Mainiax: March 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hello hello,
the cold is much better thank you.
this last week has been quite interesting. I did complain about my co worker and the HR person did come up from Mass and talk to him. Let me just say that it has been really quite in this room since then.
Michael is doing alot better the doc switched him to an adhd patch and as far as we can see its working, but of course his teacher is out this week at a funeral so we dont have her imput on it.
Michael also did really good at his tae kwon do testing he got two more stripes towards his blue belt, and did great on his form in front of everyone.
There are a couple of pictures below. Also there is a picture of a scarf I just finished I'm really proud of this one I spun it and knit it and it took forever but it came out great.
On other knitting news I made a great trade on Knitty. There is a book I've wanted forever and its now out of print, I met someone on there that had it so I bought her this new book she wanted in exchange for the book I wanted. I cant wait to get it.
What else is going on mmmm nothing really Michael has choir tonight and this weekend looks kinda mello. Next couple will be crazy we are driving to Mass the day before Easter to visit the family.
I'll do another post when I actually do something interesting.

oh I almost forgot I started on the most expensive sweater I'll ever own and I hope I have enough yarn, I have had it for over a year and have been scared to start in case I mess up the other night I finally said ok I'm ready. So wish me luck I'll keep you posted on the progress. I just started the back Sunday night.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My cold has officially won. I have lost my voice almost completely I squeak and when I try more than a few words then I start coughing so hard I can't breath. Funny thing is the rest of me feels fine just everything from the shoulders up is screwed. Michael was up all night with me coughing I wonder how he is doing today he went to school I thought they would call today for sure but they didn't so hopefully he is OK. We go to the doctors tomorrow at 3pm to get checked out again. Ray came home yesterday cold and feverish so he might come with us tomorrow. hopefully we are all better for the weekend.
I'm just glad I can type.

Kat quit laughing me NOT talking is NOT that funny.

hey everyone go congratulate Isabel and Ryan on there new baby boy David. He is a real cutie.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well this is starting off to be another fine week, I’ve been sick as hell all weekend, coughing, sore throat the works. Yesterday I noticed my glands in my neck were swollen and the pain was traveling up to my ear.
But the pig head that I am decided to go to work today since I input all of our divisions timecards for payroll on Mondays. And wouldn’t you have it my wonderful co partner had to start in right away. It was nice Friday after the shit on Thursday he didn’t speak to me at all on Friday. Well this morning I took a call for him and the tec. asked how I was feeling because I didn’t sound to good. I told him I have a cold but I’m here so I transfer to call to my co-worker and after he answers he said “yeah she’s always sick with something” I lost it I told him that was enough I’m putting an end to this I’m tired of all the comments it is not needed. So next I called our HR guy and made a complaint he is coming up from Mass to speak to him. I told him I feel bad but I’ve had enough so he asked why haven’t you talked to *** my direct boss, well last year when this same stuff was happening I did and for my review I was told I need to try and get along with the person better. Me had to try not him like it was my fault.
He must know something is up because he hasn’t spoken to me since doesn’t break my heart.
So after this happens I called my doctor and finally some luck he had a cancellation in 30 minutes could I make it. You bet your ass I drove like hell to get there for the time they said then had to wait another 20 min to get seen. He said I didn’t have strep I gagged on the stick, but my glands were really swollen in my throat no shit they hurt like hell. He thinks its something bacterial so he gave me some antibiotics and some cough syrup and told me to take the day off and sleep but I didn’t I came back to work. Hey don’t want to fan the flames here and make them right, until this is over I will be here no matter what if I can help it. I have to see him again on Wednesday with Mike to check how his meds are doing and he is going to check my glands again then.

So how is that for a Monday.

Edit @ 3:30: like I said its a Monday I just got a call from Mike's principal apparently this med is not going to work from him he is doing good with it except for one not so minor problem when you correct him now he gets very VERY angry. I guess today he got mad and crawled under his desk and the teacher had to get the principal to get him out and have a talk with him she said this is not our sweet little michael so tomorrow and wednesday we are not going to give him any meds at all until we get to see the doc in the afternoon. I would rather have him not pay attention then to get angry like that.
My day cannot get any better can it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I know I haven’t posted in awhile but nothing really has been going on. Same old family stuff cub scouts, tae kwon do, junior choir, knitting and spinning same old, same old. We did get a new bed with our income taxes but that isnt to exciting.
I have a bunch of pictures to download off my camera and then put up but that’s for another day.
Today I have a couple of vents I realllly need to get off my chest.

First is my daughter what is it with teenagers that makes them such asses. Last week we heard we would be getting the money that my papa left the grand kids and great-grandkids, ok that’s great we weren’t thinking it was ever going to happen so of course last week I bought my daughter a laptop. She said her dad was going in half with me and would pay me by next month ok. I bought it believing her. Well I talk to him later in the week and he said I never told her that I told her it would be awhile before I could come up with the money. So that started it, she called me Thursday night and asked if I had my check yet, Nope why “well I need a new phone” ok that is fine, my meme called me later and said the person that was writing the check told her she got a call from my daughters grandmother that she lives with telling her to write the check to her since she raised J. NOT so I called and said to make the check out to J or her dad as she might have a hard time cashing it since she doesn’t have a bank account. Well Saturday we had the pine wood derby to go to with Mike and then were going to drive 2 hours to get new windows for the house. I get a call from Jamie that she got her check and would be over to watch Mike while we drove up after she went and bought a new phone, I’m like ok J. just don’t blow the money ok that is all there is and I asked if her dad was holding it she said very smartly No its my money I can spend it on what I want. I was like ok whatever its not worth fighting over. Ten minutes later I get a call from her dad asking what the F I just said to J. I’m like what are you talking about, now remember I’m at the cub scout thing watching Mike and am now being yelled at. He said listen I don’t appreciate you telling people that mom is a drunk and I’m a burnout. I said what the hell are you talking about then he said well J better get all the money she had in the will. “what will?” he says didn’t you go with your father and meme to read the will last week. I’m like no meme went to do the taxes and that’s it. This is all the money we are getting as far as I know. I get the whole that’s not what I heard routine. Boy is she going to be disappointed when there is nothing left and all she has to remember her papa by is a cell phone. So anyways we get home and wait for her to come watch Mike, she never showed, we drove up to get the windows and hurried back as we were All surposed to go to dinner at my moms and see my aunt that is up from Florida. I kept calling and texting her nothing, I call her dad and says I’ll get her, he never called back not a word so we went to dinner without her. I still haven’t talked to her this week she hasn’t called one. Ray and I were talking I think she is trying to play her dad and me against each other for some reason now that she has everything she wants.

Enough about her my good child is doing good on his new ADHD meds its really made a difference in tae kwon do this week he had testing and got two more stripes towards his blue belt. He didn’t win at the pine wood derby but he had fun.

Now the real rant, I’m at work and I’m ugly. The jerk I sit next to started with one of his I’m funny but only to myself things today. I got a bonus for signing something up its for 25 then after taxes it was $15 whole dollars. So I said jeesh what can I buy for 15 dollars and the jerk says not much you eat 15 dollars an hour don’t you. I’m like WHAT he said I don’t know if I would rather feed you or cloth you, you are eating all day everyday.
I got pissed and just walked away before I cococked him. I have a friggin disease where if I don’t eat small meals all day everything goes thru me and I get sick, I’m over weight so what at least I buy my own food and don’t eat everyones leftovers and complain all day about being hungry until someone else gives him food. I’m so mad I could scream.
About an hour later he came back and said sorry I was making a joke, I didn’t except it I told him I don’t think it was very funny at all. Go away.

So that is my news. Mike isn’t feeling well today I’m really hoping the school does call so I can go home and spend the day with him out of this place its noon now I don’t think its going to happen so I’m stuck here stirring.

Hope you are having a better week than me.