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Monday, February 14, 2005

happy valentines day

What a long day my stepdad Roland came over this morning we worked on Michaels room allllll day we put up new border around the middle trimmed it with wood, build a entirely new window casing can't believe there is no air coming through anymore what a difference I should have taken before and after pictures. I will take after pictures tonight.

Ray came home and didnt really even attempt to help till Roland asked him to. Ok so we are all done and the I'm trying to clean and the damn belt on the vacuum broke. So I had Ray run and get one while he was gone he must have gotten the hint that Roland kept saying he had to run and get my mom a card and candy for valentines Cuz guess what I GOT FLOWERS!!!!! he admitted he got them from the guy on the side of the rd but he even went out and got a card!!! The reason I'm so excited is the is the FIRST card he has EVER picked out for me all by himself.

So hubby saved the day even though he ran out 30 seconds later to go to the club he made an effort and thats all I really wanted.

I am absolutly exhausted and still have a couple of things to hang in Michaels room.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! At least he's trying this year. Usually he forget severything unless you tell him. :)
Happy vday girl. :)


At 2:56 AM, Blogger not your typical southern belle said...

Hi Shell! I feel like I know you already, since I've been reading Kat's blog for a while now! I look forward to reading yours as well.

I keep a blogger ID, but my blog is actually here if you are looking for reads and want to drop by sometime!

At 8:00 AM, Blogger JaG said...



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