I just cant wait to get out of here. Later.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Michael did wonderful he got a little nervous just before they put the mask on and within an hour after he wanted to play uno and was complaining of being hungry. I took a picture of him with my camera phone and I cant get the damn thing to send it to me I'll figure it out later. He as a real trooper all the nurses thought he was great but we already knew that.

Now with other news I got my Package from my Secret Pal. Her name is Erin and I love what she sent. I got homemade needle holders with Elk and bears on it. and some alpaca yarn and some sock yarn and a candle and a little knitting book. I love it Erin and no I resisted opening your card until after I got the package so I wouldnt ruin the surprise. So thank you very much you have made Secret Pal a great success for me.
Monday I had gotten another surprise my friend Kat send me some really pretty earings. I love blue and she sent the birthstone for Dec which is a light blue.
I got spoiled twice this week by friends, Ray got his boat and I won some dr seuss books on ebay for michael so lets hope the week continues to go this good but MIL is coming on Thursday so its bound not to last LOL

Monday, April 10, 2006

just a quick update. Tomorrow Michael gets his tonsils out he is in good spirits mommy is nervouse but we wont tell him that. Today Ray got to pick up the boat finally he is soo excited its cute.
I'm sorry this is just a fly bye I'll try to post when we get home tomorrow and let you know how everything went.

oh Secret Pal now I'm starting to wonder still no box as of today I'm sorry I'll let you know as soon as it gets here I promiss.

no good news on the knitting front I have been so busy I havent had much time to work on my red sweater I have 22 rows of the left front done and thats it I dont want to mess it up especially since its for me so I only work on it when I can devote full attention to it. I have made a couple of face cloths lately no thought required there.
I am half way thru my int. spinning class and I love it we learned about spinning silk caps thats kinda weird and cool at the same time you definatly dont want to mess with silk caps with dry hands just trust me if you dont understand.

Got to go I'll check in tomorrow.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have water!!

We got the shower going Tuesday night around 8pm we were sooo tired that we each took showers then collaped in bed I think I was sleeping before my head hit the pillow. and why is it when that happens you are awake every 20 minutes all night. Yesterday when I got home I gave Michael a nice tubby and we all went to bed early again well after idol.
Today I have to call the hospital and do all the pre-admit stuff for Michael. This weekend Ray has an archery shoot at the club and I'm going try and get the house clean and finished. I want this to be done like yesterday. Anyone that has done a home project knows what I mean. I'm at work right now and I just remembered that I forgot to let you all know we got the shower going its not pretty yet but its functional.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Well its Tuesday Im not at work today to much to do. We are waiting right now for my stepdad to come over so we can finish the bathroom I sooo need a shower right now. This morning we went to the tonsil doc with Michael he is getting them out next Tuesday around noon she only does the surgeries in the afternoon with the youngest patient first and right now he is the youngest to go. Then he gets to stay home for the next two weeks. We will be splitting the time up between all the grandparents the first week and the second week his big sister Jamie has off from school so she can watch him for us.
Think the help is here I'll take some finished pictures later. See ya

edit note: Can I cry now the fucken tub it too low to the floor so it wont drain so the guys have to run to get wood which we were NOT planning on having to do and we have parent/teacher conference today at 2;45 michael has dance at 5;30 and I want a fucken shower. ahhhhhh. at this point I'm not sure how its all going to look when they are done but I dont care as long as the thing is in and I'm soo mad the guy at the store he said it would fit but he cant know where every drain pipe is and now I'm going to have to paint the entire bathroom again I thought I would get away not having to paint but no the surround is going to leave a gap now and I dont have enough of the old paint to cover it. I'm sorry the guys just left and I needed to vent I'll try to come back later.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Never say it cant get much worse cuz it can. ah man remember a few months ago I posted pictures of my newly redone bathroom guess what its not so nice anymore. We have to tear out the entire bathroom and I'm talking tub shower and all well the counter so far can stay we'll see. What happened is this we put down this nice new tile after taking up all the old floor and within a week water starting coming up from the crack. We were both like mmm maybe michael splashed in the tub or its from out showers and didnt think any more of it. The other morning I'd had enought the water had seaped thru all the tiles into the hall this is a little more that shower water. So at 5am I took up with no effort all the new tiles, it took 3 towels to soak up the water I was ugly by now. When Ray got home we took the face off the tub dont ask its a mobile home and the tub comes apart. We see where its been dripping of course its from one of the pipes in the back of the shower but if that was the only issue no big deal but we got mold yuck my stepdad says its not the super bad kind but bad enough that all the wood has to come out. Which means the tub and shower, we have to see how far it spread we have to put a new floor and take all the insulation out from under the house so it doesnt rot. Talk about alot of work I took some before picts but ray took the camera fishing with them so I cant load them till later. Today I'm going to my first intermediate spinning class then all the way to oxford cuz its the ONLY place in this entire state that carries a 27x54 inch bathtub we have to room to put in a full sized tub I really wish we did but nope no luck there either. I told the guy at the place that has them you got this market cornered dont you he just laughed.
Last night we had a great night thank to Sheri we tried a new resturaunt in Wells that neither one of us had ever been to called the steak house wow she was right that place is to die for after you get over the hour wait. I cant imagine the line in the summer holy cow. Ray got the duck with raspberry sauce and I got the shrimp/ steak combo and we shared both meals. The duck was just as good as the steak.mmmmmm When I told a woman at work we were going to try it out she said why special occasion, I'm like nope its to start the next week of our bathroom in hopes of us not killing each other before its done. LOL

list to do do:
go to spinning class
go pick up the tub/shower
tear out everything from the bathroom
empty out Jamies room ( the pipe access is in the back of her closet)
-- strip the insulation from under the house
Mon --
got to work at 4am to get time cards done before leaving for docs
(end of months stuff has to be done by 9am)
go from my cervix recheck from the cancer scare last summer 2 more left.
Get supplies wood, pipes etc
Tues --
take michael to the throat doc for consult on tonsils
--bring michael to school so we have some quiet
--attempt to put my bathroom back together cross your fingers for us.

of course friday I have an appointment with the gastro doc for a recheck that I will litterly have to run to on my lunch break the guy I work next to is taking friday off cuz I'm taking Tuesday and guess what Michaels parent/teacher conference is Friday at 2 I wont be able to go again. The last one was on the day that I got admitted to the hospital in Oct. Just my luck again. Damn it.

Ok I need to get this show on the Road try to have a good weekend as you can see I'm gonna be pretty busy around here. No knitting for me this weekend.