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Sunday, February 20, 2005

long cold day

We got on the ice at 6am a little late Ray wanted to be there at first light oh well. So we set up and sat there the ice was realllllly slippery I dont mind so much when there is snow on top and u can walk on it but pure ice is helll. I found myself a little hole on the shoreline to hide from the wind it never got over 20 and around noon the wind picked up and boy did it get cold. A couple buddies were just around the corner so we visited with them alot. The boys got 3 little fish we didnt win anything but Michael was happy.
When we got home all of us had burning faces from warming up. Michael was still chilly,so I put him in a warm tubby, that little bugger stayed out in the cold all day and never complained not even once. He could hardly walk I had so many clothes on him, and he had little hot hand packets in his mittens and boots. He was cute Ray put ice cleats on his boots so he was the only one that could walk around without slipping. We all got wind burn a little.
All in all we had a good day long but good we just had some pasta and turned on the race Unfortunaly we watched the news and they flipped in with the winner but thats ok we'll watch for the crashes and fast forward thru the commercials.


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