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Sunday, February 13, 2005

1st blog day one

worked on my sons room today I painted it with my mom yesterday should be ready for border to be put on tomorrow.
on an interesting note my meme (grandmother) came over with a valentines present for my son, I have a daughter also but for some reason she sees fit to degrade her to a point that my daughter doesnt want to spent time with her anymore and I cant blame her at all. I'll explain more later.

Just sent hubby to the store for some groceries I had doing the food shopping and my dad is coming over for dinner. He is single and doesnt cook big meals for himself so I try to get him to come over when I can. Another reason I sent hubby is maybe just maybe he will remember to get me something for valentines day. He forgot our aniversery last year and tomorrow I do not want to hear I didnt have time to go to the store cuz I'm sending him there on purpose.


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