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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

hello Tuesday

Sent Michael off to school, came home and started cleaning the house was a mess after having Michael home for 3 days and hubby home for 2 days. It didnt take to long a little vacuuming and some laundry and the dishes.
You want to know what I hate maybe its only me I hardly ever wear nail polish mostly because I'm really not a girly girl except for special occasions but last night I noticed my nails were getting pretty long and decided to polish them. I even recruited Ray to help this morning I clean and over half of the polish has chipped off already and do u think I have any remover nope. Its kinda funny whats left will stay there forever. The last time I did them was for Christmas then I went on vaca to Florida to my aunts house and she comes up to me and hands me remover cuz of course my nails looked like crap it had been two weeks and says "I didn't think you would have brought this with you" like hint hint your nails look like shit take it off. When Ray and I do groceries today I'll have to break down and pick up some remover.
The rest of my day will consist of surfing the web and working on my knitting project. I bought this toy knitting book saw a rabbit with angel wings figured I would make it for my grandma now I have realized this thing is tiny and a pain in the ass but I will finish it I hope in time for easter or maybe her birthday.


At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's exactly why I don't do my nails.



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