Mainiax: March 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

We had a really good weekend in maine the last Sunday of the month is Maple Sugar Sunday So we headed out to a local sugar shack where they had a pancake breakfast and wagon rides. Michael and I went on a ride it was kinda chilly but we had fun.

The next couple of weeks are going to be really busy Today Jamie goes for her first visit with an othadontist then the next visit we find out the cost and all the details. Tueday portland fiber gallery is having an open house night just for a bunch of people to get together knit spin whatever should be fun I'll be there. Next week I have two doctors appointments of my own and Michael gets to finally meet with the ear,nose & throat doc to see about getting his tonsils out.

I got to play angel on SP7 and she (catknits) got the package this weekend it feels good when someone likes what you send them I havent heard from my other pal since feburary and I've sent her 3 packages since then and no thank you nothing kinda disappointing why do some people join if they dont intend to participate.

ok I'm gonna be late for work so Ive got to go here is another picture at the farm yesterday michael kept getting licked by this cow.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mrs worry wart

Oh my god if I was any more of a worry wart I think my ulcers would have ulcers. These last couple of weeks are enough to get even me and I'm a pro. First papa breaks a couple of toes and is put in the veterans home. Then Ray gets sick and has his appendix out. Yesterday papa had a TIA which they tell me is a mini stroke he was better by the time I got to the home last night just real weak. My dads girlfriend Katie has fluid in her lungs and dad brought her to the er today. Michael was up allll night last night coughing and complaining about his throat again. So no school for him today Ray is on his way home with him from the doctors right now, the doc is calling in a referral to an ear,nose and throat doc its time to get his tonsils out. 4 strep cases in 13 months the doc wasn't all in favor of it cuz its borderline for the taking them out but enough is enough lets just get it done now during April vaca I hope I'm tired of my little guy getting sick and during his vacation his big sister can stay with him during the day so we wont miss work either.
I worry about my family, my work, is the present I bought good enough, do people like me am I a good enough friend. I wish I could stop this but I cant and I'm sitting here typing this waiting for word on Katie drinking a glass of wine worrying. I am so tired Calgone take me away pleaseeee. I so need the lazy days of spring and summer just to sit on the deck and do my knitting. You would think that all this worrying about everybody else I wouldn't have time to worry about myself, wrong I'm my own worse enemy, will my crohns get better, will I have to have surgery myself, does Ray still find me attractive the whole nine yards ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Oh before I forget I finished the alpaca scarf I was making my meme I'll take a picture of that later but I need to figure out how to fix it right now it curled bigtime on me it 16 stitches wide on #10's and quite long but its all curled in I have never ironed anything to flatten it out I'm not sure how long to do it without ruining the scarf completely any knitting helpers out there HELP!! And I'm still working on the back of my red sweater I'm a slow knitter I'll take a picture of that as soon as I get the back done to show you I'm really working on it.
I'm going to get another glass of wine and go worry till my boys get home good night.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I've become the blogger that I hate. I actually scan my blogroll at least once a day but I have been posting about once a week. I hate it when other people do that and now I have fallen into the trend. I'm sorry I'll try to be better but I am so boring lately that I just don't think you all would be too interested. That's winter in Maine for yah.
It is finally starting to warm up and guess what we went boat shopping today nothing new matter of fact the boat we were looking at was made the year I was born but its in mint shape. I of course had to call my meme for a loan. We have saved up half of what the man wants but with Ray out of work last week we are gonna be just short. Kinda funny how we found this boat Maine has this book that comes out every week called the uncle henry's its like a giant classified add for the entire state, a new one comes on on Thursdays and if you don't call about something by Friday its usually gone. So ray picks up the book looking for a boat, I can thru all the other sections and find something in the kids corner that catches my eye. 53 little golden books for $25. and its only the next town over. I called Saturday morning and lucked out she still had them. When we got there and were talking to her, she started telling us that they had to sell everything due to a nasty divorce, well on the side of the garage there was a boat about the size we were looking for so I asked is the boat for sale she says yup, we walked around the house its an older boat 18 foot with a trailer (that needs to be replaced soon) fish finder, radio and lots of other extras. Today we went over and met with her soon to be ex and took the tarps off to get a better look inside. Ray made him an offer and he took it pending when Ray meets him over there this week that the motor starts. We offered him almost 1000 less than what he was asking so we got a good deal even if we have to buy a trailer before the end of summer. I took a couple of pictures but Ray is on his computer so I cant upload them right now but I will just as soon as we actually get it just in case, I don't want to curse ourselves.

You remember when during Secret Pal 6 I said that my pal wasn't the best I never even found out who she was never reveled herself nothing well I got an email from the hostess of secret pal 7 and I guess one of the other spoilers did the same to her pal never send anything no contact and now wont contact the hostess. So she asked if I could help and send a little something to the spoiley that got stiffed. Today I got a box together and will send it out tomorrow especially since I know exactly how it feels. I'm SO lucky that I have a great Pal that stays in touch and always sends little ecards and stuff that puts a smile on my face everytime.

We're taping The Dukes of Hazzard on PPV so I'm gonna go watch have a great night.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

All is well we are busy, Ray went for a recheck today he is ok to go back to work next Monday. he will be out one paycheck luckily that its it. Other than that I dont really have anything to post, but I wanted to post something so everyone would know we are ok.
off to watch idol have a great week.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


Ray is home he came home this afternoon he is tired and sore but ok. He will be out of work 10 days. We will survive thank god Michael doesnt mind hamburger helper. Thanks for all the hugs and nice words I read them all to Ray and he in his typical guy language just said "thats cool". So thank you from US.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Day from Hell

The title says it all today sucked but it had a good outcome so it was worth it.
Ray has been having a pain in his abdomen all week last night he said if it wasn't better today he was going to call the doc So I'm like ok since he is never sick I didn't think much of it till this morning. I was getting Michael ready for school when Ray called from work and said honey we have to call doc. So I said ok page him he will call you right back and get his opinion on what we should do. 10 minutes later he called back and said doc said we should go to the ER this morning before they get to busy he would have to send us there for test anyways so we should just start there. I brought Michael to school and came home called my work told them what was happening picked Ray up and brought him to the ER. I hate Er's we get there at 630 absolutely nobody in the waiting room cool this will be a breeze.
Well next comes blood test, ok white blood count is high then comes a cat scan. Guess what his appendix is swollen, then wait for the surgeon to look at the cat scan it is now 230 I am starved and the ER is packed standing room only at least they had us in a room but there were some people in the halls on cots Thats what getting there early gets you a room but it was still slow going. After talking to the surgeon he said its got to come out today. They wheeled him into surgery prep at 3:50. They came out at about 6:20 to talk to me. Everything went good they were able to do a laperscopy which is a small incision thru his belly button instead of a long scar. kinda cool it matches the scar I have from getting my tubes tied. They took his appendix out and drained some fluid that was around it, and gave him some antibiotics just in case there was some infection in the area. They brought him to his room around 7 he was still really groggy so I only stuck around till about 8 and I'm soo tired. What a stressful day for us both he has never spent the night in the hospital and never had any type of surgery,never been put to sleep or anything so he was just as nervous as I was waiting in the other room.
Michael is spending the night with my grandmother she is going to bring his to school tomorrow. Ray should be discharged tomorow some time. I am going to work my dad said he would pick him up but depending on what time that is I might just take off from work and get him I need to pick up my glasses anyways they came in today but I was not leaving the hospital to pick them up. Knitting night will have to wait also I need to take care of my man. You realize how much you love someone when they are sick and you cant do anything but watch someone else make them feel better. ok I'm babbling I need sleep I'll let you know when he comes home. G-night

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I cant believe its been a week I'm sorry. I went from not being able to sleep to all I want to do is sleep. I dont know if its the meds or just me burning out. lets see the week in review.
Wednesday was tae kwon do my mother in law was here so she took Michael, Ray and I snuck off for a dinner alone.
Thurday I had an eye doctor appointment and decided not to go back to work. Ray and I went to a local boat show that was a joke we are looking for a cheap used boat they had nothing there under 17,000 yeah ok payments would be 180 a month for get this 12 years NOT. thats longer than we took out for our house. After the show I went to a friends house she raises alpacas what cool little animals not only do they have really soft fiber but they are cool looking. A couple of other friends met there too and we all sat around drinking wine and shooting the shit I had a great time but I hit the pillow hard and didnt want to get up for work friday morning.
Friday, Ray left for a work trip they had to work all night friday and saturday in NH all for OT moving a wearhouse.he is putting it all in the boat fund. Jamie my daughter decided to come over so I snuck out for a few minutes to visit my friend Lou at the bar she works at I'm such a woose I was home by 9. Jamie and I just sat around shooting the shit.
Saturday. This I think is the real reason Jamie came over we went and got her class ring I know she is only a softmore but its kinda a bribe so she doesnt quit school. Then we stopped at filenes they are going out of business can you believe the deal I got 2 angora sweater for 10 each they are normally like 90 I was soo excited. I am going to stop by there again today and see what they have left.
Sunday. Ray came home, we did groceries, I made lasagna and other than that we did nothing.
Monday I took michael to tae kwon do he was being a little shit so we left early I think he is tired too we went to bed early. I finished the alpaca/wool scarf I was knitting out of the stuff I spun myself.

Thats is my week in review not very exciting.. Sweater update the red sweater I'm making I almost have the back done I was working on it friday and messed up the pattern so I had to take 4 rows out man that takes longer than actually knitting it the first time. I now have it back on track I did take a break from it to make my scarf but now I'll be working on that and reading the new steven king book the cell I borrowed from a friend.