Mainiax: May 2005

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

here are a couple more picts from our fishing trip. Not much going on around here I had to call my regular doc today my back is still sore its been over a month I want it looked at before I go for the other test. Lets see how long it takes to get a call back this time.
the first picture is my darling husband and the second one is our buddy Billy filleting one of the fish we caught. I cant say enough what a great weekend we had but I'm still tired and its was still worth it.

oh I almost forgot when we had all that rain the last few weeks I got sent this I thought it was funny and wanted to share with all of you.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

what a good weekend

We had a great time fishing with Rays buddy Billy we got to his house around 5 on friday hung out watched the Red Socks and Bill told us to take a nap we were going out at 1am
we got to the boat at 1:30 and fished till 10am we caught 3 good size fish and a bunch of little ones I think between the 3 of us we caught 32 fish that night. Yesterday we hung around the farm took naps and did alot of nothing most of the day we went to bed at 9 and this time got up at 12 to catch the tide a little earlier and it paid off bigtime. Ray caught a 43.8 lb fish and I caught one that was about 35 (its in the picture below) that we thru back in we kept 3 others that Ray and I caught. A couple of pictures of those are below.The one of me was at 430 am thats why its dark and fuzzy.
Then we got into a school of smaller fish then oh my god did we catch fish we were using live herring as bait and fishing the bottom 90 feet below us. Ever try to real a fish in out of 90 feet of water What a workout my arms were shaking but I refused to say a word Billy loves when people say they are tired or anything like that he just uses it for ammo to pick on you he is still a great guy its just how he is. We came home with 6 huge fillets that we cut into 1lb packages and brought home 3 lobsters so I bet you can guess what we had for dinner tonight. Michael was great for his sister all weekend so no complaintes there tho he has been a little shit since we got home must be punishment for not taking him with us. I'll post more pictures tomorrow didnt want to put them all up at once. As you can tell it was freezing out there I had 2 sweatshirts a turtle neck and a t-shirt on under my jacket and rain pants. When we got in it was almost 70 inland I think I sweat 20 lbs off just trying to get all the layers off when we got back to dock. Ray seems to never get cold, I am ok till my neck gets cold then I'm all done so I'd rather bundle up and be more safe than sorry its easier to take layer off if you got them. The water was nice and calm both nights so I am not complaining but man do I have windburn on my face.
I am soo ready for bed I took an hour power nap before picking up Michael but thats it since midnight. Yawn. night alll
. .

Thursday, May 26, 2005

I got an appointment for fucken July 11 @ 1pm can you believe that July. I did talk to them tho and if there is a cancellation they are gonna call me at work. Their office is less than 2 miles from my work. I talked to my boss and he said if they call I can take a quick shower and go. He is the only one at work that knows what is going on I told him I didnt want the gossip hounds to know what was happening till I had an answer I dont want to be questioned and hounded till I know the anwers myself.

oh and whats with the u suck comment I got if you got balls enought to type that grow some bigger ones and put your name on it too.

We are leaving tomorrow at noon for the weekend. Michael is going to his sisters and we are going fishing in Mass with Ray's friend Billy. He already has a bunch of big fish on the derby boards I just hope we catch some fish since we are going out in the rain. We will be home Sunday night so I'll be around then if I'm not to tired. We are gonna fish all night and sleep in Bill's son wyatts room during the day. Thats my plans for the holiday what are yours.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Not a good day

Well I finally got a call from the doc. Ok wait I'll start at the beginning Michael, Jamie and I all have a type of egsima (sp) on our arms so I called the docs secretary and asked who he usually refers people to for a dermatologist and I said Kathy do you mind putting a bug in his ear and tell him for my own peace of mind I need to know what the test says I'm afraid I got lost in his pile again.

So tonight my cell rings. Its doc he said he just got the results this week and they are inconclusive. I need to go in for a cervical colposcopy it could be nothing or it could be something. If it is something its really early or it would have been completely positive. So his nurse is gonna set it up tomorrow for sometime soon he said it isn't a big deal more a just in case procedure. I'm thinking dude your not the one thats gonna be in sturrups with a microscope in you. I guess it pays to be a bitch and keep pestering them. I'll let you know when its gonna be. I'm really nervous expecially when I read one of the symtoms is persistant lower back pain and my back pain still hasnt gotten any better and we never did figure out what was causing it.(my boss finally got me a new chair monday)

my dad just battled prostate cancer less than a year ago, they had to remove his entire prostate but he is now cancer free. So now I'm like ok it runs in my family now and my test came back abnormal twice wtf not like I dont have enough worries. ok I'm going to watch idol I have such bad luck lately I dont want to think about this anymore tonight. have a good night all

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I'm done!!!!!

I finally finished my moms poncho its the martha stewart one everyone was talking about that she wore when she got out. It was gonna be a mothers day present but its just a little late. I hope my mom likes it. As you can tell its STILL raining out.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

hey you'll never believe this its raining and the forcast for the next weeks is RAIN!!! KAT want to move back yet?

otherwise we had a home bound weekend. We ran around with Michael yesterday then came home and haven't left since. Ray went and picked up a couple of groceries and I slicked off and redid Michaels computer. it is a very old system and very slow so I only put kiddy games on for him and links to Disney, Nick and PBS they have free games that are almost as good as the ones we've bought.
hope everyone out there that is sick feels better soon and keep it wherever u are I dont want it.:)

Friday, May 20, 2005

Is it just me or when surfing around this past week nomatter where in the world you are everyone seems to be sick. Either with a cold, the flu or just really ucky feeling. I myself am a little stuffy but feeling better. Hope everyone else gets well soon too.

Michael did very well on his testing today for school so we took him fishing after. The first place we went I dont think it had fish in it. Then we went up the road to this little pond and we got a little more that a shitload of junk fish, perch, pickeral, sunfish and even a bullfrog. We had fun till the black flys came out they arent biting yet but there are so many they drive you insain.The black fly is the Maine State bug. When we got home I found a tick on my side it hadn't sunk in yet but of all bugs these are the ones I HATE more than any bug out there. My darling came to my rescue and took it off me and flushed it. Now I'm gonna have the heeby jeebys all night feeling like I got some bug crawling on me. yuck.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Big TMI post

Since I'm on a role do I tell you my husband is coming out of his shell. The few that know me know that I'm not shy at all. Sexually I like to have fun, one of my good friends told me once I must have a magic bug because guys that I would just want to play with would fall in love with me. I like it rough, I like it gentle I just really enjoy it but I need passion.
Now Ray on the other hand has always been reserved that is his only big fault. Not that it makes him bad in any way it’s not the reason I fell in love with him but it has been a cause of problems for me. I've had the urge to stray I needed more and I wasn’t getting it. I needed to feel more. I have looked at other men I have flirted and I have wanted but I never did anything about it and now I'm glad I behaved and waited this out. I have talked to him about it more than once and I have cried about it more than once and FINALLY it is paying off. We had probably the most intense sex the other night and I can say I think I love him even more. Shit if I had known this I would have taken the toy out to make him jealous along time ago. No we didn’t use the toy but maybe him thinking I was he realized that I wasn't lying about my feelings. I don’t know I don’t care but it worked.

Ok now the rest of my week has been pretty boring STILL haven't heard from the doc so I have to assume that all is ok or he would have called. Michael has kindergarten testing tomorrow and then we are going to take him fishing. Saturday we have tae kwon do then T-Ball and I want to go shoot my bow after I miss it. For me it is a form of Stress relief and right now I need to destress in the worse way.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

there is absolutely nothing going on with me this week so far. I have the sniffles, T-ball got cancelled cuz you'll never believe this its raining again. I still havent gotten any results from the doc. I did try to call him today to tell him that my back isn't getting any better and if they get a cancellation I would like to see him. Other than that I'm just a boring blob. Oh I did find this little Star Wars thingy. Have a good day!!!

Star Wars Horoscope for Sagittarius

You are superbly wise and have been known to spread your wisdom widely.
You are impatient and pushy when people take your teachings too lightly.
And your philosophical side always peeks through.

Star wars character you are most like: Yoda

I did forget to tell you I had a panic attack this morning this is probably TMI but its to funny not to share. My hubby is not the most romantic man so a few years ago I bought myself a toy not that I use it much but its nice to have well I alway keep it in my underwear draw. This morning I'm putting away cloths and ITS GONE now remember my son is 4 I panic oh my god how long has it been missing, did he find it where would he put it. I'm dying of embarrassment at this point I have to call Ray. God he is gonna think I was gonna use it , dont care what if Michael has it in his toy box. So I call Ray's cell he starts cracking up I'm like Ray this is NOT funny he says yes it is Its under my side of the bed I took it like 3 weeks ago while u were in the shower and was gonna see if we could take it out after you got done but I fell asleep and forgot it was there. I'm like you what!!!! he has never offered to do anything like this I mean NEVER so it had never even occured to me to look there. So anyways all night tonight he is like so why did you really notice it was moved. Hey it could be worse maybe he will get jealous of it and give me the real thing baby. Ok I'm sure your either laughing your ass off at me or totally discusted so I"m gonna end this right here.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

weekend overview

The kids got up early Saturday like real early I made them all crepes and we went to the fishing derby. Again the other kids were angels mine eeerrrr. Jacks mom met us there with a friend of hers. Now mind u I have nothing against people from out of state but if I had heard I'm a city girl I don't know what u all see in this. This is boring, bitch bitch bitch. Then her kid gets called for a prize they draw names every 10 minutes or so for little prizes they are nothing fancy, her kid picks this cool little bubble blower and she completely slammed him saying I don't know why u picked that its garbage and I don't want garbage at my house your taking it to your dads. He was so happy with it when he got back and she kept at him. They were giving out gift certificates for a fun park he has a season pass to and she tells him u should have taken that u could have brought a friend there instead of picking something you could have gotten in the dollar store. The kid finally starts crying and asked her can I go trade she like NO you can not u keep your garbage now u picked it. I so wanted to hit this bitch and tell her to smarten up. Ray had moved down away from us cuz she annoyed him so much. Finally after the 10th time she says "I'm cold" her son said mom can I go to dads for the rest of the day. Thank god, poor kid.

Then there is always on dad that's an ass at an event like this. Its a kids 14 and under fishing derby. This guy is fishing with a lure and caught like 4 fish while his kid is playing 2 feet from a guardrail and the road. Then has the kid bring them to register. The kid NEVER touched the pole not once. So me being me and having already delt with the Bitch quietly couldn't keep my mouth shut. He hooks another fish and I holler over So you gonna let the kid real this one in. He starts in with me what the f is you problem no mind you every adult near us had been talking about him. He yells this in front of all the kids. Hes like u jealous u haven't caught any. I'm like nope I don't care If I catch a fish its not about the parents fishing its about the kids that's the difference between u and me. He says well my kid is tired of fishing so I"m helping him then a dad next to me says well if your kid doesn't want to fish anymore go home. The guy yells over hey Bitch mind your damn business. Another dad tells him to watch his mouth then he makes his kid come back to him as he put it to shut the bitch up and make her happy. His wife pregnant with a cig hanging out of her mouth never said a word. We all cringed when the ash from the cig falls on the kids head then he said something to her and she backhanded him upside the head. I hope these people have the kind of neighbors that turn them in to someone if they treat there kids like that at home. Then to top it all off the kid gets a trophy for the most fish and he never caught one. I so wanted to say something when they were giving the trophies out but the kid looked happy like he did something good for his daddy. I wonder who's shelf the trophy will be on.
Yesterday afternoon Ray being the nice guy told Michael if he took a nap he would take him someplace so he can actually catch a fish and they did. I had supper ready when they got him so they day ended good.
Today Ray had a shoot at the club Michael and I went up for awhile I finally had time to shoot my bow and get some site marks done. If felt good to shoot but my back is still killing me so I didn't overdo it. Just shot enough to keep my muscles in shape. Now I'm watching TV with Michael and just gonna veg till Ray gets home.

Friday, May 13, 2005


OK I'm done I had to get that out of my system. I got "THE LETTER" from the other job I applied for and I'm ugly I so wanted this job I did the follow up call and everything. What is soo wrong that I cant even get an interview. damnit I so want to sit here and just cry my eyes out but I am the tough one I dont cry right. Not like anyone would notice anyways Ray is already sleepy its past his bedtime. He is there for me in the "in the house sense" but that isn't how I need him right now I need him to be the its gonna be ok guy. I can dream cant I.
So maybe by Monday I'll hear from the doc. God damnit this sucks.

on another note the kids are all here Michael's two friends are being great they eat all there pizza then we went out for Ice cream and they were polite little angels. My son on the other hand has become the child from hell.He has the I wants and isn't listening at all we say no and he throws a fit all out kicking and screaming "your mean parents" I so want to trade him in right now. He just thru his game boy game and we tore the room apart looking for it. All three boys saw where it hit but we cant find it anywhere I think the bed ate it. This is the second time he has lost it because he was mad and had a fit and thru it. Last time we found it and made him be good for a week and told him we would buy a new one. Then we took the old one out of the bag he never new it was the same one.
So now its 2 hours past his bedtime and I can hear them talking they are gonna be cranky tomorrow at the fishing derby.

Did I tell you my sink broke yesterday. The hose for the sink started spraying all over it had a crack in it bad. So I call my uncle up and he has one at his work well my darling hubby was gonna fix it and do dishes before I got home. He forgot the piece in my truck at lunch and said he would fix it later, welll later became later then later finally I say well how are we gonna eat in the morning without dishes done. He came home napped and did nothing all afternoon so yes I'm being a smart ass. So I go out and get the piece in the truck he takes the old one out after stalling another half hour. And guess what its the wrong fucken piece oh joy and now where my uncle works isn't open till Monday So I run up to the hardware store they closed over an hour ago. So we now have to carry dishes to the other end of the house to the bathroom and clean up enough for breakfast.

oh did I tell you happy Friday the 13th not like I believe in that stuff but after today maybe I should.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I really have absolutely nothing to post about no results, no letters or calls.Rays doc appointment went ok he got some new meds for his asthma. The boys are coming over tomorrow night and we have the fishing derby Saturday. If anything new comes up I'll let u know till then I'm just Miss Boring. ((yawn))

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Finally I can post blogger has been acting up and I haven't been able to post yesterday or today. I think it is part of my bad luck lately. I still haven't gotten any results or anything I did call the docs office yesterday and asked for about the results she said it takes 7-10 days for them to come in, and she will keep an eye out for it. ITS BEEN 10 DAYS ALREADY AAAHHH.
Ray has to go to the docs tomorrow cuz of his asthma so he is gonna put a bug in his ear while he is there. (we all have the same doc)
We went to T-ball practice yesterday and it was finally nice out so nice that the black flys and skeeters were out in full force. I had some spray from last year in my truck I must have sprayed half the kids on the team. One thing that that bothered me is the guys from parks and rec dropped a bag of helmets and balls and the t on the ground then they hung out and talked in the middle of the field and never once came over and asked if anyone needed any help. I called parks today and asked whats up? The guy in charge is cool and we had a good talk. The teams are pretty much run by the parents for practice and the coaches help during games. Which they didn't do last Saturday. But at least now we wont expect it. Ray and one of the other dads pretty much ran the practice and last game wonder what they will do Saturday when we will all be at the fishing derby.
ok I have to go and I have to say thank you to a couple of really cool guys Dan and Eric these two have been good for me lately they have really been helping me keep my chin up with everything that is going on lately.

Monday, May 09, 2005

No call from the doc No call from the job just a no call kinda day around here. So I just dont have any info. No gnus is good gnus with Gary Gnu. or something like that.
Ok I'll post more tomorrow I hope.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy mothers day to me!!!

Hey guess what its Raining what a surprise 3 days in a row again. But on a good note I concurred the whoopie pies Kat's mom said to add a cup of flour to the cake mix to thicken it and it worked fine, nice big fat whoopie pies.
We went around visiting today to meme's and my moms for mothers day brought them cards. I made them on the computer after seeing the prices at Rite Aid I don't think I will ever pay for cards again the good ones are all 4-5 dollars for a piece of paper wow. We have been watching star wars movies all day nothing else on and the race was last night.
Michael and Ray got me a card and Michael made me a cool paper flower in school so I have had a good so far. I wonder if my daughter will call today. I brought her to get her grandma a card yesterday and she came to Michaels t-ball game with us and today she hasn't even called me;(

The t-ball game was a riot some of the kids were running the bases the wrong way some didn't run, When the ball got hit everyone ran for it even the hitter. I think the parents did nothing but laugh the entire time.They held the game in the JR. High gym cuz of the rain hopefully Tuesday it will be dry enough out for them to practice.

To all moms that visit Happy Mothers Day to you.

Friday, May 06, 2005

its friday smile :)

Have you ever gotten one of them letters u know the ones. Thank you for applying we had many qualified applicants and cant interview them all but we will keep your application on file for 6 months. Well I did yesterday. I had applied for 2 jobs with this town in two different departments and they were accepting applications till a certain date each. The letter I got was the first date to end and the second is the job I really want anyways. So lets see if I got this letter on Thursday I should hear about the other one by next Thursday. I hope its not in a letter form but with a phone call asking me to come in for an interview.
Last night we went to a parent info night at the school Michael will go to for kindergarden he got to see some of the teachers but it went past 7 which is his bedtime so by the end he was getting cranky I hope they dont think he is like that all the time. He is getting excited already the first day of school is August 30th or around then.
Tomorrow we were gonna go to tae kwon do then the fishing derby but I got a call today and the derby is getting postponed due to rain AGAIN. We were going to have to miss T-ball tomorrow for the derby but we got a call from the team mom they found a gym to have the game at so he will get to do tae kwon do this week he is being tested for his next belt and .Then next week we will just do the fishing derby. Michael has a couple of friends that are both his age that have never fished I cant see that but I guess every family has there own hobby. Ray decided to volunteer us to take the two of them overnight next Friday and take the other boys to the derby with us. He said we have to get the little ones to appreciate nature now or we might never get them too. That should be an interesting day.

And still no word from the doc is that a good thing how long does it take a test to come back? If there was a problem the lab would rush the results to the doc right? I hope its nothing thats why I havent heard. I might end up back at the docs next week anyways my back is still bothering me it hasnt gone away at all of course the boss hasnt gotten me a new chair yet either and I am hoping that is the problem.

Ok we promissed the boy ice cream so we are got to go NOW!!! He says. got to love em"

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ok I cant take it

I know it has only been two days but I want to know what the test says I have never had any test besides when I broke my neck show anything so this is killing me. I need to just here it was nothing have a good day.

On a good note I am now offically a Notery Public for the state of Maine. Well I will be at 8:30 am tomorrow. I got the paper work all set ordered my embosser I just need to be sworn in tomorrow morning. I got it primarily because the job I applied for required it but I can also use it for fish and game stuff so its not a waste of money. So when I found out what time I was going I called the job I applied for to check on the status of my resume and to let her know that I now had my notery public certificate. She said she would be glad to put a note on my resume and they have started going over all the applications this week and will be calling people next week to come in for interviews. She was very nice to talk to so I have crossed my fingers even harder to just get an interview and then go from there.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Thank you Kat for contacting mom about the whoopie pies I'll try that next time. Glad you got your stuff in the mail already for once it didnt take 2 weeks.

Michael is spending the night at meme's they were going to happy dragon his favorite for supper.Ray and I had a board meeting tonight.
But first today I went for my retest on my pap cuz my last results had some things that weren't right. The doc isn't worried but like he said you can never be too safe. Now the I do have to say that he hurt me this time. I was climbing backwards up the table. Girls you know what I mean. I told him and he says I just want to get a good sample. He better have cuz there is no way Ray is getting any nookie tonight now.
Ok I am beat and am going to bed.
thanks again Kat.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

flat whoopie pies :(

Ok any cooks out there. I find a whoopie pie recipe it says to use regular cake mix and put spoonfuls on a cookie sheet cook for 10 minutes. So I did and they came out as thin as my crepes what did I do wrong. I wanted big fat whoopie pies and I could not figure out how to get them that way. So besides making them completely from scratch does anyone know what to do different.
I make my cookies from scratch but was looking for a quick snack. They were still edible, Ray and Michael didnt seem to care they tasted ok but just not what I was looking for.

Another soppy Sunday

What is with this rain this is the worse spring I remember in a looong time. We got up this morning and I made the boys crapes (sp) flat thin pancakes. It wasn't raining at that time so Ray asked if I minded him and Michael going fishing with our friend Mark. Nope go boys mommy needs a break anyways. So I'm sitting here working on my moms poncho. I'm gonna make a ham later nothing better on a nice rainy Sunday and besides we had it in the freezer from the last pig we bought so it wont cost anything and that is a good thing.
So that is my day how is yours going.