Mainiax: the house is clean!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

the house is clean!!!!!!

I have been cleaning all day. I am pooped Ray called at noon said he'd be home in an hour he had to stop a buddies house for a minute. I swear that man can talk more than any woman I know. He came home at 2;30 I told him to get a new watch, and guilted him into helping me clean. I have now learned do not let him vacuum he sucked of the corner of the blanket and melted another belt. Maybe I will get more flowers if I send him for another belt ;)

I have to admit as much as I may bitch about my husband I truly love him I just get frustated with him sometimes anyone that has been with someone for awhile knows what I'm talking about.

I said I would put up a couple of pictures of Michael at tae kwon do so here they are I took them last Saturday morning. When he pays attention he does really good. This one is at home before we left for class

ok enough for now I might be back but if I'm not have a great night


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