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Thursday, January 14, 2010

over did it

So on Wednesday after I worked all night I headed straight to the Y. Started with a warm up I'm going to put my full routine down so I can kinda follow along as things change, this is what I did.
warm up
alt knee pull x10, alt quad pull x 10, hand walk x5, elevated crunch x 5 @ 10 #, reverse crunch x8,plank 2x 45 sec, side plank each side 20 sec, hip cross x 8, cobra x 8, modified push up 2x 8, sit ups 1-5-1, 1-3-1.
with ball triple threat 2x 8, single leg reach/traverse 1x5, s/l lift 2 @ 10#, split squats 2-8
medicine ball
squat chop x15 @ 10#, lateral lunge reach x5 each side @ 10#,
seated cable pull down 2x12 @ 70#, bench press 2x8 @ 45#, bench dip 2x8, recline pull up 2x 8, curl x8 @ 10#, press x8 @ 10#, dead lift x8@ 10#, high pull x8 @10#
total time 31:45

after I got done all of this I rode the bike for 2 miles level 10 time 8:39
I decided it was getting late so I skipped the walk and headed to the pool. I'm glad I did because I got some great tips from the lifeguard. He told me to use these foamy things between my legs to help teach myself to breath left, he said I am doing more wrong than right at least. but using the foam things makes your body move properly while floating the back half, but after a full workout and swimming without legs I did my 9 laps 1.4 mile and called it good.

I got home about 10:45, cleaned the rabbit cages and went to bed, Mike woke me up around 3:30. I was half awake but stayed in bed till 5:30 when Ray brought supper home and we got ready for Tae kwon do. Mike had his class till 7 and we started ours at about 7:30 I told Ray, honey I'm done I'm going to head home with Mike and take a nap before work. So he road home with Keith and Mike came with me. I hit that pillow and was out in about 3 minutes got up and now I'm here at work and its slow, I'm glad I got that extra nap or I would be snoozing right now.

Not sure if I'm going to head to the Y tomorrow with Mike we'll see how long it takes me to fall asleep when I get out this morning. I will be going on Friday. I think I may do the routine twice a week and alternate the bike and walk/run but always do the swim I really enjoy that. See how it goes but right now my legs are very sore.


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