Mainiax: June 2005

Thursday, June 30, 2005

its almost the weekend already. where did the week go. Lets recap,
Monday I brought my 15 yr old to the dentist to get her wisdom teeth out. It only took about 45 minutes to do then another 45 for her to wake up. Then I brought her home to sleep and went back to work.
Tuesday work, Wednesday work, Today work, and this minute I am taking a break from getting our camping stuff together we are leaving tomorrow night to go north for the weekend. We are going with another couple NO MIL. I cant wait a whole weekend with my family,
I will say my house is spotless and dinner is always ready but I had a little talk with ray the other night and I think he might have said something to her cuz she stepped back a little with Michael it was getting to the point after only one week that she wasnt letting me do anything and I needed to do somethings I was feeling unneeded, like they wouldnt notice if I was even gone. Things have been better the last couple of days so we'll see how it goes.
I need to get ready Have a great 4th everyone I'll be back on monday.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Well its Sunday and I have the house almost totally to myself. Ray his mom and sister all went to his mothers way up Maine to get her stuff. Its pretty amazing they will be going 6 hours up and still be in the state. If you went south that far you would be in NJ. They are going to unpack the Uhaul into a storage unit tomorrow a couple of Ray's buddies are going to help him out.
Michael is still sleeping so it is really quiet this morning, but for some weird reason Michael has taken to getting out of bed with his blankets and sleeping on his floor he has done that 2 nights in a row. I'll have to ask him why when he gets up.

I do need to say I had the best Friday to start I could not get myself to call in fake sick I just couldn't do it. But that's ok my back felt ok and if I had I would have missed my surprise visitor. I am sitting at my desk on the phone with a customer and I look up to see who walked in my door and it was my best friend Damien up for SC. I had to put the customer on hold my voice was cracking. Apparently Jodi's grandfather passed away and the service was yesterday so Damien had just flown up. Jodi had drove the camper up last week. He is leaving on Monday so today Michael and I are going to see him. I have missed his so much it actually hurts. But the good news is Jodi and the kids are staying for the Summer and Damien is coming back for 3 weeks in August. I cant wait. If I stay at this job and get laid off again next year Michael and I had planned on flying down to visit them I don't want to drive it again with him no way. Besides my truck is acting weird. So D. Made my day and goes to show not to call in sick if your not I wouldn't have seen him if I did. The lady at work was laughing at me I was so happy I was crying. Kat is the only other person that could ever surprise me like that, but I KNOW that wont happen right Kat.

About my truck its weird yesterday I took my mother in law to a craft store up in Standish, which is about 45 minutes away (kat it is at the corner near where grammy used to live) Michael fell asleep on the way up. So I left my truck parked in front of the door with the AC on and kept sticking my head out we were there a total of maybe 30 min on the high side. Now it was 95 yesterday with HIGH humidity for Maine its a scorcher. When we hot in my truck the temp gauge was way up almost to high and it smelled funny not like antifreeze but more like rubber. The switch inside my truck to goes from low to high for the fan hasn't worked right in weeks the AC is on High or off so I left it on High when we went in so Michael would stay cool. Anyways I looked in the hood no leaking fluid so I did what my shop teacher told me turned the heat on full blast. In 90 + heat that was fun and drove up the rd a little to get the wind under the hood the temp then came right down to normal. So we continued home, on the way we stopped at dunkin to get some ice coffee in line for the drive thru, (I had put the AC back on) it stated to smell funny again but the temp didn't go up. So I'm thinking my belt is slipping a little, I don't really know maybe with the heat and being on high it just couldn't keep up. Today when we go to see D I'm really going to keep an eye on it. I could take Rays truck but its little and a standard and I just don't really like it we'll see, I probably should. Ray is going to pick my truck up from work Monday and take it to the garage to see what they say hope its not serious.

Michael just got up so I"m going to make him some breakfast we are going to leave around noon. If we get back early enough we MIGHT go to the fair. It was just too damn hot yesterday and today is the last day.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Two days down

Well I have survived two days, my house is clean my family is fed, the floor is washed and not by me. She makes me feel like I never do anything, my house is lived in not filthy. Oh well on a good note she has already been looking for a house of her own, in the same mobile home park as us but out of my house so that is ok.
I went to the dentist and doctors today got my teeth cleaned and then my back shot. The doc shot it up with a general anesthetic and then put cortisone in my hip. He said this is not a permanent fix but if it works we will fix it with Prolotherapy. It is for Sciatica. Right now it feel great I am a little sore from the injection itself but I just went to Rite Aid and walked around No pain. But he did tell me what he did today is very short term and when it wears off which could be 12-20 hours I MIGHT hurt like hell or feel ok no way of knowing that's why the trip to Rite Aid for pain killers. For just in case. So if it does hurt I have something.
My sunburn is still a little sore but I'm so happy my back feels ok I can live with the burn.
I soo want to call in sick tomorrow There is a big Parade for La Kermesse in Biddeford and it starts at 5:30 Ray, Michael and the rest of my family are going early but if I work I don't get out till 5 and its a 35 min ride with no traffic and I am guessing there will be a lot of traffic always is I might have to take every shortcut I know to sneak thru town and do a lot of crossing my fingers and swearing. I might beg my boss who is leaving at noon to have another guy cover for my last hour I doubt it will work cuz I left early today and I m coming in late on Monday Jamie is getting her wisdom teeth out. Poor kid but at least she will never have to do it again.
Ok I'm heading to bed the MIL just came out to watch TV with us so I'm outta here.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Its the dredded MIL day what is that its the day my mother in law moves in. The house is sumwhat clean my darling kept putting off picking up the bed at my dads so last night I told him to go get it he says i'm tired I'll get it tomorrow I told him no I want this damn house ready he was mad but he went and got it. I love him but this procrastination of his kills me.
Anyways she called last night cuz she got a new cell phone and wanted to give us the number Ray was in the shower and she says well i'll see you kids tomorrow afternoon. I said nope I have to work till 5 I'll be home around 6 So I got "well I'll make supper for you". And it starts Hell with blond hair. If I sound insain for awhile its probably cuz I will be this blog is going to be my sanity.
oh shit I'm late have a good day.

Monday, June 20, 2005

I am so sunburned I look like a boiled lobster. We had a great day, I was to tired to post last night. WE got up, and Michael had an earache so we stopped at Rite aid and got some drop for him, he gets real waxy and it gives him ear aches.The we picked up papa and wentt to the field early so Ray and Michael could play catch on the field, Papa loved looking at the field from the inside. We then went up to watch the game the sun was at our backs and the breeze in our faces. I had put alot of lotion on Michael but didnt do myself. boy and I feeling it now. The game was a loss but we had fun. Then we came back to the house and everyone came over for Jamie's birthday party. We had burgers and cake nothing fancy just a nice family birthday. I think she had a good time. By the time everyone left it was almost 8 Michael was tired and cranky and I was just tired.
Today I get up and my shoulders look like I got boiled. I went to work and asked the boss if I could run to the grocery store to buy some aloe. As the day went on my shoulder got hotter and hotter by the time I got home tonight I had actual blisters on them. Ray went to put some lotion on and a couple of them popped now I'm sitting here in agony and I'm freezing cuz of the burn. The price we pay to go to a damn baseball game. Kidding we had fun next time I'll go with no tan and no burn the hell with looking good. :) Night all.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there and especially to my husband Ray and My daughters dad Jimmy. I could not have picked better fathers for my children. The are both very lucky to have the two of you in there lives. And to my own dad I hope you find the woman you are looking for that will make you happy for the rest of your life.

( I know that neither Ray,Jim or my dad read this but it makes me feel better)

I am going to get ready for the baseball game then my daughters birthday party. Hope everyone had a great day the sun is shining what more can I ask for.

Friday, June 17, 2005

so today is a better day Ray and I are better just something we needed to get out of our system. We have so much to do this weekend I might not get around very much. I have to work tomorrow my dad is going to watch Michael till I get out. Then Michael and I are going to my stepsisters daughters graduation party. Ray has to work all day then we get to come home and clean cuz sunday we are taking my grandpa to a AAA baseball game then at 5:30 we are having a birthday party for Jamie she is going to be 15 on Monday. Man does that bring back memories I feel like it was just yesterday that I had her. So that are the plans for this weekend someplace in all this mess I need to sleep.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ok I want to kill my husband right now, we never fight but I could realllly start on in a split second just one work only one and I will snap. Breathe, breathe 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 alright I'm a little calmer. Let me explain Ray works an odd shift 2am to 11 am then he sometimes comes home and naps or plays his game. Now every afternoon I ask him little stuff to do and I mean little. I work 6:30 am to 5pm, m-f and 6-12 on Saturday, so I'm not home to do the little things.
At 4:30 am every morning I fill the washer but don't start it cuz when it gets hot it will become stinky and sour, so I fill it with cloths and leave the lid open hint, hint put soap in and start wash. Next on the list we must eat dinner and most of our meat is frozen so when I get out of work at 5 and get home at 5:30 I need to start supper right away so we can eat at a decent time. Is it difficult to remember to take out meat for supper. The third little thing we ran out of milk last night he knew this and said actually said I will pick some up tomorrow do you think he did. Nope. Oh and the last we don't have many plates he has always done the dishes and I cook and they have not been done in 3 days we were out of plates yesterday I didn't say a word.

So I come in tonight and he is playing this damn computer game he likes I say what am I making for dinner, oops I forgot to take something out. Ok so I go change my cloths the washer is still open and not started I asked him how many times did you go pee today he says why "didn't you notice the washer needed to be started?" nope. All right well we'll just have cereal for supper oops cant do that either no milk or clean bowls. So I got snippy and yes I may ask a lot of him it seams but the washer can run, and the meat can defrost while he is napping or playing his game, he can pick up milk when he gets Michael and he admitted he played his game for 4 hours today. aaahhh. I hate making list for him like a little kid but if I don't it doesn't get done at all and if I call home to remind him I feel like a nag. These are little things that have to happen in every day life and I feel he should be able to remember them like a grown man. I feel like such a bitch for bugging him, I'm just soo tired and grumpy and needed to vent. Thank for reading.

on a note he just did the dishes and went out for milk but I was pissy so I made a hot pocket for michael and told Ray to fend for himself I'm going to bed as soon as I get done typing this. I dont feel like being very friendly right now.

ps I did seduce him last night for all the good that did today.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Nope I'm still boring today

I worked, I cooked and now I have blogged geesh am I dull or what.
The only good thing that happened is my dad is going to watch Michael Saturday morning cuz Ray and I both have to work dad has never watched him for more than an hour. He is even going to take Michael to Tao kwon do so he wont miss it this should be interesting, it will be good for both of them. ok I'm going to try and seduce my husband I hope this works, wish me luck. Have a good night.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ok so I haven't been around since Friday I have been both busy and sick. Saturday I had to work and it was HOT out for Maine anyways it was in the 90's with high humidity. When I got out we ran some errand and did a lot of nothing. Sunday morning we went fishing early didn't catch anything worth talking about but we had fun. We were all really tired so we went to bed at like 7. Monday I came down with a migraine a really bad one. I get them every once in awhile So bad I came home from work gave Ray and Michael each a kiss and went to bed. Now tonight Michael didn't eat much supper so we wont give him a damn popsicle and he has been crying for 20 minutes oh well maybe tomorrow he will eat 2 more bites like I asked him. I think he is more overtired and just being a little turd. So all in all I have been quite boring lately I'll try to do something interesting tomorrow. See ya.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The doc I saw was pretty cool he snapped,cracked and popped me all over. He said my syatic (sp) nerve was messed up he wants to give what he did today a couple of weeks and if it still hurts he will inject it. So I set up the appointment just in case.

Now about the mother in law. Well lets see where to start, how about I really feel this woman doesnt like me at all. She would prefer I was a stay at home mom do nothing but cook and clean for her son and not have Michael in daycare. She has never actually come out and said that but I can feel it. you know how you can just tell. Well anyways she and her husband moved from Florida a couple of years ago to the very top of Maine why cuz the man is fucked up thats why. So last winter they decide to go back to florida till it gets warm here again. So the other night he calls and says to Ray you need to go to florida and get your mother she lost it. So Ray calls her apparently they were going to come back next week and he got a bug in his ass that he wanted to leave that day and when she said no I have to much to get ready before we go so he just upped and left. The man irritates everyone around him and just decides to move instead of facing them. To make a long story short he is back in northern Maine she is in Florida, Rays sister is going to fly down there next week and drive back with her. And she asked Ray if she could live with us till the house in Maine sold and she could buy another one near us.
The woman drives me nuts but what am I going to say to Ray. She puts rubber mats in the bottom of my sink damn slime collectors in my opionion, she wears rubber gloves to do dishes and doesnt even have good nails. She insist on doing laundry even after I tell her she doesnt need to wash my cloths she is guarenteed to shrink at least one of my shirts every load. aaahhhh
not to mention what little sex life Ray and I have will shrink to nill. ok I know I will have a built in babysitter but that is not good enough for me I feel so out of place in my own home when she is here like I should just go to bed when I get home, its like she is watching me eat thinking man this girls a pig, no I'm not parinoid everything that she has every bought me has been a M or L lady I'm 5'9 and weigh 190 I am NOT A MEDIUM. geesh its like she is hinting. of course she is like 5'3 and maybe 130 Rays sister is even smaller.
I did tell Ray tho that she is NOT coming on our camping trip on July 4th weekend that is for us as a family and our friends we or should I say I would not have fun if she was with us. and he aggreed that she would not go. Thank god for that and I am going to get a basket for my laundry to kinda keep it away from her. hey what are u gonna do Ray loves his mom so I'll try and bite my tongue and keep thinking its only temporary, its only temporary LOL.
Other than all of this my week has been pretty unproductive. Hope yours is going good. Later

I get to go to the regular back doc today I hope he can fix me cuz right now even sex is really uncomfortable and we need to have all the sex we can in the next two weeks. Why you say cuz my mother in law is moving in with us for the summer. Dont ask I'll explain everything tonight. Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I called the doc again today and talked to the secretary who has been there as long as Ive been seeing him almost 16 years and told her Kathy I've had enough the nurse hasnt called me back I have called every week for 3 weeks and I hurt. She said she would have him call me. We went to t-ball and my phone rang it was Kathy she talked to doc and one of his associates can see me Thursday at 4. This doc is an OD also and doc trust him and at this point I dont care. So you know where I'll be Thursday. Till then drugs are my friend. Work has been super busy so the day goes by quick but when you are sore 9.5 hours feels like 50. I'm not a winer so I'm sorry to make you read this but nothing else is really happening in my life so this will have to do.
But its NOT raining that is a good thing.

Oh I almost forgot get this I shot HALF the archery course on Saturday right, well Sunday I shot the complete course. There were 2 other woman in my class and I won can you believe this shit I gave them a 240 point advantage and I still won that cracks me up and Ray wonders why I dont like NFAA shooting I have no compitition at all. We are going to the 3d state championship in a few weeks hopefully I have someone to compete against there.
ok got to go TTFN.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

what a good day, we got up went to tae kwon do, came home for a few then went to t-ball and man it was HOT out for Maine that is. They play in the middle of a field and there was no shade from 11-12. Then we went up to the fish and game club to shoot our bows in the nfaa state championship. Michael will win his class he is the only one in it.but when he is 20 and has a championship patch he won at 4 we wont tell him that. My site marks weren't perfect but I shot half a round then Michael started being a little turd so I didnt shoot the second half. Thats ok though we were tired and hot anyways, We then went to wally world and bought a cheap pool for michael its 8 feet round and 18 inches high. Of course where I put it isn't level so its all lopped sided but he doesn't care, and went in while it was filling it was freezing he was funny. Then we went for ice cream came home and put him to bed. I took a bunch of pictures and will put them up sometime this week.
I should just go to one of them photo sites and make an album for everyone to view any time. Does anyone know of a good one that is easy to use and link to.
ok we have to shoot the second day of the archery course tomorrow so I'm heading to bed. night.

Friday, June 03, 2005

I'm glad this week is over. I wasn't around yesterday cuz alot was going on. My daughters father Jim went to the hospital with chest pains he is 34. So between talking to her every half hour, work was swamped. I was stressing cuz I thought I had to work and Ray is hosting the me state nfaa championhip this weekend, michael has t-ball and tae kwon do tomorrow ahhh.(my boss told me at 3:30 yesterday he would work tomorrow, I owe him one for that)
now Jimmy is sick what bad timing. ok so I got out of work and went straight to the hospital , when I called Ray and told him what was going on he said go I'll take Michael fishing you need to be there. Have I told you how great he can be sometimes. Anyways when I got there they had just brought him up to a room. So I went up and sat with him for awhile he was really nervous in the 16 years we have known each other he has never spent the night in a hospital. It was funny tho when the nurse asked are you his wife we both said NO she said oh well how long have you been together Jim laughed well we've actually be apart for 12 years the look on her face was priceless like ok then why are you here so I said yeah our daughter hates the fact we are friends too she cant play us against each other.
I was coming home at 9 and discovered the turnpike was closed cuz some guy had shot at the cops and was having a stand off with them soooo all the traffic was on rt 1 and my low fuel light was on so I couldn't take the back roads damn my luck, a 3 mile ride took almost an hour. I made it home and crashed but it wasnt a good sleep I tossed and turned all night just slept really restless.
Today I kept in touch with Jim and Jamie all morning she didnt really want to go to school but she only goes for 3 hours so we convinced her to go. Jim went in for a stress test at 2pm then got released around 4. They got the pain to stop and felt he would be fine, they are going to go over all the test stuff and he has to go to our regular doctor at 11am on monday. The pisser was the doc asked so what were you doing just before the pain started he said well I had just got done smoking a joint and was going for a burger I thought the doc was going to die. But he did give him credit for being honest.Then told him to stop smoking. They kinda think his arteries are a little plugged but want to run more test first. We'll have to wait till then for more answers.

Tomorrow should be busy so everyone enjoy your weekend, I'm going to try and take some time for myself and shoot the state championship at our club but we'll see how it goes by then. Maybe I'll just go buy some more yarn or a good book and veg I dont know. I need to do so many things but I dont want to do any, you ever feel like that or am I the only weirdo.