Mainiax: April 2007

Monday, April 23, 2007

First I would like to introduce you to the newest member of the family Sara she was born March 13 we cant pick up up until May 5th thats when she will be old enough but last Friday Night we went and picked her out. There were three left to chose from and Michael looked at all 3 and picked this one and when we asked him are you sure you dont want to look at the other two some more he was like nope this is her she is the one we want. she has a lightning bolt on the her other side you cant see in the photo so at first he wanted to call her lightning and we said no thats not a girls name so on the way home he said Sara I want to name her Sara I asked him why and he told me he had a friend named Sara and he liked the name so Sara it is.

On Saturday we drove to Mass to visit with Rays family we spent the day with his grandma, sister and stopped to see his buddy Billy I took a couple of pictures there one is of Mike with Rays sister everyone asks us where does he get the blond hair and blue eyes well he looks exactly like his aunt if Ray and I werent around you would swear it was her son.

The next couple of pictures were on Sunday, Kats sister was up from Florida for a week and being the first nice day we've had we stopped at their mom and dads to say hello. Michael loved playing with his "cousins" we call them that because they are that close to us. Kat, her family and I are more like a family than most family's are I love them like my own. And as we have always said blood doesnt matter whats in the heart does.
Before we stopped there we had church this week Michael lit the candles again. he looks like such a little man and he is sooo proud when he does this I just have to take a picture every time I know most of the other parents dont but I just cant help it.

So now we have the countdown to picking up Sara on the fridge and cant wait for her.
The other puppy we were looking at didnt work out the people never got back to me and kept me hanging and I'm glad now they did because we found the "one"

Talk to you later in the week its so nice out I'm going to sit on the deck in shorts and enjoy it Imagine just last week we were shoveling.

Monday, April 16, 2007

water water everywhere

Normally I love living in the northeast but today I could live without this weather it has been poring for two days with no end in site. check out these pictures this is the parking lot where I work. Yeah I'm the last one to leave and the next is at the water just at the edge of the parking lot I figure it will be over by tomorrow. they say several houses in my town will be in the ocean by morning. That is normally a 3-4 foot brook nice isnt it.

on other news we are looking for a puppy preferable a beagle to do outdoor stuff with us I might have found one if she is still available Friday we asked if we could meet her. Want to see, I'll show you but I get first dibs ok. cross your fingers I think she would be a perfect fit to our family. her name is starlight

I'll let you know how it goes I better shut the computer off before the power goes out and I mess it up.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

I know I have sooo much to tell you I will come back later and do that but for right now go see my Best Friend Kat she has a great post about our friendship and all we have endured over the years. She made me cry I miss her sooooo much. I don't want to move to Florida to many people not enough deer and its to cold in Maine for her. When she moved away and every time we leave each other it hurts like hell. I was so worried because so many friendships end when one moves away but ours has just changed and strengthened not ended, She is always there when I call no matter what and If the stubborn old fool would call more when she was having a problem I would be here to listen and she knows it.