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Saturday, February 19, 2005

a stay at home day

This is what Michael calls today, he comes into our room this morning and says is this a stay at home day or a school day. We told him its a stay home day but he has tae kwon do. So we went to class and now we are home.

We have to run out later and pick up the rest of the pig we bought. We buy two pigs a year from our buddy Tims mom, it goes to the butchers and we pick up the chops and stuff a week later but the other half of the pig gets smoked that that is whats ready today so we are having ham steak tonight baby. mmmmmmm. Tims family is almost completely self sufficant they grow all there own veggies and raise all their meat. His mom is a midwife if that tells you anything.They are great people with hearts of gold. Michael hopes to get on their horse so if he does I'll try to get some pictures.

I picked up yarn yesterday to make Rays grandma a doll for easter dont know how good it will come out but I'm gonna try.

That is gonna be my day. I'll catch up with everyone later.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's so cool about the pig.
Heather and her husband have all their own chickens for eggs, raised and killed their own turkey for thanksgiving and have goats and a cow. All kinds of critters now. In spring, she plans on having a huge garden to have all their own veggies too. They bought a big farmhouse up in Pttsfield.



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