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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hump day

The house didnt get trashed last night so the only house thing I have to do today is fold laundry.
tonight is another story we are going to see Toy Story on ice It has been our bribe for Michael to be good the last couple of weeks even thou I had the tickets already. you know how it goes "Michael if you really good till then we can go" at least he is still young enough for this to work.
I got an interesting call last night my daughters father. Jim and I get along great she has lived with him since 1996, back then he owed child support for the years I had her so they took his income tax, they fought him about did she really live with him. he didnt bother fighting back well now he can get his taxes back and they still dont believe she lives with him. They keep asking for court papers, Jim and I have NEVER been to court over her they dont believe him. we have never fought about her everything was verbal and we never had a problem she is almost 15 now. So today I'm gonna call a lawyer friend of mine and find out what we can do I told him if he needs my ss number so they can see that I haven't claimed her either. That I will help him however I can. If he gets them to take it this year he can go back and claim her all the years he didnt he should get a chunk back. I hope he does because I can truly say I have one of the best relationships with my ex Jamie hates it. she cant play us against each other. He is taking her to New York City this weekend just so she can see it,if he can get the time off. Last year they went to disney together.
ok I'm running late I have to get Michael to school they are going on a sledding field trip today.


At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sucks they fight him on it. He needs to fight back and hard and to prove that she has lived with him. The gov shouldn't be such dicks and when they see that she has, man are they gonna owe him some



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