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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

doctor day

Well I am going to a specialist this morning The kids were both sick last week so we all went to the doctors. While I was there I asked him about a lump behind my ear,and if he could remove it, the darn thing hurts when I brush my hair. He said he didnt want to do it cuz it could be an absess that he could remove but it could also be a limph node which he cant do and he didnt want to get in there then find out. The lump isnt huge it was about the size of a little earing stud for the longest time and all of a sudden it started to get bigger now its about the size of a pistachio and hurts. So I decided I didnt want to look like one of them old men with this big growth on the side of my head and since I'm not working right now lets just go and get her done.

I'll be back later the appointment is at 935 but I need to be there early to do the paperwork.


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