Mainiax: April 2005

Saturday, April 30, 2005

T-Ball Take Two

We did we survived T-ball with no tears he did really good. We were so proud. He did really good at Tao kwon do too he has always had a good kick and he nocked his teacher right on his butt I wish I was there to see it. Of course the teacher played it up but Michael was happy and proud either way. Next week we are gonna miss both cuz there is a fishing derby in town that we take him too every year and he asked if he can do the derby instead of play ball and since it is only once a year we said it was up to him.
Its raining out again that is nothing new so we are just gonna hang at home the rest of today and probably tomorrow if the sun doesn't come out. I'll be around to visit later I am going to attemp whoopie pies for my boys.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Is it Friday yet?

This week has draaaggged sooo slow and I have to work tomorrow morning. No word yet about the jobs I applied for. One of them is open for applications till 5 today so I am going to wait till next week some time and do the follow up call. Ray isn't going to take the job he went for an interview with today they offered him 6-9 at night 5 nights a week for a joke 8.50 an hour. He could stay at his current job and this one but he would be too tired and we would never see each other so we decided together that its not a good idea at this time and hope that I get one of the jobs I applied for. We both have jobs so there is no hurry we are just always looking for better with better beni's and no weekends is that too much to ask for.
Today at work was just screwy I had to ask is it a full moon tonight cuz I think all the loonies are out. Now that I am home I don't dare go out I'm afraid the day will end on a bad note I'm just gonna go to bed early.
Tomorrow while I'm at work Ray is going to bring Michael to Tao kwon do in the morning then we have T-ball at 2 I'll keep you posted on how he does we already told him that daddy is not going out with him this time he has to do it on his own and he seems fine we'll see.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

T-Ball Tuesday

Well Michael had his first T-ball practice tonight that was interesting. We get there he's fine some of his friends are there from school. Then they all sit on the floor and listen to the coach. The coach says ok get your mitts we are gonna practice some things and Michael freaks I mean freaks Ray had to take him outside for a minute and was all ready to take him home. I put my foot down no we are not going to give in to him he said he was scared and wanted us to play with him. We tried to explain that we weren't leaving but that wasn't good enough. So Ray brought him back in and we made him pay attension even tho he was crying. Ray passed with him instead of playing with another kid but by the end he was fine and said he wasn't scared anymore. I think he just didn't know what to expect and got nervous. He came up and says mommy can you wipe my eyes they are still all watery, he was all cute again. I tried to tell Ray if we give in once we are done he'll never do anything on his own and he understood. So we are home Michael went right to bed and I'm gonna watch idol and do the same.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

soppy sunday

Well its raining again. I just fixed my last post didnt realize it was messed up til this morning. oops Ray has a shoot today at the club and the entertainment chair cant cook again I am doing dogs chips and sodas thats it no burgers or anything I am just to tired and its not my job I do enough for that damn club. I haven't been able to shoot at our own club in two years between registrations and cooking this is it my last one. We are hosting two more shoots this summer and I already told everyone dont ask. one of them is a two day state championship and I want to shoot not play hostess. yeah I'm bitter we have over 400 members in this club and can never get any help and its starting to burn both of us out.

I dont think many people are gonna show today so I'm bringing my new knitting project with me I'm making my mom one of the martha stewart coming home ponchos. Maybe for mothers day maybe for her birthday in August we'll see how it goes

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rainy Saturdays get me knitting

I must look pretty dumb for posting old pictures I was tired and didnt realize I did it so lets see if I get it right this time.

Well I finally finished the doll I was knitting now no laughing it looks demented I put the eyes too high and couldnt move them after I stuffed it and the hair looked funny so I went and bought her a cowboy hat. So for your laughing pleasure here is my little farmer girl.

yes she does have a nose its just hard to see in the pictures.

and here is her back

Friday, April 22, 2005

What a week

Ok I tried to post last night but blogger said it was doing something so I couldn't. I did get to the docs on Wednesday they had a cancellation and called me at work. So I go in he snap crackles and pops me and decides it a nerve issue not a cracking issue. So he gave me these patch things to put on that should desensitizing the nerves. So I picked them up and to me they feel like those icy/hot patches and that it nothing different we'll give it a couple of more days and if its not better he wanted me to call him back on Monday. Also while I was there I needed a refill on my birth control pills not that I can get prego or anything cuz my tubes are tied but they help with pms and cramping and if taken right you don't have a period;) So he goes to look at my last pap and cant find the paperwork in my folder. He has the nurse go find it. She comes back and says you might want to look at this to him. There was a sticky note on it to call me for a retest the last one was abnormal WHAT I took the damn test in December and they are just now telling me this. I'll tell you this new office of his sux bad. So that is scheduled for may 2. Let me tell you if there IS something wrong someone is gonna get hanged for making me wait.
Ok on a lighter non medical note. I found a job online that I want really bad. It is at a pd/fd for a secretary position. I have a degree in Law Enforcement and Accounting I know hell of a combo to have and be working in construction right. So this job is just up my alley. My mom helped me redo my resume and I dropped it off today the deadline is actually next week but I didn't want to wait till the last minute So please cross your fingers for me. Its less money by the hour but the benefits are almost 100 less per week. So that will make up the difference and also its 8:30 to 5:00 so I would be able to bring Michael to school with out having to bring him to my moms every morning that is an extra benefit. And the biggy for my NO SATURDAYS ;)
other than all this it has been a pretty boring week get up go to work come home cook and go to bed. Yeah what a life.
Michael is at Jamie's tonight even though we are to broke to go out and I have to work tomorrow but she called and wanted him and since she doesn't spend that much time with him we said ok. Let her earn a couple of buck and get a peaceful night sleep just what every parent. Wants.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sorry I haven't been around I have been but just surfing not posting much. My back is still killing me. I called the doc this morning first thing to see if I could get in I got the "I'll check with him and get back to you, "I gave them my work number figuring I'd still be there to get the call, I called them back at 4;50 and gave them my home number its now 7:30 and no call. I had asked if he was working late this week and she didnt know only that he wasnt working late tonight. I hope they call soon I have decided I cant drug it or will it away. I have a really high pain tolerance but I have had enough.
ok I'm done bitching work was really busy which I love cuz the day just flys back but I found that on 2 vicodins I can get pretty snappy so I have to watch myself not good for customer service. Other than that all is well. I'll let you know when I finally get to the docs.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The weekend is over already why cant every weekend be a 3dayer. Especially when you have to work 1/2 a day on Saturday.
Well I got out yesterday and my back was still killing me but I hadnt shot my bow in like forever so I said the hell with it took some pain killers and hit the range. it was windy as hell but I got a couple of site markes made and paper tuned my bow. In bow lingo I made the arrows fly straight instead of all wobbley makes you more accurate.
Today Ray really want to go to a 3d shoot so I made a deal with him we go to the shoot do a half round and come home to do some yard work cuz its like 70 out today and the snow is almost gone we still had a couple of piles before today. So that is what we did went to Buxton shot 15 targets and came home. We did a little in the yard just enough for a start and I cleaned off the deck of all the stuff that piled there over the winter. Then I picked up the book I have been reading and firmly planted my ass in a chair and read the rest of the day. and of course I got a sun burn on my arms, lol the first time they have seen the sun all winter, you can tell I was reading I have funky lines where my arms were bent. I am sure I'll hear about it tomorrow at work.
The rest of my night is gonna consist of putting icy hot on my back take a couple of pain pills and head to bed.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend.;)

Friday, April 15, 2005


well my lower back is toast I dont know what I did. I think its my chair at work all the cushy is worn out and its not comfy at all any more. I rarely bitch about being in pain and usually have a pretty good tolerance and a good supply of pain drugs But this time it Fucken hurts, by 3pm I had taken two vicodin and a valium.
I went to Staples on my way home and picked up a new printer for the club and then to the craft store to pick up some hair for the knitt doll I am making. Ray laughed at me when I got home I got in and out of a craft store for under $10. I told him my back hurt so bad I asked the lady where the stuff I needed was and got out. He said that is a sure sign I'm soar. But my darling did make dinner there was no way I could stay up and do it He is really getting better at the helping part of marriage now if I could jut get more sex out of him.

Tomorrow is my first Saturday at work for the summer season. I hate Saturdays you work half a day by the time I get home and get my shit together the day is gone.

Monday Jamie gets to go to the oral surgion for a consult I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Today was just fucked up. Jamie had a dentist appointment scheduled for 4:10 no biggy Ray was gonna pick her up. A guy at work was gonna cover my last hour so I could pick Michael up on time all set right, wrong of course. I had this feeling bugging me all morning, When Michael was sick we schedueled a follow-up appointment for him and I couldnt remember when the hell it was. So I call them guess what it is Today at 3:15, oh shit how the hell we gonna manage this the two appointments are like 40 miles apart. So my darling goes and gets Jamie brings her to my work cuz the dentist is closer to me then goes and gets Michael and brings him to the doctors.

The doc says Michaels ears are getting better but they are still vunerable to getting infected again. And for peeing all the time keep an eye on it no other answer they tested the pee again no infection there just him waiting too long it seems. So Ray picked him up some new wind pants cuz they have no buttons or zipper thinking it would be easier and a package of good night pull ups for just in case at night so at least his pjs wont get wet if he doesnt make it.

The dentist says Jamie is getting much better about her visits I guess giving her a valium before going is working or in her head it is so we are gonna just go with it for now. We scheduled her two more appointments and got a referal for an oral surgion to get her wisdom teeth out when she gets out of school. no better time since we hit all our insurance max's for the year already. then we get to spend big bucks on braces what a joy that is gonna be.
My darling just made supper cuz he go home first I cant thank him enough. So I got to go. Later.

Monday, April 11, 2005

oh my god did the weekend just fly by or what. We went out Friday night but I didnt feel well believe it or not I'm alergic to vodka always have been makes me sick as hell. Well we went to Applebees and I ordered a drink felt fine before I got it, took a few sips and told Ray this just doesnt taste right but I didnt say anything else. So after dinner I'm all queezy and stuff but I want to go out cuz its a treat for us to do it. We went to the piano bar and I had two more drinks I really had to nurse them down. It was really hot it there so we took off around 10 and came home. (on a good note there was a Soldier sitting behind us at Applebees he had just been in a welcome home perade they had in town eating with his family. The manager comes over and says sir how long were u gone, the soldier says 18 months I just got back last week. The manager says on behalf of Applebees I want to personally thank you for all you have done for the country the entire meal except for the tip for your entire party is on us. I wanted to cry and get up and start clapping. I had goose bumps all over.)

Saturday we went to tae kwon do then to my uncles to shoot our bows. He made us dinner and we stopped for ice cream on the way home.

Sunday we went and shot skeet for a couple of hours and then went to a buddys house for a b-b-q when we first got there its was warm out then the temp dropped like 20 deg in an hour we were outside and didnt stay long after we were freezing.

Today was back to work and I think everyone is getting ready for spring the phone for deliveries of yard fix up stuff didnt stop allllll day. I had two delivery trucks on all day and one booked already for most of the week. Once the overweight restrictions come down from alot of roads I'm gonna get slammed with orders. For you southerners up here in Maine when the frost is coming out of the ground the roads cant handle heavy trucks they are all mushy under the tar. When u put a heavy truck on that road it cracks it all to hell. So most of the side roads are posted till May 6 so the big trucks will keep off of them.

Ray just took off for the club and the little guy just peeded his pants again he has been having an issue with waiting till the last minute and not making it alot these past couple of weeks I think this kid has a really small bladder they checked him for a bladder infection and nothing but he has to go all the time his daddy has been telling him if he keeps it up he is getting diapers but I think we are gonna have to buy some to make the threat real. . any suggestions on this problem we have cut down his drinks, and he has no problems at night just during the day and not making it to the potty.

I missed Grays anatomy last night anyone see it, did I miss anything good. Tonight I was gonna set the vcr for medium but its not on the miss america show is on and I'm not interested. So I'm gonna do some surfing and call it a night.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

hello its Satuday where did the week go. I got my first real check yesterday since being laid off finally what a relief and reviews came out I'm getting 50 more a week. I'm on salery not hourly. But still no word about lay-offs for next year.
To celebrate a real check we went out to dinner with some friends and to the piano bar we like so much, it was really dead out last night surprising cuz it was really nice weather almost no jacket weather. More on this later.
Michael spent the night at his sisters house I have to get him in a couple of minutes to go to tae kwon do. Then this afternoon we are going to my uncles house to set up my 3d bow. I have really been slacking and he got me a new site when he went south to a big shoot last weekend. This is the uncle who's daughter just had the baby. And some point today I have to clean this house it gets so screwed up in just one week of being busy or lazy.
I dont know what we are doing tomorrow I want to go shoot some skeet we'll see what the weather brings. ;)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I try to post every day but it doesnt always happen I had to set up Rays new computer last night so he could play with it today. He works hard and so deserved this he has been playing nascar since I got home. But I did do something today I finished my present for my cousin a baby blanket, sweater and booties. the blanket has a hood on one end of it. the first pictures are the from and back of the sweater then of the blanket on my chair at work.

oh and Michael is FINALLY feeling better. Lets hope he stays that way.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Well I'm kinda looking for new job I just cant risk another lay off next year.So I'm putting out a couple of feelers just to see whats out there. I have alot of qualifications by doing on my own but not many to put on paper from an actual job. so my mom is gonna help me redo my resume to make it look better. Then if something gets put on the table I can really go to my boss and finally get an answer about next winter. I like it there but I have decided this is not the place I want to retire from. No hurry but that is the root I'm taking right now.
Michael was sick again today, he got up this morning to go pee then kneeled down and started puking. So I'm like ok I got him up to quick but just in case I grab a barf bag to bring in the truck and man am I glad I did. He got sick just as we got to my moms. So I called meme and asked her if she could watch him till Ray got out of work. I'm glad she didnt have any appointments cuz my boss was out sick too and the other girl that covers for me her mom is in the hospital and has to have surgery this week sometime so I would have felt guilty taking the day off. Michael seems better tonight so I hope he can go to school tomorrow I'll keep u posted.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Well the shoot sucked we only had 25 people show up over two days and both Ray and I were there from 630 am till around 5 each day to watch it Rain and Rain. We had a couple of people show up to help Ray thank god or we weould still be there and we had Michael with us which didnt help at all he was good for the most part but there were times he could have easily gotten himself spanked.
Ray and I are pooped and gonna just sit here and veg the rest of the night back to work tomorrow. We switch to summer hours at work this week so I'll be there from 630 till 5 each day with an hour lunch. during the winter I get to leave at 4 but they cut the lunch back to a half hour. I think I might start working out again at lunch my boss asked me to do a 75 mile bike race in August if I can borrow a bike I might try it as long as there isnt a good 3d shoot that weekend. Ok for right now I just want to do nothing do I sound like a pro bike rider yet. I'll keep everyone posted on how I do with that.
Oh and on a final note Someone directed me to California Hammonds oh my god this man loved his wife if only every woman could find a man like him I read this entire site start to end I laughed I cried but I couldnt stop reading I think you will do the same if you go there.

Friday, April 01, 2005

what a week

This has been the week from hell!!!!!! ok lets start on Wednesday I get a call from Michaels school he has the poops by the time I get out of work he is sleeping on the couch at school. Well I go to put him in the truck and he starts screaming that his belly hurts alot and his ear is red. We get home and he wont even sit up straight. I call the doctor they are closing and nobody is working late. So Ray and I take him to the ER his first trip there. What a joke they take blood, pee and poke and probe then the doc says well there is alot of wax in his ear lets put some stuff in it to get the wax to soften. I tell him twice Michael has NEVER had an ear infection but he thinks this stuff will help so he puts it in and 10 minutes later sends us home no answer about the belly ache must be something he ate.
So we get up on Thursday and as my luck would have it my first week back and I need to call in Michaels ear is hurting alot feels like there is jelly in it. So we go to our regular doc who says what the hell is this stuff in his ear. So I tell him about the ER he calls the nurse and has her get some stuff to flush his ear out to get all the crap out of it. Then he looks in and says his eardrum is all red from being irritated. That figures so he is going back for a recheck on that in 10 days. Well on to the belly thing doc says he is constipated what? he had diarrear how can he be constipated so he tells me that he is bound up and that is causing the pain and the diarrear is from what is getting thru just the liquids tells us to go home and feed him stuff that will make him go within 3 hours his butt is feeling better ;) so one thing down.
Now while all this is going on poor Ray has been working his ass off trying to get ready for a 3d shoot we are hosting Saturday and Sunday I got elected to do the cooking cuz the lady that normally does it had a family emergency herself.So I have been doing groceries for this at night along with making cookies and other stuff.
Today at work It was busy trying to change all the prices and getting ready for the spring rush.
Tomorrow and Sunday its gonna rain so I hope we still get alot of shooters it will make the day go by faster and that will keep us awake at least.
So how was everyone else's week?