Mainiax: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005

I havent had anything interesting to post this week Ive been kinda boring trying to get rid of this cough. But tonight I should have a fun post. Michael and I are going to Story Land today, Ray went with my uncle to an archery shoot and I wanted to spend the day with Michael. I havent been to story land since I was probably Michaels age so this should be fun.
I have to go wake him now he has no idea where we are going and I'm not telling till we get there hee hee.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I hate summer colds. Yesterday I coughed at work all day and if I talked to long on the phone I started coughing, couldn't catch my breathe and was losing my voice. This is the same cold that my darling Michael had last week, he wanted to cuddle with mommy when he was sick and now mommy has it, got to love kids. He is feeling great now by the way. So today I went into work and started again so I said fuck it I'm going home I called the nurse and had her call me in some good cough medicine the kind with codiene in it that should put me to sleep. It was there by the time I drove home so I just took some and figured I'd post before I went in the bedroom so here I am.
On a lighter note Sunday we scraped enough money to go the maine state 3d archery championship. I won my class and Ray got third not bad considering we havent shot all that is all my news so far this week its hotter than hell out so I'm heading into the AC in the bedroom with my knitting and see how long it takes me to fall asleep.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

I've only got a second before I got to work. I first want to say thank you to Kat for helping update a couple of things. Then I wanted to tell you I got a call from the docs today I have to go in AUG 8 at 9:30 to get the abnormal part frozen and removed she said it would take about an hour at the office. I did tell my boss that I probably wont be back after in case I cramp as bad as last time. OK I got to go I hate working saturdays hopefully after all this stuff with the doc is over I can really start looking for a mon-fri job.
See ya have great day.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT!!!! I got tired of waiting so I called the docs this morning to find out if my test results were in. Of course the doc and nurse both have Thursday off my luck but I left a message with the triage nurse she called me back in an hour. She had my test results, she said one of the areas they did the biopsy on showed something but it was NOT cancer I repeat NOT cancer. She said he hadn't written what was he was going to do for a follow up on the bad area she said he would probably want to remove it just to be safe but it didnt look like it would be a big deal. I told her I can deal with that take what ever you want out I'm not having any more kids anyways, I can breathe easier knowing its not cancer at this point. I had to share my news with all my friends on here thank you for all the support I have gotten it means alot.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

long winded update

This is gonna be a kinda lengthy post so I’m gonna write it in word then cut/paste into blogger it seams like every time I write a large post it wont go thru and I lose it.
It’s not like I haven’t wanted to post I have been really busy and now that I’m done with all my fish and game stuff I have been spending a lot more time with my family less on the computer. And with MIL not back still it’s be wonderful especially now that I stopped spotting ;)
Ok so my last week lets see Thursday must not have been too special I cant remember what I did.
Friday night was spent at home I had to work Saturday. When I got out of work Saturday we had to go pick up the pig we bought from the farm. It had just come back from the butcher shop. On our way there Jamie called and asked if Michael could spend the night with her. Ray and I were like no problem he’s all yours. So we went fishing for awhile caught a couple of little ones and that’s it.
Sunday I got to perform a wedding, I am a notary public for the state of Maine and one of the things I can do is perform weddings. My aunt had called me on Friday and said her husband’s niece was coming in town and wanted to be married on the beach, she is from Tenn. We didn’t have any other plans so I was like ok this should be fun my first wedding. It went off great they had downloaded some vows so I had to pretty much just read off the paper, there were only 10 of us there, the sun was shining and they both said yes so what more can you ask for. Sunday night we took Michael fishing with us for a little bit cuz he didn’t get to go Saturday Yeah we fish a lot its cheap and its cooler at the beach that at our house. I bring my book or knitting and sit on the rocks if I get a bite I put my stuff down and real the fish in.
Monday my boss let me out of work a little early cuz I had to bring the marriage license to town hall the person that performs the ceremony has to be the one to bring it in and they were going back to Tenn. Tuesday morning and needed to get an official copy before they left. My boss is kinda cool about stuff especially since he is doing a wedding this weekend himself so he is gonna have to leave early this Monday.
Tuesday ITS FUCKEN HOT OUT kat I don’t know how you do it this,it is day four of high temp and high humidity here your nuts living with this all the time I’m ready for fall, this heat is not going away till this weekend. Aaahhhgg
Wednesday Lets see today mmm nothing special its still FUCKEN HOT out and I still haven’t heard from my doctor about my test results yet I’m gonna call them tomorrow I’ve been patient but I need to know. Oh Ray did take both kids(unlucky him) to the regular docs today Michael woke up or should I say wouldn’t go to bed last night cuz his ear hurt, he has been coughing for a couple of weeks so we thought they were connected the doc said nope the ear is a little red and that’s it. The doc does want us to give him ear plugs when he goes swimming with school and put him on antibiotics just in case. Jamie’s little cousin jumped on her last weekend and hurt her ribs the x-ray machine was busted so her dad is going to take her in tomorrow to have them done in case the rib is cracked he more thinks they are just bruised either way there isn’t much they do for bruised or broken ribs anyways.

On a final note my friend Pam from work brought in Harry Potter on Monday and let me read it before she did, (she is in the middle of another book) I finished it today. The last 100 pages are the best I am really looking forward for the next book now. The first 500 pages were just ok. I know they give you a lot of background on Tom Riddle I just want more action. I have one question for all the other Potter readers out there. If you have read the new one you will more understand this. Bill’s fiancé Fleur where did she come in on the other books I remember the name but that is it I don’t remember anything else about her. Can someone please refresh my memory for me? Thanks
Ok I got to go I’ll try to be a better blogger but I have been busy.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Waiting waiting waiting

Did I ever tell you I hate waiting for anything. I stayed home yesterday all cramped up and icky and today I left after lunch. Kinda needed to just get away from that place didnt want to be there. The doc said I should have the test results by next week but I still keep checking the answering machine hoping I get the "your all set see you in 6 months or longer"

On one good note the MIL is gone for two weeks sad to say grandma broke her wrist and MIL went to help her out. I feel really bad about grandma she is the best lady but I HAVE MY HOUSE BACK for a couple of weeks and as soon as this spotting stops I told Ray I want SEX and enough that when MIL comes back I'll be all set for awhile. Yes I'm a perve but man trying to have sex with you MIL in the other room just isn't fun I hate eating pillow. ok got to go lay down for a few have a great day.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Well guess what I got to go to the docs after all I called the nurse this morning right when they opened and she said if it was light spotting I was all set to come in and let me tell you what OUCH. I was not at all impressed he found two abnormal spots he cut out and sent to be biopsied he said it doesnt look like it was anything to be real worried about. One of two things we can do depending on what is says if its really low grade something they can freeze it off and remove it or it might be something we need to watch and redo a pap every six months thats great just what I'm looking forward too. The new doc was really nice and talked alot about everything so he made it real comfee or as much as he could. He said I could see increased spotting the next couple of days and some cramping. So I'm going to play it up bigtime, its 90+ out right now and will be just as hot tomorrow so if I get the balls I might just call in sick and crampy so I can veg in my room tomorrow. We'll see but for now everything is ok. Have a great rest of your day.

No luck

Have I ever told you I have no luck. Remember that test I was going to get today. Well I have to reschedule it. I cant fucken believe why either. My regular doc put me on the Pill in January but I was only taking the pink ones and never the white (sorry guys if you don't know what I'm talking about) anyways when you do this you don't have a period or your not surposed to. So I haven't had one since January and guess what on Saturday I start spotting I was really hoping it was a one day thing but nope. And Just like a pap they cant do this test when you are spotting so I need to call them this morning and reschedule or ask there nurse what to do. Dammit I wanted to get this over with I've waited 3 months to get in and now this watch they wont be able to do it know till September. Man I just cant win lately. This was just an end to an already shitty weekend.
I had to work Saturday morning, when I got home MIL wasn't feeling good so I took Michael to Best buy to see what they could do about my digital camera. I've had it for one year 2 weeks and guess what I didn't have the extended warranty so they wont fix it. I still owe about 250 for something that is going to just sit on a shelf now.
Then yesterday Ray was hosting another 3d shoot at the club the lady that does the cooking didn't show. He had called her 3 times last week and said if you not going to make it call me so I can make other arrangements otherwise I'll see you there. So when we didn't hear we thought she would be there. So Ray calls me at 7:45 and says I need you to go to the store and get some hotdogs and stuff, I ran down bought everything we needed then went to the club and helped make it all. At the end of the day only a couple of people stuck around to help so it took 2 hours to break down the shoot. I was so tired last night I want to bed at 8.
Then I get up to spots. Man it doesn't go around in 3's for me its more like 9's. And I'm not superstitious.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Is it Thursday already, holy shit where did this week go. We all slept like the dead Monday night and went to work on Tuesday. Yesterday morning started like shit I bring Michael to my mothers every morning cuz daycare doesn't open early enough for me to get to work on time and besides my mom feeds him a good breakfast and gives him a shower every morning. So anyways we are on our way there and I hear pssssss thump thump thump.... You guessed it flat fucken tire, Ray and I were just talking about him needing tires for a sticker and how good mine were so I figured I must have run over a nail. So I pull into a parking lot and start digging for my cell and remember, oh shit when I was leaving work Tuesday I thought my cell was in my desk but I was half a mile from work and said the hell with it I wont need it anyways I'm not going back. So here we are Michael sleeping in his underwear and I don't have a phone. I woke him up and got him dressed and told him we had to walk. He thought it was funny and wanted to see the flat. We walked by one store that was closed and had no pay phone. Has anyone else noticed there are almost no pay phones anymore. Then I see a young guy pulling out of his driveway so I asked him if he had a cell cuz I had a flat, he's like no problem. So I call Ray have him call my boss and let him know what is going on and call my mom to come get us. I told the guy he just did his good deed for the day. My mom and stepdad came down with their cell phone So I called AAA emergency road service. Man that 50 bucks a year paid off. I called them at 6;10 and was on the road by 7. Michael wanted to stay and watch the man change the tire so when it was fixed I brought him to my moms and my tire to the garage.
The man at the garage called me at work and said I had a slice in my tire and it couldn't be saved. I had to replace it but not only do I have to replace it I need to buy a second tire cuz I have 4 wheel drive and you should really match two tires so you don't screw it up. I called around all morning to find the best deal. Then I called my grandmother and begged her to buy me the tires instead of the new grill she had offered to get me. Thank god for grandma's. I ordered the tires and am getting them installed tomorrow.

Today I went to the doctor again for my back its a lot better so he didn't want to do another shot and see if it continues to improve. If it doesn't I can go back in but for now he wanted to wait which is not a bad thing. I still have some bad days but for the most part its about 50% better.

Monday I have to go for that cervical biopsy type test now that one I'm nervous about not so much about the test result but the fact only one doctor has done an internal on me since I was 16. With as many guys as I was with as a teen it shouldn't bother me to spread my legs but this is different and none of them had stirrups. Well maybe one but its still different.

that's all my interesting news this week hope I didn't bore you too much. Have a great night.

Monday, July 04, 2005

This was the BEST weekend we did nothing but swim, canoe, and lounge around all weekend. Last night we had a few drinks and sat around the fire till 11 we had alot of laughs. We all wanted to stay while we were packing and once we were home all we could talk about was taking a hot shower and a nap. Funny how a weekend of doing nothing can make you so tired. The weather was perfect the company was great what more could I ask for. Hope your 4th was as much fun as mine was. Later I need sleep in a real bed.