Mainiax: August 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The wedding Saturday was a blast it was BYOB that was nice save money on booze. Sunday we went to the fair. It was about an hour north of us it was a nice down home county fair. The big Fair in Maine is in October.

I have not heard anything about any of the jobs I applied for yet. I am hopeful about one of them. A buddy of mine works there and he called the head honcho and gave me a reference already.

Hey want to hear a funny one Best buy whom I think sucks ass fucked up somehow. Did I tell you about my digital camera. It all of a sudden stopped working the lens wouldn't open or close just made a buzzing noise like it was stuck. So I return it to Best Buy I had this camera 11 months and still owe money on it. So they take it and send it to Sony and tell me I'll get a call with an estimate to fix it. I wait like 3 weeks and call them it had been back at there store for a week so I ask what is the cost he said its not on here I don't think there is any. So ray goes and picks it up they tell him there is no cost because it was broke from dropping it. Well this camera never comes out of the case unless its being used it was NOT dropped. So I was pissed and just thru it on the counter. Last night I said the hell with it if they wont fix it what's the worse I can do break it I was going to take it apart. So I put the batteries in it and you'll never believe this it worked. I don't know for how long but for now I'm happy.
I have knitted two purses so far with school colors maybe they will sell better than the lamps do at the fair. We'll see. I'll take some pictures tomorrow now that I have a camera again.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

what a week I am so glad its the weekend no matter how short it will be. Let see where to start. Wednesday morning my mom invites us to a bbq for roland's birthday on Thursday. Now thurday I was going to do my shopping for moms surprise party. So now I need to rearrange my schedule. MIL was in town so I had her pick up Michael, Ray and I went and did the shopping after work, then he went to help her with something and I brought Michael to tae kwon do. Thurday I got out rushed around did some cleaning and we went to moms house. Then on friday it was the big day. I got out of work and did a speed clean of the house and go everything ready.
Then waited for mom to show up it was just her sisters over and her two best friends but she was still surprised. She loved all her presents cried twice. With my mom thats always a good way to judge things she cries when she loves it. Everyone went home around 10.
I worked this morning and have a wedding to go to tonight. Then a buddy is having a fire pit party in his back yard and invited us over for a drink after.
Tomorrow we're are going to the Windor fair with my dad and his girlfriend. and maybe get to bed early. at least with all this running around there wont be many dishes in the sink.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

This is for Dan

There are two kind of trophies in archery the kind with fur.

and the kind that collect dust.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

new photo album

I just made a photo album check out the link to the right. Its for It only has knitting stuff and my night lights so far. Later I will put family stuff in it but it took me awhile to get this done and I'm tired have a good night.

craft fairs suck

I sold NOTHING today it was drizzly and not many people were around its gonna rain harder tomorrow. That was a good 50 donated to childrens mircle network. I would have just liked to make my table fee back I took it out of bill money and this just sucks. I have to pick which bill not to pay now. yes I'm fustrated the only good thing is that I got a couple of knitting ideas. one of them was making little purses or clutch bags. I plan on making them in school colors for the local towns. Something the teen girls might like, Katie (dads girlfriend) and I went to AC Moore after we packed up and I got two skeins of yarn in the school colors to make me feel better about having such a crappy day. And if its gonna rain tomorrow I wanted something to do while watching it. If any of you want to see more of my lamps let me know they are 15 plus shipping.
Ok I need to know knit and watch nothing on TV.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Craft fair season is really here now. So hubby convinces me to call Walmart they are having a craft fair this weekend and he said I should call to see if they have any tables left so I did and guess what they do. I'm doing the craft fair Sat and Sun from 9-2 my dads girlfriend does soaps and bath fizzies she is going to bring some and set up with me should be fun. Then Oct 30 there is another fair at the high school I did this one last year it was hotter than hell out and not many people came to it but I did sell more than anyone else around me. I hope that happens this weekend too we need the money.
On another note I can tell you what I got hubby for his birthday and our anniversary I have been saving for awhile and I finally have enough saved I am taking Ray to the Nascar Race in NH next month he has no idea. When I have the party for my mom next Friday I am going to have presents for Gail her best friend and Roland my step father their birthdays are the day before and my hubby his birthday is Sunday. Our anniversary is Sept 2, 5 years already I couldn't be happier I get fustrated sometimes but who doesn't. I think he will be excited since he has never been to a Nascar Race and this is the first of the Chase to the championship races. I'm getting the tickets from my boss his family has a bunch of season passes and someone cant so we are going to tailgate with them and my boss can party. He told me today the seats are on turn one.
ok csi is on got to go. I'll check with you all later.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

nothing exciting on the homefront this week. I worked everyday and yesterday I came home at noon and got a message that MIL is returning. So I came home and cleaned cleaned cleaned, did the carpets the floors everything. I got kinda aggrivated with some things and decided to go visit my friend mary lou she is a bartender I just had to sneak out for a few I was going nuts. This morning I was working on the hat I'm making mom to go with the sweater and she walked in I asked her did you see mom's sweater I finally finished you know she couldnt say its nice but you need to put it on something other that a wire hanger she just said yeah I saw it and thats the wrong hanger to use. I told her thats all I had and nobody had ever told me not to use one. Its not really what she said it was how she said it all snippy. Then she decided to go back to her house up Maine for a couple of weeks. See ya dont let the door hit you on the way out. Sorry But she and I like each other but not to live together to stressfull.
There was a big craft fair in Cumberland that I wanted to go to and I realized something today, I have no friends that live near me and want to do stuff with. I only had family to call and nobody wanted to do anything. I was so bummed I so need to make some new friends after having a good cry in my room about having no friends Ray the loving hubby offered to go with me even tho he didnt want to. I love him so much. We decided the lamps I made last year would be a hit at this fair there was nothing like them there lots of soaps and cheap jewelry. Kat you would do good there too. So next year I might try to get a table depending on the price but if some of these people can do it I should have no problems. what do you think I sell them for 15 right now but i have an idea on how to make them better. I might just frost the jar and then get white shades and stencle them with moose, deer trees etc the only shades I would continue to buy would be the light houses and apples they went really well I kept selling out.

ok I have to go work on my moms hat her birthday is only a week away. Have a good week.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Well I ended up taking yesterday off but I went in today its way cooler at work than at home where I only have AC in the bedroom and its not a very good one.
Michael went to tae kwon do Monday night and tonight he did ok Monday but horsed around a lot more today I think he was more tired today. The kids in this class thou some are a belt behind him know more just cuz they go and hour twice a week so he will have a little catching up to do.
We did sign him up for soccer at the parks and rec today that place is so fucked up. I have been watching their web site for weeks and had grandma watching the paper for registration dates and nothing, so today I call registration for soccer ends next Thursday gee glad I called.I did point out the website to her thou whats the point of haveing a mailing list if you dont use it. I told a couple of other parents at tae kwon do about it too so they dont miss the reg date.

On the female problem, doc told me I would be leaking but this is too weird its a clear leak with no odor nothing its like I dripping water very odd feeling. I also haven't worn pads since I was a pre-teen or for a short time after childbirth so I feel like I have a diaper on. And this is going to last a few weeks yeah.
I'll try to post later in the week so far nothing exciting planned for the weekend I have to work Saturday am and so does Ray but there is a craft show at the cumberland fairgrounds I might go to wish I had the money to set up a table and get rid of some things I have made that need good homes.
ok got to go later all.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Ok I'm back

I'll tell you about my weekend first then about this morning.
My little guy Michael is in Tao kwon do he started last November with daycare as part of the after school activities, he really liked it so we started bringing him to the Saturday AM sessions. He has been doing great once every 3 months they test to get their next belt. I usually have to work Saturday but I begged for this one off so I could see his testing, and let me tell you that little guy is incredible for his age. He got his next belt which is yellow then the instructor announced that there would be no more Saturday classes till after Labor day then he looks right at Michael and says don't worry Mike I would like you to start coming to the Monday & Wednesday night classes from 6-7 this is the class for 6-12 year olds he isn't even 5 yet. He was sooo proud I thought I would cry myself. So as a treat for doing so good he got one $10 toy at Walmart and yesterday he got to go where ever he wanted so we went to the Gray Animal Park. It is a wildlife rehab for all Maine animals we had a great time. Last night we went to my moms for dinner his favorite again chicken on the bone and corn on the cob. To say the least the little guy had a great weekend.
Saturday night my daughter came over, she got her driving permit last Wednesday so we went to pick up the rest of the pig we had smoked and she drove all the way, She is a much better driver than I thought she would be only scared me once in the round a bout in Gorham other than that she did ok. Saturday night Ray and I went out fishing from about 10pm to 2am by the time we got home and into bed it was like 3 and of course Michael wanted to get up early that never fails. We caught a few small fish nothing to brag about like earlier in the year. We go out at that time to try and catch the tide while it is high they say the fishing is better at high tide but it didn't prove it to me on Saturday.

ok and now about today. Can I say ouchy uncomfortable ouchy. It wasn't as bad and I anticipated but it still was very uncomfortable. The entire procedure took maybe 15 minutes. He froze my cervix twice and told me my insides were -79 deg. that's nice it felt crampy but not cold from what he says the cervix doesn't have nerves that are sensitive to cold or heat but the fluids around freeze and make it enlarge that's why I felt the cramps. This doctor is wonderful he explains everything. He did say that I was lucky that if I didn't have pap test and physicals on a yearly basis we might not have caught this as early as we did and in 5 or 6 years it might have been cancer with a different outcome. Now I have to go back to him in a month for a quick recheck then to my regular doctor for a pap test every 3 months till I get 2 clean test in a row after that back to once a year unless something changes. So it was a relief that everything went so well its still nerve racking no matter what they say ( I cheated my nerves and took one of my valium I have for my neck before I went, shhh don't tell) I'm a little crampy right now, Ray drove me home and is going to get my script for some cream I need, I am going to play this up to my advantage and be to crampy for work tomorrow who knows by then it might actually hurt like hell anyways we'll see.

The rest of the day will be spent on the recliner vegging with my knitting and doing nothing tonight I get to take Michael to his first nighttime lesson I'm excited for him. He will be the youngest in the class and the lowest rank for now I think it will motivate him to get better than the big kids.
Have a great day. I'll be around tomorrow I'm sure.

Just a quick post even though I'm running late I usually leave my house by 5:15 but I'm only going in for a few hours today as I'm going for the crylotherapy (freezing part of my cervix) and I'm nervous as hell and have nobody to tell. I hate people telling me oh you'll be fine, I want to be scared shitless so let me ok. geesh Ray and I havent told anyone even though its not to big of a deal but they tend to panic over every little thing. Well I take that last line back I told my dad and his girlfriend Yup she's back from Texas and he was cool about it I think it helps he had his prostate removed last year cuz of cancer.He tends to take more in stride than most. I have some exciting news about last weekend I'll post later today. My appointment is at 9:30 and I'm not going back to work today or maybe tomorrow we'll see how I feel. Now that I'm really late got to go I'll be back later.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I'm a boring person lets see so far this week I finished the mittens to go with my moms sweater and decided to get brave and make a felted hat I have never felted anything I figured the most I could do is mess it up and have to trash it. Its worth a try.
the good news is my dad will be home tomorrow he went to Texas to get his girlfriend they seperated about a year ago and decided to try again so he flew out to get her and bring her back to Maine. Katy is really cool she has fibromialgia and when she was here last time she was real sick she found some new meds and feels great now so hopefully her and dad can make it work this time.
oh I decided today I am going to throw my mom a suprise birthday party, I've called a couple of people that are going to help me fool her. Should be fun its going to be on the 26th. I'll keep you posted.
Have a great week everyone I'll try to do something more exciting to post about later.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Super Sunday

I so wanted to post last night but I couldn't move I was sooo tired.
We had a great day we drive all the way there Michael looks at the sign and says "story land" I said yup he goes "I totally knew we were coming here". So I say really how? He says " I had a dream about it and now we are here" got to love kids. So we go in right when they open at 9 and discover Michael is 40 inches tall, he is tall enough for every ride there WITH AN ADULT. aaahhh so yes I went on every single ride at story land. Now mind you I love roller coasters love em but after 3 tilt r whirl rides in a row even mommys tummy was turning. So we went and had lunch it was hard to get him to eat he wanted to see everything and we did. They had this cool train that went around the entire place with a stop in each corner so after we had walked the entire thing we took the train back to do a couple of things again. Michael had to look at the map to make sure we did everything cuz he didn't want to miss anything at all. When we left I could barely walk oh my god my legs, back and feet were killing me how this kid was still walking was beyond me. I put him in the truck and within 4 miles he was out cold head back, mouth open, snoring. Now we still had a 2 hour drive so I had everything I could do to stay awake. Window open, window close, music up, music down. I think I hit dirt twice and thought really hard about pulling over and taking a power nap. I opted for taking a more traveled road home instead of all back roads that way the traffic would keep me awake and it did enough that we got home safely. Michael woke up just as we pulled in the drive, that figures doesn't it. Anyways Ray had to go out and get some groceries so I'm like pleeeaaase take him with you I need to veg for 5 minutes and get my head to stop spinning. I felt like I was still on that damn ride.
Well to end the day we all went to bed early despite Michaels objections, he had just had a 2 hour nap, he fell asleep I'm sure after me.
So that was my weekend and now back to another boring week at work. If I don't post much its not that I'm not around I don't want to bore you all with work,eat, knit, sleep and that's it life of mine

Oh oh, one more thing I just finished knitting my first sweater I'm so proud of myself its for my moms birthday and it came out great. My digital camera shit the bed and is being fixed who knows when I'll get that back so I'm going to take some pictures with the old film camera ( I did take a whole roll yesterday) and I'll show you them when they come back.

Hope you have a great week.