Mainiax: February 2006

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well here it is my new spinning wheel its a krompski and I love it. The one I as renting is ok and it fit in my truck better but this one is me.

What I did sunday before I could start my new red sweater was finish a scarf for Jamie my daughter the scarf was on the kneedles I needed she came by last night and loved it.

oh and I have some realllly good news my best friend KAT is home from the hospital finally.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Guess what I'm doing today I'm going spinning wheel shopping. Yup Ray gave me the ok. The tax man didnt hit us as hard as we thought he would so I can get a wheel. I love the one I'm renting but I'm gonna drive 1 1/2 hours to a yarn shop to try other ones out. Then Do you all remember that sweater I wanted to make but it only came in a med pattern. a really nice lady on knitty board offered to help me redesign the pattern. here is a picture of the sweater. Only problem is the only place that has this yarn locally is an hour in the opposit direction of the spinning place I cant win can I. LOL

Now wish me luck neither place is open tomorrow and I just saw the news they are calling for snow lovely wonderful snow why didnt it fall for the last month has to wait till I have a day with no hubby or kid and want to drive all over maine. Just great. ok I better get started and see If I can beat the storm.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm sorry I didnt update about the Florida trip it took me all week to recover from loss of sleep. It was just me and Michael in the hotel so every time someone walked by I woke up. But to sum it up I dont think I would go back to Disney again not after 3 days at Universal. We had that much of a good time. The rides were modern the staff was wonderful in every way. Yeah the food was pricy but you expect that. We just had a blast Michael loved everything a couple of rides freaked him out but other than that he loved it. Believe it or not Jaws was his favorite what a riot the third time we went on he knew it by heart and was yelling shoot him, now shoot him now. We had the same worker all three times on the boat he thought Michael was a riot.
This weekend was for mommy to enjoy. Ray had the ice fishing derby in NH and he won 5th and 9th places for tagged rainbow trout yea hubby thats 150 per fish for the boat account. My mom watched Michael on Saturday so I could go to SPA in portland. I walked around and ran into a couple of friends I have met since starting to spin. We all got out wheels and sat in the hallway just gabbing with anyone who walked by. Every room was full of people. One was all venders they were kinda dissapointing I was expecting more I guess alot of machine spun stuff but of course this was my first spa so I really didnt know what to expect. One room they were doing nails and toes and then there was a room just full of spinners and knitters but it was sooo hot in there people were just setting up anywheres. They even changed the sign on one of the first floor men's rooms to women for the weekend what a riot. Every couple hours they gave away great prices. I didnt get picked all day Saturday so yesterday Ray took Michael Ice fishing and I went back to the 10 am drawing and won 10 skeins of boa yarn. well worth going back in my opinion.
The best parts of the whole weekend for me was I met some new people and I got to meet my Secret Pal from last round. I knew she lived in Mass and was a spinner so it was really neat to meet her. We chatted for a couple of minutes it was cool. Not like I'm gonna meet the person I'm spoiling this time she lives in California.
The next big event is in June up at windsor fair grounds and its kinda funny the place we went camping last July is just up the street if the weather is gonna be good I might get Ray to go camping that weekend him and michael can fish at the pond and I can go SHOPPING. Then we can both have fun.

Update on KAT she survived her second surgery she is in alot of pain I talked to her nurse yesterday a really cool bald male nurse. I met him when I went to visit her while we were in Florida. She is still in CCU for at least a couple of more days. She was sleeping so I didnt get to talk to her but he said the surgery went great the docs were really happy I will try to talk to her today or tomorrow if she is up to it.
Well its late and I have to get to work have a great day.

ps I updated my photos on the right with the florida trip. Enjoy

Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm back

I'm back and I'm tired I'll tell you all about it later this week. I did have a nice surprise when I got home it was a box from my secret pal. She sent stuff for me, Michael and Jamie I have the coolest pal Here is a picture of all the stuff she sent it was a nicer welcome home gift then all the snow in the yard.

I've also updated my photo album with the florida picts I'll put the text on them tomorrow I need to get some sleep in my own bed.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Well I'm off today and wont be back till Late Monday. Michael and I are heading south to Universal Studios Florida its only 60 there but its 25 here so Its really gonna feel like summer to us.I hope. So not to worry if you are here enough to notice I'm having fun in the sun.

On SP7 the person I am spoiling finally posted about receiving her gifts I sooo thought that I sent them to the wrong address or something So now I know she got them. I think I"m going to send her something from florida she will be really confused when she gets a post marked pack from there after getting some from Maine.

Please go visit my best friend Kat, this vacation was originally intended to be spent with her and her kids but after waiting 5+ years she found a really good surgeon to do Scoli surgery on her back. She has been in pain for years and I will be thinking of her tomorrow on my way there. My trip was already booked as was her surgury so we are gonna visit her Sunday at the hospital before we leave to see how she is doing I really wish I could stay down there for a couple of weeks to help her out if I was laid off I would But what I can do is be her friend and support her from here. So if you pray do so even tho she doesnt believe there are those of us who do, and if you dont just keep her in your thoughts. Next year when she is better we are gonna hit every coaster in the State!!!! Love you Kat see you Sunday.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Guess what I'm knitting the yarn that I actually spun all by myself. I bought the raw wool on Friday Spun and washed it on Saturday and am knitting it today. Its thick then thin then thick again. Im making a scarf probably for my mom and she wont tell me anyways if it sucks.

only 3 days and we drive to NH to fly to florida on Thursday I cant wait. the only thing that sucks is Ray had that ice fishing derby the same weekend and it got postponed till the following weekend. Which totally blows for me we had a deal I had Michael for 4 days on the trip and the following weekend he had him so I could go to to portland for the fiber show. Now I am stuck with him two weekends in a row how fair is that I'm really going to have to find a sitter for Saturday cuz after the trip I am sooo gonna need a sanity brake.

This morning we went bowling again. Michael won again I really hate losing with the bumpers up mind you to a five year old.
Thats all my news if I get done the scarf tonight I will take a picture but I warn you its not too pretty.

On another note I have to say my secret pal is great she is always sending me little emails and stuff and in return I try to make comments here about how much I like them But what is up with the person I got I have sent her numerous ecards and a couple of emails along with 3 thats three packages so far and I havent gotten one response on her blog nothing nada I hope she has gotten them. I did ask in the last ecard I sent and no reply but I get a reply from the ecard co that she has read them. So any secret pallers out there let your pal know if you have gotten anything from them wether its cards or packages ok.Its nice to just know.
to my secret pal your great thanks again for making me laugh all the time :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!

here is the offical punxsutawney website I couldnt get it to link to the picture